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Abduction and the Flash of Light - Chris Holly

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Abduction and the Flash of Light

During writing lifetime I talked with many people who had experienced strange events where they encountered unidentified crafts and or life forms that would abduct them against their will and return them hours later leaving the abductee with a period of lost time they could not explain and no memory of what happened to them during the time they were missing. The people taken often remembered the start of the event and the end or becoming aware of their surrounding at the end of the event but nothing of what happened to them in-between.
There is one part of this type of abduction that all of the people I have spoken with share which is each one discussed seeing a ray of light of some type during the  event and each person also told me that they could recall a very bright flash of light at point during the abduction . I have been told by about half of the abductees that they thought the experience with the extremely bright light occurred during the end of the abduction event but no one was positive of the timing only aware that they were shown or looked at an extremely bright light.
The second shared similarity that is reported by those who have had a lost time abduction event is that after the event they suffer with a sensitivity to bright light and need dark sunglasses to deal with a bright sun filled day. This sensitivity increases with the amount of events the abductee has had during their lifetime. Those taken many times over their life have extreme problems with light including night driving which becomes impossible for them if exposed over and over to the bright light that comes with the abduction experience.
I have seen this light as I have been one of those who have shared lost time events and now have extreme difficulty being able to see while out in the bright sun and cannot drive during the blinding sunset or at night without great difficulty.
I have written for years about how those taken have had some type of memory wipe of the hours spent while being abducted.  I also have been fully aware of the fact that those who are kidnapped by whatever and whoever has the ability to do these things alter the people they abduct leaving them changed and often returned with physical ailments that stay with them for life or make them ill for a period of time after the event takes place.
You can imagine the upset that someone who has had to endure these things must feel when the world does not believe you and more painful refuses to help you leaving you on your own to deal with the horror of these abduction events and the physical aftermath alone and unprotected by their fellow humans. It is a ugly side of our society that continues to this very day.
Unless you have experienced an event where you are taken and used or abused against your will you cannot understand how awful it is to be one of those who are forced to deal with these things alone and without any form of help besides your own loved ones. And that is only if your loved ones are smart enough to understand what is going on. My heart sinks for those who have families who laugh at or do not believe those being abducted. Being completely alone and dealing with this horror has got to be devastating.
I went back over the past two decades of notes I have kept from the interviews and conversations i have had with abductees and realized that the subject of both rays of light and bright flashes of light were being reported over and over. I also realized that those who had more than one abduction also were the people who complained of serious sensitivity to sunlight or bright lights including night blindness due to the lack of being able to adjust their eyes to oncoming car lights.  A few of the abductees suffered such severe damage to their eyes during their abductions that they are now losing their eyesight completely.
The fact that the abductions where lost time took place leaving the victim without any recall of what had happened to them during the event made it clear that this type of abduction included having some kind of memory wipe taking place on the abductees during the events leaving them void of any memory or spotty memory at best of what had happened to them during their lost time abduction events.

I knew all of these things however I was not able to place the factors of the bright light flashes or bright rays of light together with the missing memory until now.
One of the abductees I have written about in the past has since become a friend of mine recently sent me an article she found on line.
 The article talked about the work taking place where researchers can erase memories in mice using flashes of light in a bid to uncover how our memory works and can be controlled!
It was an interesting article which I will post under my article on my blog however for me it was obvious that the flashes of light were part of the memory altering that takes place when humans are taken and abused by whatever or whoever is doing the abducting.
 It is by no way a coincidence that human scientists are now using light in this way nor should we be surprised.  I doubt there is anyone out there who does not at least suspect if not clearly know that the human race has been given or stolen  a great deal of technology from the other life forms that have been visiting this planet most likely from the birth of the planet. Reading that a form of memory control and light is connected should have been obvious to me before. I laugh when I realize it was part of every Men in Black movie made. The fact they used the light flash may have been a joke on society placed in the movies by those who knew long ago that it was indeed the exact way our visitors control our memories.
I am sure there is a part of humanity, those elite few, who do know what is going on in this universe that know a great deal if not most of what happens to not only lost time abductees, but all those who are taken or have close encounters.
These elite few understand and freely approve of and go along with all types of abductions that take place to all the living creatures of earth including humans. The only ones kept in the dark are the mass of the world’s population that  remain at the will and hands of the few and those who visit and do as they please with us.
At this point in my life I have learned by both research and personal experience that we know little yet live in a world filled with unknowns and unexplained events that we continue to ignore and let happen without questioning or are  even normally curious about.
I believe in many things that seem impossible as I have lived and witnessed the impossible first hand. I also know we are being walked down a dishonest path by the powers that control this planet and realize we are simple pawns in a game none of us have any idea is being played out much less understanding.
All I can do is write what I see and share what I find and let you walk your own path of understanding what is going on around us all the time.
Enjoy each day but in doing so always pay attention to your surrounding and be careful out there as you never know when that light will flash in your direction!

♥ Copyright © 2014 Chris Holly all Rights Reserved
Chris Holly’s Endless Journey with the Unknown-

Rare Cosmic Event:

Rare Cosmic Event: Ancient Comet To Approach Mars This Weekend 

This Sunday, a comet the size of a mountain will come within 87,000 miles of Mars at a speed of 126,000 mph. This event happens approximately once every million years.
The comet has been dubbed ‘Siding Spring’ after the Australian observatory that first identified it, but the scientific name is C/2013 A1. The gas cloud surrounding the comet is 12,000 miles across and the tail of the comet is the equivalent of the distance between the Earth and the moon.
After the comet was discovered in January 2013, scientists at both NASA and the European Space Agency (ESA) worried that dust from the comet could damage spacecrafts orbiting Mars. Both NASA and the ESA decided to change the routes of their orbiters in order to avoid any potential damage.
"There's a small probability of an impact, but it's not zero," Richard Zurek, chief scientist for the Mars Program Office at NASA's Jet Propulsion Laboratory, told the Los Angeles Times. "And it only takes one to do you in.”
The comet Sliding Spring is made up of icy debris that is believed to be remnants from the formation of the solar system 4.6 million years ago. Scientists are hopeful that the comet’s journey to the inner solar system will help them collect new data on how the planets were formed. John Grunsfeld, astronaut and associate administrator for NASA's Science Mission Directorate, told ABC News that this event is a "cosmic science gift that could potentially keep on giving.”

