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Mischievous Entities in Fairoaks: Is Santeria Responsible?

Mischievous Entities in Fairoaks: Is Santeria Responsible?
By Paul Dale Roberts, HPI General Manager

ATTENTION: I was able to download one video footage from this investigation onto the HPI International Facebook site, but another video that captured the knocking-on-the-wall evidence was corrupted and had to be deleted.

HPI Fairoaks Entity Extraction Team
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The theme song for this article is Rick Springfield's Jessie's Girl, hear it here:
After reading this article, figure out, why this song is the Theme Song.

To see pictures from this investigation, stop by here:

Date to be there: Feb 11, Saturday Time to be there: 9pm: Contact Person: Rick Simpson Address: Fairoaks, CA 95628. Activity: Alarm goes on by itself; something pushes down on the bed; hair pulled; friends get touched; door shuts on their own. House built in 1950, single story. After investigation, request cleansing.

HPI Paranormal Investigators that are present: Paul Dale Roberts, HPI General Manager; Chantal Apodaca/HPI Assistant Manager/Psychic; Jesse Peevyhouse – Senior Lead Investigator; Kareen Peevyhouse – Senior Lead Investigator; Raquel Rodriguez; Becky Cardenas; Al ‘Big Al’ Rosatano; Jon & Kasper (Kara) Koyasako (Jon Koyasako – Security); Deanna Bailey – Senior Lead Investigator; Tuesday Rubsam; Ivy Rubsam; Capone Bender; Marla Dorsey; Karen Stanley; Bob Fulton; Gina de la Rosa; Nicole Stowe; Julie Lambirth.

Tonight the Senior Lead Investigators are Deanna, Kareen & Jesse. Jesse’s Team is called ‘Jesse’s Girls’. Kareen’s team is called Team Hill Street; Deanna’s team is Team Rooster. We have 3 areas to cover. The back bedrooms, the living room/kitchen and the front yard and back yard.

Rick Simpson In His Own Words Describes the Events:
“I moved in to the house around April of 2000. I understood that it had been a rental for many years prior. The first unusual thing I noticed was that I found several candles that were partially burnt and the carcass of a headless chicken. Sometime later I began to experience some unusual things. Note: What Rick is describing sounds similar to the cult practices of Santeria – Paul Dale Roberts.

I would on occasion feel something pushing down on my bed at night. One evening while I was in the restroom a friend of mine was sitting out front on the couch. When I came out she was visibly shaken and told me that a pillow on the couch rolled off on to the floor. There were times when the bathroom door would open on its own while a guest was occupying it. It became a kind of a joke that the house was haunted but I didn’t really believe it.

Then over time these occurrences became more frequent. My girl friend at the time experienced the phenomena of something pushing down on the bed while we were sleeping. Then there was the incident where I awoke in the middle of the night to see a band of lights about 4 inches wide on the wall that ran from the floor to the ceiling. There were about 5 or 6 columns that made up the band and spaced on each of these were dots of light.

I immediately woke up my girl friend and asked if she saw it too because it was so bizarre since all of the windows had blinds and curtains covering them and there were no lights on in the house. When she replied yes and said how interesting that it was, I had enough confirmation to make me believe that I wasn’t seeing things and that something unexplained was going on.

I had someone come out a couple of days later and clear the house. All was fine but then it all started happening again. The last straw for me was the night when I was up in the living room and felt it get ice cold and then heard a low evil voice say ‘get out!’

Once again I had the house cleansed and after that things were quiet.
In June of 2006, I made some deals with the dark power. In July, I began to get sick. In October of that same year I was diagnosed with cancer and given a 50/50 chance of survival. I became a Christian while going through treatment in the hospital.

Nothing ever happened again until the Summer of 2011. The heater turned on by itself, making the house warmer, and then in the Fall the opposite thing happened with the heater. Around Christmas things took off again. I felt something pushing down on my bed at night and one night as my girlfriend and I were going to bed she felt something touch her arm and I felt something pull my hair. Over the next week or so I noticed the heater stopped changing temperatures, but a couple of times the alarm clock in my room went off in the middle of the day. Both times it was turned off and there were other people here that witnessed it. Then one afternoon I came in with two bottles of water from the store and set them down on the dining table and went into the restroom. After getting into the restroom, I heard one of the bottles get knocked over on the table. A day later my daughter and I both witnessed the door to the back room shut completely from a wide open position. Often at night you can hear things shuffling around throughout the house. I have sought out the assistance of some people to help get rid of this phenomenon that occurs in my home.”