Amateur astronomers in the U.S. should reconsider breaking out their telescopes. "From the Earth it is what we call an 11th magnitude object, which means it would take a good telescope at least 6 inches wide and a very dark sky to find the comet, Carey Lisse, principal scientists at Johns Hopkins University Applied Physics Laboratory, told the Los Angeles Times.
Even with a powerful telescope, the comet will not be visible in the Northern Hemisphere unless you’re within 10 degrees of the equator. However, if you want to watch this unique cosmic event, you can watch a live stream on the astronomy website, which starts at 11:15 a.m. PDT on Sunday.

The Human Soul and Poetry

The Human Soul and Poetry
By: Deanna Jaxine Stinson, Paranormal Researcher
Halo Paranormal Investigations - HPI International!/groups/HPIinternational/
Paranormal Hotline: (916) 203-7503 - 4 Advice & Investigations

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As you read this article, please enjoy: 'Magic Fantasy - A Witch's Tale' music for your reading pleasure.

‘Matter is energy, Energy is Light, We are all light beings.’ Albert Einstein.

The existence of the human soul is an ancient idea that has followed us into modern times. Our ancestors were convinced that we each have a soul and that it can be good or evil.

We can take a look at different mythologies around the world and compare them to our modern views on our souls. We each seem to agree that a human being is capable of housing a soul yet we still do not know how to harness it's powers.

A soul is believed to be consisted of energy that transforms forever so that it is capable of surviving an eternity on many different astral planes.

In ancient Egypt we come across something like a soul that is referred to as a Ba. The Egyptian Book of the Dead states that this Ba rises up out of the body upon death in the shape of a falcon with a human head.

Our breathe is considered by some mystics to be the actual breathe of
the soul. Pranayama is what you call the breathe in eastern meditation practices. It actually means extension of the life force. Our soul is our essence.

Buddhist also believe in reincarnations. Reincarnation is about the soul of a person being reborn to another body. When you are reincarnated you are able to regain your consciousness from your previous life with memory even though you are not in the same body.

It is believed that the spiritual world can recognize our soul. We have auras. An aura is an essence all around you that seems to resonate several different colors each meaning to symbolize the soul inside of the body. Only certain people can see these auras and understand what they mean. Only recently has this idea become very popular. Indefinitely we cannot determine the exact moment of thought of the aura but we can assume that it is a fairly new notion. The Chakras have been around since the early ancient times and they are signified with colors.

With the invention of Kirlian photography we can clearly prove that
aura's exist.

New Age concepts use the crystal skull. The crystal skull is made to
absorb the essences of life matter. They can retain human spirits and
energy of all kinds. It is shaped like a skull because the ancient
peoples believe that this is the source of all knowledge – that which is inside of the human skull.

We could argue than of where the soul is related. Many theorists
speculate that the soul could be housed within your heart or mind. Most people agree that a soul is a small size that hides easily in the body.

Yet how does a soul transplant itself from a dead person to a living and why does it cease to dwell in a body that is no longer living?

The theory of the vampire is that he is immortal. He is a soulless
demonic thing. Could the soul of somebody be trapped inside of an
immortal creature? After all the gods themselves each have souls.

Even if you believe in just one God, he has a soul that is contained, an essence, a spirit. Some cultures believe that gods and goddesses incarnate into human flesh never really changing who they are.

The devil in mythology goes around harvesting souls. In the Christian
bible, it reads that if you really want to find God that you must seek him with all of your heart and soul (Deuteronomy 4:29). This
acknowledges that we do have souls and many people have thought since
ancient times of this.

Wherever it may be hiding we may never know until our destroyer comes to take it from us. Countless legends describe it differently yet the soul is the only piece of us that seems to matter in the whole greatness of the universe. We are capable of unleashing the gifts deep rooted in our soul- broken audio memories of the past through dreams, visions, fantasies and meditation. All these things are the parts of your soul that is channeling throughout your whole body.

Shooting stars fly by,
My soul burns beneath moonlight,

I want to hide away with feathers to cover my face.
In your bed, pillows out of place,

OVERWHELMED, because I do it to myself.

Yet, we are only God's POSSESSIONS,
Love spell master, a disaster ,

Angels fall in love to quick.



My design is like love,

mixed with faith,

We are all spiders,

spinning webs.~



I am a temple made for a holy spirit,

A vase filled with many dreams,

They pour out like water,

To form the mist upon my wings.



Murky waters salty air
Shipwreck visions
Mermaid wind song
heard like premonitions

Black waves salty air
Ocean like a galaxy
Siren lead my soul astray
lost caves

Dreams at midnight
all gone today
a thief has stole them
lanterns blaze

Memories bitter salty air
hidden souls like ships cross
over there,
lost, lost everywhere


Before I was in the paranormal business, I belonged to the comic book industry. It was my job to conduct comic book reviews and interview comic book creators. I am now retired from this industry and my vice president Richard Vasseur of Jazma Online! now does all of the comic book work, so I can pursue my paranormal career. Richard does it again and gets published with his endorsement! Congrats Richard!

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My name is Brett Byrd, I'm currently a student at Sacramento City College taking a course on Writing for Publication. For a recent project we were given the task to come up with an informational article on any topic of our choosing. With it being October and Halloween coming up fast, I decided to write my article on truly Haunted Houses in the Sacramento and surrounding areas as well as just some fun information for at-home DIY ghost hunting and such. I figured with your knowledge you would be an interesting individual to interview and gather all sorts of information from pertaining to my story. If you possibly had any time I would love to get an e-mail communication interview or a telephone interview with you! My article is due on Oct. 22nd so anytime before then would be excellent, hopefully you receive this email in time. You can reach me by email at
I look forward to hopefully hearing from you!
- Brett L. Byrd

Deanna Jaxine Stinson, HPI Supernatural Sleuth
aka The Black Rose

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Interview: Paul Dale Roberts by Brett L. Byrd

Interview with Paul Dale Roberts, HPI Esoteric Detective
Halo Paranormal Investigations – HPI International!/groups/HPIinternational/
Paranormal Hotline: (916) 203 7503
Interviewed by Brett L. Byrd

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Paul Dale Roberts Bio
Paul Dale Roberts Paranormal Books
Paul Dale Roberts at

1. Can you tell me a little about yourself?

Answer: I was born in Fresno, lived all over California, because my dad was a tax investigator /auditor. I was in the Army from 1973 to 1976 and 1979 to 1986. I worked undercover narcotics with US Army’s CID (Criminal Investigation Division) DST (Drug Suppression Team). Later I re-enlisted in the US Army and worked as a 97 Bravo – Intelligence Analyst with the Photo Interpretation Center in Seoul, Korea. I held a Top Secret S.B.I. (Special Background Investigation) clearance. Later I worked with OPFOR (Opposing Forces) and taught the Soviet Threat. I wore a ski mask and Soviet uniform and pretended I was Corporal Dowbowski (a Soviet defector) and taught the elite troops Soviet tactics. I was featured in Ripley’s Believe it or Not for disco dancing 205 hours in 1979, I was the 3rd and 5th Disco King of Sacramento. I am married to a paranormal investigator and author Deanna Jaxine Stinson. I have been on 11 paranormal documentaries from Penn & Teller’s Bullsxxt on the Mayan Prophesy of 2012 to 3 My Ghost Stories to In Search of Michael Jackson’s Spirit – Sky 1 TV to others.

2. What was your first experience with a ghost/spirit/energy?

Answer: As a child, I lived in a haunted house on Effy Street in Fresno, Ca. All kinds of things happened to me. I would envision skulls with wings flying around my room. I would hear a woman calling my name and enticing me to go into the orange grove. I had a black teapot looking thing point it’s snout at me and blow a type of steam in my face, causing me to become extremely ill the next day. It caused my mother to give me poison instead of cough medicine. An entity pushed me into the heater. After this happened and I became older, I became very interested in the paranormal and would grab any book on the subject.

3. What do you think is the biggest misconception about ghost hunting?

Answer: That every ghost hunting investigation will be something out of a Hollywood movie. You do not see people sliding down the hallway. You do not see people who are possessed clinging on the ceiling. You don’t see full body apparitions all the time. In fact out of 900 investigations, I have only seen 4 full body apparitions.

4. Can you explain what paranormal activity actually is?

To me, paranormal activity is when you have proof positive evidence. If you see an orb, you may be seeing lint, dust, light refractions, skin flakes, dew drops, bugs, etc. How can I prove that an orb is a S.C.F. (Spiritual Containment Field)? Easy, I must show that it has intelligent movement. Example: When I am sitting in front of a monitor and I see one distinctive orb floating around, I will command the orb to sit on my lap. When I did that, the orb came over to my lap and hovered over my lap for 10 seconds. Sometimes I may have my investigators place their hand on the wall and have other investigators with cameras snap pictures. I will tell the orb to appear by the investigator’s hand and when I do that, I may have 3 cameras that capture an orb by the investigator’s hand, proving intelligent movement. A designer orb has intricate designs inside and sometimes you can make out a face. One day, I am taking pictures in this client’s backyard and I capture two designer orbs. Inside the orbs are what appeared to be dog faces. I went back to the client and asked what they had in their backyard, they told me an orange grove. I asked…”what else?” The client says: “I have two dogs buried back there.” The client then looks at the 2 designer orbs and starts crying. I asked the client why she was crying and she tells me it’s because she was looking at her two deceased dogs that were inside these designer orbs. I deemed that as paranormal. We also capture EVPs (Electronic Voice Phenomenon). We do quick and dirty EVPs. I will say something, pause (allowing the entity to talk) and play it back and many times you will capture an disembodied voice on your recorder. If I can show there was no one talking and captured this EVP, then I can deem this house as being haunted.

5. What is the difference between a ghost and a spirit?

Answer: Actually both are the same. A ghost hangs out after the host body is deceased. Spirit can be the energy essence of a living person or it could be outside the body – astral projecting or walking around as a ghost. The soul, aura, ghost, spirit are all the same. The aura is the living energy around a living thing. The aura is the soul. The soul leaves the body when a person is deceased. When people see the soul manifesting on what it used to be or what it looked like..we say…”oh my, a ghost”. When the ghost enters the light and goes to a new dimension (heaven or hell), we may refer the energy now as a spirit in heaven or a lost soul in Hell.

6. How did you get interested in your line of work?

Answer: Because I lived in a haunted house when I was a little boy. But, I am also interested in UFOs and cryptids.

7. What is the purpose of your group and what do you actually do?

Answer: We investigate. We validate a haunted claim or we debunk the claim and find natural explanations and causes. We cleanse homes and if a person has a demon attached to them, we baptize that person with a full submersion baptism. We actually help people and not just investigate.

8. Most ghost hunters are out to explain scientifically that spirits/ghosts do exist. Have you had success in convincing people of the validity of their claims?

Answer: They get impressed when I show them some orbs with intelligent movement.

9. Do you recall your first investigation? What was it like?

Answer: Boring as all heck, nothing happened and everything could be explained away as natural causes.

10. In your opinion, what was your most successful case in finding evidence of paranormal activity?

Answer: Class A EVPs that we capture and again showing intelligent movement with orbs or maybe 5 people see a full body apparition and we capture it on camera.

11. Can you name your top 5 most haunted places in the Sacramento area?

Answer: Those top 5 places are ALL private residences and I cannot disclose the address.

12. Have you ever investigated any large scale landmarks/places that are open to the public? And if so, give a brief summary of what/where and how your investigation turned out!

Answer: Sure, the Bridge of River Kwai in Thailand. Stonehenge in England. Dublin Castle in Ireland. The investigation was historically fascinating, but not too much evidence was captured. I think it’s because there are too many tourists lurking around.

13. What is one thing that is key to all investigations?

Answer: Team work.

14. What sort of equipment do you use on your investigations and where might someone be able to purchase it for themselves?

Answer: You can find equipment at Radio Shack, Ebay, Circuit City, etc. We used electronic digital recorders, EMF Readers, night vision goggles, digital cameras, video cameras, temperature gauges, etc.

15. When called in for a job, what’s the process like in gathering evidence?

Answer: We usually have 3 investigative sessions, 45 minutes in length. After each investigative session, we have an evidence briefing. We produce any and all evidence on the spot, such as quick and dirty EVPs, photo evidence, etc. All evidence is shown to the client.