Special Note:
Chantal Apodaca and I arrived early. Chantal did a walk-through and picked up a cold chill that went up her leg. She detected several shadows moving about the home, which indicated to her that there were several entities residing in this home. She felt the entities were attached to the male occupant. She detected that the living room and kitchen were recent add-ons - confirmed by occupant. In the back room she felt a little girl presence, that makes the dream catcher move - confirmed by occupant. Added note: Chantal recently met up with a person and touched this person's locket and felt it originated from Asia. Through psychometry, the locket was analyzed and in a secret compartment there was a Buddha. This is new gift she discovered she had.

Jesse’s Girls caught K2 hits by the trampoline. Whispering was heard by the chicken coops. Orbs captured on photographs. During the Evidence Briefing everyone heard a distinct knock on the wall and we cannot determine where the knock came from. Kareen felt a presence walk past her and everyone in her group was feeling vertigo. One investigator felt something stroke her finger. The occupants felt something pushing against them. Gina de la Rosa felt a pressure go across her forehead. With my night vision goggles I saw a various orbs move across the room, but what was really unusual is Jesse told the entity to play the guitar and a dancing orb, with 3 movements danced on the keyboard. I did not know the keyboard was a keyboard with my night vision goggles, I thought it was an ironing board, so it made perfect sense that the orb was trying to play the keyboard. Team Rooster, Big Al captured some large designer orbs and strange light anomalies on his photos. There were a couple of photos we were able to debunk as reflections from other objects. Tuesday captured a strange light anomaly that was debunked as sudden movement of her arm capturing a light source on the DVD player. Karen saw a red orb with her own eyes move underneath the table.

Team Rooster, Deanna saw from the waist down a woman in a blue and white polka dot dress move across the mirror. Team Hill Street Blues captured orbs outside and witnessed strange light movements on another home that they cannot explain. Team Jesse’s Girls received various K2 hits. Note: A power source can be some of the power lines near this home. I saw a shadow movement and debunked it as Chantal’s black hair being brushed aside. I personally heard whispering along the fence line and no one was there.

Jesse captured an EVP of a man's voice saying 'what's up?' and he was the only man in his group and he did not say that.

Our most compelling evidence is the knocking on the wall that many of us witnessed. We found no way of solving the mystery of this knock and eliminating everything that can possibly explain it, leaves us with only one conclusion, the knocking has paranormal origins. EVP that says 'what's up?' Kareen Peevyhouse and I conducted a Catholic blessing on the residence.



The Debbie Swafford Story:
Feb 10, 2012, Meeting at It’s a Grind, 10420 Twin Cities Road, Galt, CA. Debbie tells me that her mother’s house is 113 years old and it’s in Galt. In 2008, Debbie and her mom saw an apparition walking up and down the stairs. In the backyard, her mom saw a man with a trench coat and he vanished before her eyes. Debbie’s step-father who had no legs and was deceased would also appear to Debbie and her mom. Her ghostly step-father actually appeared and sat next to her son. Her step-father appeared another time in the mirror and gestured Debbie to go over to him.

Dick Contino, The Acordion Man
I love researching some of my old family history and I recently discovered that my mother Rosita 'Rosemarie' Causing/Roberts once dated Dick Contino aka The Acordion Man in Fresno. My mother was once a Rosie the Riveteer and even dated the notorious Pillow Case Bandit of Fresno, who when he was incarcerated kept writing love letters to my mother from San Quentin Prison. When he came out of prison he met with my mother and asked her if she wanted to continue seeing him and my mother replied that her new boyfriend was now my dad. To read about Dick Contino, go to this link:

Paul Dale Roberts, HPI Esoteric Magistrate
aka The Demon Warrior
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Stories from the Cosmos, Continued

Stories from the Cosmos, Continued...
(Part Two) by Deanna Jaxine Stinson
Halo Paranormal Investigations - HPI International!/groups/HPIinternational/
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I call these stories, the stories from the cosmos because they are from my dreams and past lives. The stories that are not by me are from someone else's dreams or past lives or emotion. Even your heart has its own world that it has created. There is ghost stories which seem to be happening, not just in one reality but two... These are stories from the Cosmos because the stories are alive in other realities and times and they are just there, no need for conscious creation...