16. After the evidence is presented to the client, what sorts of advice do you have for them in regards to “ghost management”?

Answer: If they want a cleansing, I do the cleansing right on the spot. Some people are comfortable with their ghosts.

17. If you could give a list of 5 tips for a beginning ghost hunter, what would they be?

Answer: Never give up. Have your Monster or Rock Star ready, it may be a long night. Try to find natural reasons to a haunting. Don’t think that everything is a ghost. Avoid the drama, jealousy. Just enjoy what you are doing and be successful in doing it.

18. What sort of advice would give someone wanting to get into ghost hunting?

Answer: If you get scared easy, don’t do it.

19. How can people contact you?

Answer: Email: - by paranormal hotline: 916 203 7503

20. Do you have any final thoughts you’d like to throw in?

Answer: If you are curious, then seek out the truth. Live for the chase!

Paul Dale Roberts, HPI Esoteric Detective
aka The Demon Warrior

Halo Paranormal Investigations (HPI International)!/groups/HPIinternational/
Managed by Staci Butler, HPI Twitter Account Manager
My Bio Link at Ceri Clark's All Destiny Magazine!
Paranormal Cellular Hotline: For Investigation or Advice: 916 203 7503

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When it comes to Orbs - Size matters -Chris Holly

 photo 24ce3a7e-c494-4472-8aa5-ffb884176be1_zps5a862a49.jpg

I first became aware of the existence of orbs when I was 23 years old. I was a young married woman with a small child living on Long Island New York.

My husband was a Vietnam War veteran and we were starting our new life outside of the military together with our toddler son. We were living  on the top floor apartment of a two family house located in the town of Babylon New York which is located along the south shore coast of Long Island.

Life was going along as one would expect for a young couple trying to adjust from being a military family back in to civilian life. We were doing OK. We were making ends meet and had a nice place to live and a happy little boy to fill our time.

We liked the place where we were living as it had a large deck off of the kitchen which had a stair case leading to a small but nice fenced in backyard for my son to run around and play happily with his trucks and toys. We especially liked the fact it was surrounded by a wooded area on our bedroom side of the house which made it private and quiet at night. Life was going well until the Orb visited.

One August summers night around ten PM I was in my bedroom reading before getting ready for bed. My son was long asleep down the hall in his room and I was enjoying some time to myself before going to bed doing what I loved most which was reading. I remember my husband calling down the hall asking if I wanted my ritual cup of tea I usually indulged in before bed. I walked in to the hall not to wake my son and nodded yes to my husband who retreated back into the kitchen to turn on the tea kettle while locking up for the night.

I remember that I was wearing a long peasant dress which was in fashion at the time and threw the long tee shirt I slept in on to my bed but remained in my peasant dress for reasons I have long forgotten. I say this as I remained in that peasant dress for the remainder of what took place that night.

As I walked back into my bedroom I walked back around to my side of the bed which was on the side of the room with a large window that faced a group of tall pine trees. The trees were on a small plot of heavily wooded land that separated the house I lived in from the neighbor next to us.

As I passed the window something caught my eye. I stopped and walked up to the window to see what it was. As I stood against the window I found I was looking at a round glowing ball of light about the size of a dodge ball or large ball you would play with in a pool. It was just hanging in the tree looking in to my window. It was very odd as it looked to be filled with some type of gas or moving material. Today we call it plasma. Years ago there was nothing like this seen or talked about so I had no idea what I was looking at. I watched this thing hovering in the tree for a few seconds as I immediately started to fill with a deep fear that I did not know what it was and it was without question looking back at me. I called for my husband who was walking down the hall towards our room with my mug of tea in his hand. As soon as he entered the bedroom I called him to the window and pointed to the red Orb looking back at us from the trees.

My husband stood there for a few seconds looking at this thing before whispering to me almost so this thing could not hear – “What the hell is that?” He talked more to himself than to me about who would place a light in the tree like that and how was it that it was hovering in midair as we both stood staring at this thing. Suddenly the red orb started to move slowly from the tree more towards our window still hovering silently in the summer night with its swirling interior looking at us as we looked at it.

I started to feel dizzy as if I was going to faint and told my husband I had to lay on the bed. He wanted to go outside and see what the thing was with his hunting rifle but I grabbed his hand and begged him not to leave me or our son alone in the house or to go outside alone. I asked him to call the police as it must be someone doing something crazy in the neighborhood.

My husband started to stumble around the room as if the floor was moving beneath him. The last thing I remember is that he sat next to me on the bed holding his head.

We both woke up the next morning laying fully dressed on top of our bed. We never got into the bed or took off our clothes. My tea sat on the table next to my bed untouched and my husband woke with his shirt on backwards. We both felt disoriented and ill. I threw up and my husband had trouble with his balance for about an hour. We ran to our son’s room who seemed perfectly fine and without any harm.

My husband went outside and searched the entire area for a sign of what it was that we encountered in the tree the night before. He could not find any sign of that orb at all. He climbed in to the trees and questioned the neighbors, no one had any idea what he was talking about.

As the days passed I started to have one flash back memory of walking as if in a trance out on to our backyard second story deck. I was walking behind my husband. I could feel my peasant dress blowing and my hair as if there was a breeze blowing on us. I could feel a glow of some kind of light surrounding us. My husband could only recall fear. He told me he felt as he did when he was deep in battle in the jungle.

I never did see that red Orb again but I do know it changed my life forever. Whatever took place that night made a drastic change in my husband’s personality. We did not remain married and I do not blame all of that on the red orb I will however say without question it had a part in changing us both forever.

I have been sent many reports over the years about red  or orange Orbs about the size of the one I encountered  from people who discovered them hovering in their yards , fields and more often looking inside of their homes and peering in through windows. I believe this type of Orb is used for surveillance purposes. I also think if it has the opportunity it does interfere possibly with people physically. That is left to opportunity and chance.