Well, I have mentioned previous times before about being neglected as a child and having my spirit guide voice his thoughts, emotions and knowledge towards me to help me survive my childhood. He was tall and
had dark hair. He taught me Wicca and also stories that have never been recorded that must have been from his past lives and mine because he said that we were alive together several times and we are connected to each other eternally. He even told me about the Akashic Hall of Records at a young age and I would often dream of it.
In my dreams, the place was a huge white building built from marble and it had staircases leading up to it everywhere. It was a very crowded place. Inside, you could go over your project plans with your instructor in your next mission before leaving and make other arrangements such as sending supernatural letters to people in their dreams and so much more as long as you had access you could do anything. Outside, I was laying on a marble bench on my back, very relaxed. The sun was hot but not too hot and there were cotton flying around in the slight breeze of the wind and the cotton was coming from the trees and the side of the library that was actually overrun with forestry.

I heard a male voice, "Oh, there you are." I had been waiting all day
outside and I opened my eyes, I had been meditating before that so that I didn't actually have to walk into the library. It was hard to see the details of the face because he was leaning over me and the sun was so bright I couldn't make out his expression but I knew who it was. He was my guide. We went over some things on some papers that he had. He even had a whole briefcase of papers. I felt a sense of love towards him yet in another dream I feel darkness and disgust as he leads me...

Into the marshes of some unknown place. I am wearing a purplish red
velvet colored robe over my head in the marshes with two men following me with lanterns. One is him. It feels like we are in Europe, Britain or something but I have no research to support that theory. There is a stone castle in the background and you can hear the dogs barking very loudly, they must be very large dogs.
The men lead me to the marsh, one is him. There is a lot of pain in this moment. They lead me into the water and they drown me and they are gone.

On the top of the water is a water lily shining brightly because the one whole in the trees encamped all around the marsh lets the moon shine through almost directly straight ahead, must have been midnight than. As I float face up with the lily, I am alive, as I float face down from my death I look up and see the water lily turn over into a new world, me with it and the sun is shining on me and I am in a new world, and that other world filled with those people are gone, they are all gone. I am on a new astral plane.

The poem Drowning, I created from that moment:
Drowning in a Past Life
Barefoot in wet mud like clay
green rolling hills at dusk.
My soul is not going to stay
bound into the valley of Earth .
Magic is sweet and it is bitter.
Falling angels tears lead you on-
stars sparkle and burst into glitter
shape shifter, dreamer, water lily bound
Lanterns gliding across a marsh
will they reach the other side?
Or will I...

This is the spirit guide that I am talking about. I have pulled out
these visions and meditations as a young girl. As a young girl who had no access to this information except through the time that I have spent with my guide who explains that tragedy makes easy memories as does love that are hard to forget and also that we spend so much time together that his face reminds me of these events...

Poetry by Victoria Autumn!
HPI Security, Researcher and Professional Fighter.

The Old Swing
I took a walk down to the old oak tree today

and saw the forgotten swing

that I had made as a child

with my muddy shoes

and filthy hands.

I climbed to the branch that held the rope

to notice how ridiculous the knot was

It was a simple tie

that could have come loose with an adequate amount of weight.

I examined the rope itself

seeing that it was frayed and torn,

just waiting to break its grip.

I made my way back to the ground

to take a look inside the tire.

It was filled with spiders

and sticky cobwebs.

Stagnant water rested at the bottom

along with decaying oak leaves.

My once playful friend

no longer seemed so lovely,

it no longer made me happy.

I was just a child when I created it

not knowing how to tie a proper knot,

or how to check to make sure of its safety.

I reminisced on the sunny afternoon I had made it,

remembering how proud I was

to construct such a wonderful new friend.

I didn't care at the time

that the tire was used, was worn and dirty

or that the rope was weak and old.

But now that I am grown

I realize just how unsafe

and poorly made my swing was.

I must admit that I was rather tempted

to sit inside the tire

just to see if it could still hold me

and keep me from the damp ground

as it once did

many years ago...

But in fear of getting a bruise

or perhaps breaking a bone,

I will let it remain

to hang

and to sway

in the wet and heat of the passing seasons...



Deanna Jaxine Stinson, HPI Supernatural Sleuth
aka The Black Rose

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The Magical History of Horses

The Magical History of Horses
By: Deanna Jaxine Stinson, Paranormal Researcher
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Skillet - Whispers in the Dark

Horses are a very extraordinary creature that has been described as intelligent, spiritual and strong beings. Horses have a long history of magic in their bloodlines. Even the average persons can sense the powerful aura emanating from a horse. Horses have a magical ancestry and a future mixed with glory.