I have been sent or told about orbs of this style and size from people living all over the world and in all kinds of living environments from large isolated farms  to crowded city high rise buildings. Not that many years ago a woman wrote me a letter describing how she watched a red Orb hover outside the large window of an apartment about 30 stories in the air watching the people inside obviously without their knowledge. The Orb hovered swirling in silence peering into the high rise building for about ten minutes. The woman called the police who did not respond to her call to her knowledge and also called the doorman’s desk of the apartment building that had the apartment located in it that the Orb was looking in to. By the time someone responded to her request that this oddity be looked into the Orb in her own words “Silently floated away and up into the sky “.

I have no idea what this type of Orb is. I do not who controls them or what they are used for. I can only tell you from seeing one with my own eyes that they do exist and can be dangerous.

The next type of Orb that I find to be most common and widely reported are the smaller soft ball to golf ball or even smaller white or light colored glowing balls of light.

I have found that most of the reports that I have been sent or that I have read about concerning this type of orb have more of a spiritual definition. They are often caught by photo or video by those who are engaged in ghost research or those who are having interaction with spirits of those who have passed away.

I do know that I have heard many stories of small orbs being seen by those who have lost a close loved one which makes me believe it is the energy of that loved one staying with the ones they love during times the ones they left behind may need them. I think that entering the dimension in which we live may be difficult for the energy of human life and manifesting as an orb of light a way for them to interact in our living reality.

This however is not limited to loved ones and spirits we want to interact with. It seems that many energy forms that once may have lived in human form linger among the human dimension for reasons we can only assume or try to understand. You will see evidence of this in the ghost hunter communities where there is no shortage of orbs of light being videoed or caught in photos while the hunters are actively investigating areas thought to be haunted.

It seems apparent that the energy of human life can develop the ability of showing as an orb of light or energy once they leave the human life form.  I simply think of this type of orb as being part of the spiritual realm and very different from the red orb I encountered or the larger craft size orbs that are seen all over the world.

The fact remains we do not know for sure due to the lack of serious investigation what any of the Orbs are that live float and seem to watch us come from or what they want or if they are living creatures or mechanical devices.
orbs photo:  thGhostSpiritOrbSteps.gif

My feeling is that the Orbs are from many different sources ranging from spirit energy to multidimensional roots that are able to cross over to our realm to observe how we maneuver in our dimension. I do know the most commonly reported Orb is that of the smaller white ones. I can only logically believe they come from many sources starting with spots on lenses or reflection of light source from the point of being videoed or photographed to spiritual or dimensional visitors.

Whatever the source of this type of Orb or for that matter any type of size of Orb I caution anyone who has an encounter or sighting to follow all rules of safety as one thing remains true in all of these cases. That fact is that one really knows exactly what these objects are or why they are here. It may be a simple sign of reaching out from a loved one who has passed away however it could also be an energy from something more sinister or here for reasons that may be harmful or not for the good of those around them. Always deal with these strange objects with great care and in all cases the best advice would be to quickly leave the area when dealing with that which is unknown.    

I do feel that this type of type of Orb is an energy or life form that is trying to interact with us in our form as living humans. It makes it a curiosity that easily draws us to wanting more information which may tend to allow us to make choices that could prove dangerous. Please keep this in mind if you find you are the one facing a strange ball of light or Orb and know that is could be the energy of a loved one or that of an entity you would not want to deal with and need to keep safety and caution first in dealing with them,

The last type of Orb I want to discuss is in my mind without question a craft. This type of Orb is reported in sizes from that of a small car up to the size of a football field. They are seen flying often in formation with other Orb crafts and seem to without question be under intelligent control.

I have had reports of this type of craft sent to me often over the past few years. Many of the Orb craft UFO objects that have been reported to me have been seen coming from or going out towards the Atlantic Ocean however I know they are being seen all over the world.

I know that this type of UFO Orb object is solid in color and that the colors range from white and yellow to reds and oranges. I have been told that the interior of these large craft size Orbs seem to of a gas or plasma nature making them swirl or seem gas like instead of a solid metallic type of material.

I have spoken to people who thought these large UFO style objects seem to have a living feel to them which made them believe they were either made of living material or part living and part machine in nature.

My family and I did see a group of this type of UFO Orb after hurricane Sandy and also viewed the gaseous interior of the Orb and felt that it did have an organic living feel and look to them but also were without question organized piloted machines that were flying in formation.

 Like the other reports the Orbs we encountered over Long Island New York the objects flew without any sound and were unlike any other lights we have ever seen in the sky as you could look into the bright red or white swirling light of the craft without the glare that other lights of the same size would react with the human eye. You did not have to blink or adjust your eye as you were able to easily look directly into the light.

I have been told by those who have sent me reports concerning this type of UFO Orb craft that these large Orbs will stop instantly during their flight to hover over and observe the people they find who were caught watching them fly over them. I also was told that the people did feel great fear and danger when this occurred and were greatly relieved when the object or objects would regroup and continue on their way after a short time of observing the humans who were watching them pass over. In all cases those who reported these encounters all felt that the Orbs were deciding if they wanted to continue or engage in contact with the people they hovered over.

I believe that this Orb type of craft is an alien or dimensional craft that is not only here to observe but in some cases have encounters with us. I find this type of craft may be some kind of living creature and may function on its own or simply be made of a living kind of material and is piloted by a life form we are not yet aware of. I do not think they are the same as other UFO or alien or dimensional life forms. I do think they are something different. I believe we have many different types of life or energy intelligent sources that do visit and observe what goes on with planet earth and the humans and other life that covers this planet.

One day we may understand a great deal more about these things but for now I fear we will stay as we are with miles to go before we are able to grasp the workings of other life forms or the facts of the universe, dimensions and time that is around us.

I do know we need to concentrate on the world we live on and need to understand it before we can ever hope to comprehend the outer workings of cosmos. I doubt other advanced life forms who do observe us are as interested in us as we seem to think they are. I have to laugh when I read the self-importance we place on our species and the interest those far advanced have in us. They may use us for biological material or to observe as we evolve but trust me we are still killing machines who cannot live together without war or feed all who do live on this planet and seem to go out of the way to destroy our planet when we really do not need to do so. Look at how we kill and fight over energy sources and refuse to work with what we have due to politics or policies that are keeping us stuck like fools going nowhere fast. I think for now we will continue to be visited by orbs of all sizes, as well as other unknown objects. Some of us will have encounters that are close up and others may end up taken and some never returned. I do not think any of that is due to change for the human race for a very long time. We have miles to go before we can join those who visit us and move on by.

I will post images and past articles with this article on my blog concerning the subject of orbs

Copyright © 2011-2014 Chris Holly all Rights Reserved
Chris Holly’s Paranormal World-

Extraterrestrials in a World of Magic

Extraterrestrials in a World of Magic
By: Deanna Jaxine Stinson, Paranormal Researcher
Halo Paranormal Investigations - HPI International!/groups/HPIinternational/
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Deanna at Broadway Cemetery 10/11/2014

As a child I witnessed a phenomenon. Across from a field of four leaf clovers I was standing beneath a sky by a tall pine tree. I felt a presence strong above me. I quickly looked into the sky and saw it open up like an invisible hand had plucked open a hole in the atmosphere. Then, I saw a giant blue eye ball appear. The eyeball was hovering above the ground it was massive. It was the size of a large skyscraper. It appeared towards the top of the pine tree. It rolled its eye back into itself and it sounded like boulders rolling down a mountain. It was a massive noise. In an instant it was gone, it disappeared quickly into the sky and as soon as it left the sky appeared normal again.

The ancient Egyptians are very concerned with the eye. This eyeball is described as the eye of Ra or the eye of Horus. Ra is the God of the sun, his female counterpart is symbolized by the eye and Horus the Egyptian god of the sky.

My experience has haunted me throughout my whole life. I have always wondered if it was magical. At the time it looked like the eyeball of a giant. Now that I understand the physicality of U.F.O’s it seems like a more sensible explanation. Yet, aliens and magic are interconnected in the sense that they are radiating energies that are unknown and manifest through the spiritual and physical realms. What exactly do aliens and magic have in common?

Navajo Mythology
Navajo believe that the first man and the first woman were previously born from three other worlds. They believed this because man and woman argued too much and they believe Earth is the fourth planet that they were born to. Well, what other planets were there?
The myth goes on to describe the four gods that placed these beings on the Earth. One called White Body was the god of Earth, one called Blue Body named The Sprinkler, one called Yellow Body who remains unnamed and one called Black Body the god of fire.

The Navajo were also visited by eight gods called the Mirage People who instructed the first man and woman how to reproduce on the Earth.

Astral Travels
Extraterrestrials are beings that can transcend other dimensions. In our world currently this can be done with the use of magic such as astral projection.

Astral projection is about letting your soul travel out of your body through space and time. When you astral project you are capable of defying all of nature’s physical laws and you can go places where you could not go in physical form so easily such as underwater, through space or through other dimensions in an instant.

Those that astral project typically share the same experiences which can be compared to those with abduction stories.

Typically when astral projecting, experiencers report traveling through dark tunnels to visions of bright white lights. Alien abductees commonly see white lights as well.

Astral Projection is about traveling through space, time and through mystical realms. All beyond the physical world is void less of time and laws of nature. Once you leave your physical reality past, present and the future all become one. Abduction experiencers commonly feel like they lose time and fake memories are implanted into the brain. I believe that by meditation and the study of ancient magical arts we can form new ways to defend our mind and spirit so that we can come to a level of clear consciousness no matter what the circumstances. Typically out of body experiencers wake up suddenly and realize that time has lapsed in a different way than normal much the same as abductees.

Natural born astral projectors often wake in their sleep afraid because they are not aware what they are doing. Practice and meditation can help you overcome the fear. We can also compare to this many abduction stories where people go to bed at night and wake up the next morning wondering what has happened? Suddenly we are traveling interdimensionally throughout the universe. Education will calm fears and so also does meditation.

An aura is the energy around your body that radiates from you. It can be seen as different colors that are symbolic of the type of person that you are, your spiritual purpose and also your intentions.
Extraterrestrials are often described as being attracted to energy. An aura is definitely an energy source. Could they be attracted to persons with certain auras or could they sense them at all? Ancient magic has created the idea of the aura and it is to this day a very powerful new age tool to self-discovery.

You are not limited to the rules of nature. You are also capable of transcending time and space to empower yourself. Ancient people have left behind powerful mystic secrets that can shape the future for the new age that is surrounded in alien mythologies and science.

Deanna Jaxine Stinson, HPI Supernatural Sleuth
aka The Black Rose

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Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Sky Watch 100714

How to Watch Tonight's 'Blood Moon' Total Lunar Eclipse

This year has been filled with a lot of big events: a satellite landed on a friggin' comet, Apple released a giant friggin' iPhone, and George friggin' Clooney finally got friggin' married! 2014 was also a year in which there was not one but two total lunar eclipses visible from North America—the second of which will take place later tonight (or very early tomorrow morning, depending on where you are).
Those in the middle of the Pacific Ocean will have the best view, but U.S. readers in the contiguous 48 states will have tickets to the show as well, though at far less convenient start times.

 The action will begin for West Coast skywatchers at 1:17 a.m. PT and the whole process will have run its course by 6:32 a.m. On the East Coast, the events won't begin until 4:17 a.m. ET, but the process will barely have kicked into high gear before the scheduled 7:01 moonset. While they won't get to see the finale, viewers on the East Coast (with a clear view of the horizon) will have the unique opportunity to watch an eclipsing moon setting below the horizon, which should be a treat in and of itself.
Unlike fainter astronomical events such as meteor showers, viewers in urban areas will be able to watch the whole event without leaving town—if you can see the full moon under normal conditions, you will be able to see a lunar eclipse. Those on the East Coat, however, should keep in mind that they will want to have as clear a view of the western horizon as possible.
The only thing that will hinder most people in the eclipse-viewing area from catching the show is cloud cover. If nature isn't cooperating in your location, you can follow online with crowdsourced astronomical team Slooh's live eclipse coverage, which is embedded below. Additionally, NASA will offer a livestream of the eclipse on its Ustream page, which will include a live Web chat beginning at 3 a.m. ET to answer any questions.
Blood Moons Aren't Really a Thing
A total eclipse is what happens when the moon dives into the darkest part of the Earth's shadow or umbra. When this happens, the moon doesn't simply fade into the dark sky, but rather it slowly transitions from bright white into a deep reddish-orange hue.
This reddening is the result of sunlight refracting through the Earth's atmosphere. Usually the direct light from the sun "washes" out this refracted light, but during a lunar eclipse this refracted red light is the only thing illuminating the lunar surface and thus is why the moon appears to turn red.
You may have seen many in the media dubbing tonight's event a "blood moon," just as they did with eclipse in April. Let's get something clear: This term doesn't have any actual astronomical significance—all total lunar eclipses turn a deep blood reddish hue. This happens during ev-er-y eclipse. But the phrase "blood moon" sounds spooky and has recently been co-opted by the fire-and-brimstone crowd so, we're kind of stuck with this meaningless nothing-phrase.

October 2014 Blood Moon: Total Lunar Eclipse Coverage

A total lunar eclipse is set to rise above people across a large swath of the world early Wednesday (Oct. 8). Weather permitting, people in North America, Australia, western South America and parts of East Asia will be able to see the total lunar eclipse. Sometimes, when the moon dips into Earth's shadow during an eclipse, the natural satellite takes on a coppery-red color, leading some people to dub it a "blood moon." The eclipse should reach totality just before sunrise at about 6:25 a.m. EDT (1025 GMT) on the east coast of the United States.
Update for Oct. 7Total Lunar Eclipse Spawns 'Blood Moon' Early Wednesday: Watch It Online
See how to see three different webcasts of the total lunar eclipse on here. 

Editor's Note: If you snap an amazing picture of the Oct. 8 total lunar eclipse, you can send photos, comments and your name and location to managing editor Tariq Malik at

Looming 'blood moon' 5% bigger

A total lunar eclipse – which will be especially pronounced over the western United States – will happen early Wednesday and a man who has written about the astonishing sequence of events that make up a tetrad – a series of four eclipses that is happening this year and in 2015 on Jewish holy days, says it’s a “rarity among the rarities.”
NASA reports that Wednesday’s eclipse will be about 5 percent larger than the eclipse that happened on April, the one that launched the tetrad.
“Only eight times in 2,000 years have these total lunar eclipses or blood moons occurred on the biblical holidays of Passover and Tabernacles two years in a row,” said Pastor Mark Biltz, author of “Blood Moons: Decoding the Imminent Heavenly Signs.”
He said, “The last one of the series happening next year is more than a once in a lifetime event but a once in all of human history event! The total lunar eclipse will be a supermoon seen from Jerusalem on the Feast of Tabernacles at the conclusion of 7th year of the Shemitah cycle! This is the one day when all of Israel was to be in Jerusalem to hear the King of Israel read from the Torah.”
Biltz continued, “The one coming the morning of Oct. 8 … is also a rarity among the rarities! The Creator of the Universe says He created the sun and the moon to send signals to us on His Feast days. We need to look up and pay attention to what he is trying to tell us!”
The red colors of the eclipse are caused by the sun’s rays peeking around the edge of the earth while the moon passes in between, and having four lunar eclipses in a row, or a tetrad, is very rare. The next time this is expected to happen isn’t until around 2032 or 2033.

The eclipse, expected to last for one hour, will be most visible in the Western United States, where the eclipse will start around 4:25 a.m. The East Coast will experience it around 6:25 a.m., which is about half an hour before sunrise.
Lunar eclipses have fascinated humans for centuries, and were often seen as potential omens of things to come. Calendars such as the one used by Jews are based on the lunar cycle, and many of their feasts and observances track with the movements of the moon.

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Annabelle Movie Review

Annabelle Movie Review
A movie review by Deanna Jaxine Stinson
By: Deanna Jaxine Stinson, Movie Critic & Reviewer
Halo Paranormal Investigations - HPI International!/groups/HPIinternational/
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October 5, 2014, Sunday: Deanna Jaxine Stinson and I, armed with buttered popcorn, diet Coke and Reese's peanut butter cups watched Annabelle at the Century Laguna 16 Cinemark - 9349 Big Horn Blvd, Sacramento theater. Let's see what Deanna says about the movie:

Annabelle is a horror movie about a possessed doll. The movie takes place in the seventies. Annabelle Wallis plays the starring victim, “Mia.” Mia is an expectant mother who is happily married to her husband, “Ward Horton.” Mia is a doll collector and her husband gives her a specialty doll as a gift. That night as they are sleeping Mia wakes up to the sound of her neighbor screaming. She wakes up her husband to go check what is happening and he comes back over drenched in blood. The neighbors have been murdered. As Mia is calling on the phone to the police a hippie woman named Annabelle comes into the house covered in blood also with her husband. A fight for survival happens and Mia’s Husband, John shoots the hippie man. The police come just in time as Annabelle is holding the new doll she is shot to death awakening the spirit of evil.

The beginning of the movie is very slow paced. It starts off like a fairy-tale with a happy wife, life and world. There is no rising action until almost a third of the movie is over. The expectant couple soon leave the house where the murders occurred, after a fire happens, thinking that the house was cursed. The husband has previously thrown out the doll because of his wife’s bad memories. As they are unpacking their belongings Annabelle is somehow in the box. The husband is terrified but the wife says it is ok she will keep the doll because it was a gift. The doll is terrifying to look at to a normal person. It’s face is a green grey color and there is nothing cute about it. I didn’t like how throughout the movie the women looking at the doll admired it so much because in reality it looked horrifying.

The baby is born and it is named “Leah.” There is a severe demonic haunting in their new place and the couple contacts their priest. The priest does his best to help. He suggests contacting the legendary Warrens, the popular ghost hunting couple. He takes the doll thinking that he will make the haunting stop and he is almost killed by the demon haunting the doll. He says that evil cannot be destroyed because it was never really created. That point in the movie had a lot of higher meaning. That is supposed to get your thought process going because it is hard to say that it is not true.

The haunting gets to be so bad that Mia stops by a local bookstore to research the occult where she has an encounter with the owner of the bookstore, Evelyn played by Alfre Woodard. In the end she is the one who stops the evil.

Based on a true story, Annabelle is a little bit spooky but definitely not too terrifying. The slow beginning gets boring. The middle part is where the excitement starts. The ending was not predictable. I recommend this movie to anyone who is scared easily or doesn’t enjoy horror movies because they are too scary. There is not too much violence and the language is not too bad.
I give it 3 ½ ghosties out of five.

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Deanna Jaxine Stinson, HPI Supernatural Sleuth
aka The Black Rose

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Denise Benitez-Gonzalez aka Satana, Paranormal Artist of Art of Satana

Interview with Denise Benitez-Gonzalez aka Satana,  Paranormal Artist of Art of Satana
By: Deanna Jaxine Stinson, Paranormal Researcher
Halo Paranormal Investigations - HPI International!/groups/HPIinternational/
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Deanna Talks with Denise aka Satana!

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Interview Date: 10/03/2014
Time of Interview: 7:30pm
Present at Interview: Paul Dale Roberts, Deanna Jaxine Stinson, Denise Benitez-Gonzalez. Sidenote: Nancy Garcia dropped by with her child and 2 friends - it's a small world.
Location: Starbucks – Alhambra and N Street, 1401 Alhambra Blvd, Sacramento

Question: Before we get started with this interview, tell us something personal about yourself. Your home life, schools you went to? Recreational activities and hobbies? TV shows, movies and books you may like?

Answer: Yay! Starting off with fun facts! Let’s see. I was born and raised in New York City and lived there for 35 years before transplanting to Sacramento. I went to an all girl’s Catholic high school, and played the glockenspiel in the school’s award-winning marching band. I also worked as an asbestos abatement worker for about a year. Tough work but awesome experience! I also practiced ballet seriously for four years and got as far as being able to dance on pointe toe shoes. Still can’t do the split though! I have been happily married for 16 years to a most wonderful man. As far as hobbies, I enjoy dancing at clubs, making electronic music, knitting and crocheting, cats, reptiles and arachnids, creative writing. I also enjoy watching baseball, soccer and ice hockey.

Question: Deanna Jaxine Stinson, my wife and I met you at Chalk it Up Sacramento, how did you get involved with this event?

Answer: I got involved with Chalk It Up about 5 years ago at the request of a very good friend, Michelle Barbaria. She said it would be a great way to get exposed to the art community in Sacramento, especially since I had recently moved here from NYC. Best decision I have made as I really enjoy the camaraderie and spirit of this event.

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Question: How did you become an artist? Are you self taught or did you learn from somebody?

Answer: Art has always been a part of my life since I was a young child; my parents have always been creatively inclined. My mom was a cosmetologist and loved making clothes, and my dad is a very skilled carpenter. My mother told me that I was drawing before I could read and write. It has always been something natural for me. Of course in my later years, I have taken several art courses to help perfect a technique or open my eyes to something I may have not experienced before.

Question: Do you get involved in other artistic events?

Answer: I mainly do Chalk It Up events and help in any promotional events for it, and I am currently part of Cauldron 13, a circle of women artists. I also like to get involved in art projects like the Sacramento News & Review News rack project. I currently have a piece on display at the Coloma Community Center. I occasionally will show at tattoo shops, and do a lot of graphic design freelancing. Of course I would like to be part of more art events in Sacramento area as well as well as do a solo art showing in the not-so far future.

Question: Besides your art, what other talents do you have?

Answer: Ha, ha, well besides being awesome, I don’t know if I have any other talents. I do know I am disciplined enough to learn new things and excel at them. I am very determined that way. I have been told I am very good dancer and just have a good eye for creativity.

Question: What do you enjoy drawing?

Answer: I enjoy acrylic painting, pen & ink, colored pencils, mixing media, as well as graphic design and digital illustration. I love to do Day of the Dead themes, aliens, gothic and horror themes. I especially enjoy drawing and painting women. I think the female form is beautiful and so expressive.

Question: Since I am a paranormal investigator, I have to ask you, have you ever had a paranormal experience?

Answer: Yes I have! I have had many unexplained occurrences and experiences since I was a child. Some have been so intense that it has been a source of constant inspiration, questioning and admiration of the world around me, both seen and unseen. I work at Evangeline’s in Old Sacramento and that place has always been a place for paranormal activity. I personally have some personal experiences up on the third floor of the Costume Mansion and also in the basement, where I usually work. Of course, I have become accustomed to my friendly visitors.

Special Note: HPI has investigated Evangelines with Channel 3 News. The employees claim there is a ghostly miner in the basement that moves clothes around and that on the 3rd floor, late at night they can hear shuffling of feet, disco music and laughter. Possibly this is residual energy from the 70s, when the 3rd floor was D.O. Mills (a hot disco night spot in Sacramento).

Question: What are your spiritual beliefs?

Answer: I consider myself spiritual and a bit agnostic. I am more a believer in the energies of the Universe. What you give to the Universe, she gives it back tenfold.

Question: Before this interview ends, I have to ask you some fun questions. If you had 6 dinner guests, 3 historical, 3 fictional, who would they be?

Answer: Oh great question! Historical would be Vlad the Impaler, Salvador Dali, and Frida Khalo. Fictional would have to be Voldermort, Morticia Addams and King Leonidas from the movie 300. I think the conversation would be bloody good!

Question: If you were on a deserted island, what 3 things would you bring?

Answer: A pencil, a big drawing pad and a my ipod (hopefully it will have full charge). At least I know in my solitude I will be able to unleash my creativity.

Question: How can people contact you?

Answer: I have several ways people can contact me. I have a Facebook page . I also have an art website which is currently getting revamped. I can also be found on Instagram @artbysatana

Question: What are your goals with your artwork?

Answer: Personally I would like to be able to dedicate more time to my art. I want to be able to do solo art showings in Sacamento, and expand to possibly SF, Portland, New Orleans and NYC. I also want to write a children’s picture book. Ultimately, I would like to teach art or provide art as form of therapy for troubled children and/or the elderly suffering with dementia and Alzheimer’s. I think the latter would bring be the biggest sense of fulfillment.

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Question: Thank you for this fantastic interview, do you have any words of wisdom for your readers?

Answer: I say follow your bliss. Do what makes you happy and be open to the world around you. You will be surprised how many doors will open. Lastly, believe in yourself and in your abilities and keep doing what you love. Do it for yourself. Thanks for the interview, Paul and Deanna!

Deanna Jaxine Stinson, HPI Supernatural Sleuth
aka The Black Rose

Halo Paranormal Investigations (HPI International)!/groups/HPIinternational/
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