Horses are associated with hunters which could be connected also to Athena or Diana, the goddess of the moon, wild and hunt. Horses are a wild creature that can be tamed easily because of their massive intelligence. It does not take a horse very long to change. It is often very easy to break a horses spirit, and this is considered a very bad thing to do spiritually and for your karma because an animal's spirit is its essence, it's aura and that is what makes it so beautiful and unique.

Poseidon is said to be the god of horses. The romans referred to him as Neptune. Common associations of Poseidon were earthquakes, oceans and salt. The horse was said to be created in Poseidon's kingdom where he also had created the unicorn and Pegasus. The unicorn is a horse with a magic horn and the Pegasus has the wings. A Pegasus and unicorn together are called a unisus or pegacorn.

The gods and goddess legends in Greece, where also biblical verses from the new testament of Jesus Christ were translated for American use, state that during the apocalypse there will be four horseman. The stories of the world in this area were commonly translated into Greek because of Greece's powerful business, and foreign international exchange base with the rest of the world. Stories written in Greece were most easily spread throughout the rest of the world. Jesus was often compared to a unicorn in medieval Europe because of its magical qualities, light magic and pure heart.

The four horseman are described in Revelations. In God's right hand he holds onto seven seals. When one is loosed, four beings ride out on white, black, red and pale horses. The horses are the ones that set the last judgment loose onto the world. The summoners of doom.
There are many different perspectives on the bible and especially this book of the bible. In my opinion, I see it as a dream sequence. I say this because it is at the end of the book, in a darkness that lasts for 1,000 years that can only be compared to the darkness of those that sleep. You also end your day sleeping, as the bible ends itself with a destruction but yet also in that is a creation and new beginning, just like a dream. Don't forget about all the different kinds of dreams that we have like daydreams, fantasies, nightmares, lucid, etc.

Common symbology of today is what the modern mind will use. The dream interpretations of today are richly forecast using probabilities based on ages of common predictions such as associating certain signs with love, luck, happiness or sorrows. In each culture, we remember the differences of the spiritualties of the world and we come to make our own conclusions.

The dream interpretation today of a horse would mean that you need to tame the wildness inside of you. You need to learn how to control some aspect of yourself or go wild with it. Whether it be your sexual power, your lack of responsibilities or more. A horse can also symbolize the need for healing within your life.

Horses are used today for healing. A horse is said to capable of psychic abilities such as seeing your aura, hearing your thoughts and sensing your emotions. Anyone that has ever been around a horse would most definitely agree. Horses were a major mode of transportation for many of our ancestors and they have helped humankind evolve into the species that we have become today and they are prophesized to be with us into the future.

Sorrow for the Stars
A poem
by Victoria Autumn

As a little child
I loved to stare up at the moon
Imagining what it would be like
To sit and watch the blue planet
Rise on the horizon

I wished for nothing more at that time
Then to be up in the sky
Ride upon a shooting star
Taking me to a magical land
Created just for me

I used to tell you how I loved that moon How the silver light would guide me as I walked down the beaten road On those teary nights When nowhere was the only place to go

Orion was my hero
He helped through the nights
Shielded me with his six stars
I was safe with him in my skylight
Pain would only be distant...

... And I wish they would go away

My love for them is not lost
It will always be there
But some love causes great sorrow
A stab deeper than words

Now, every time I look to the heavens
And spot Orion defending the skies
Or see the luminescent moon
I can't help but cry, finding it hard to breathe

I don't want the light of the moon
To guide me any longer
I wish that night would drape over me
Like black silk
Over a gypsy's shew stone

Comfort I once sought from the expansive twilight Has been replaced by a feeling That is worse than being held under water Or being burned by fire

...I just wish they would go away

Because they remind me of you
Of how you will never be next to me
To hold my hand in yours
And admire their beauty

Deanna Jaxine Stinson, HPI Supernatural Sleuth
aka The Black Rose

Halo Paranormal Investigations (HPI International)!/groups/HPIinternational/
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Stories from the Cosmos

Stories from the Cosmos
Deanna Jaxine Stinson, Paranormal Researcher
Halo Paranormal Investigations - HPI International!/groups/HPIinternational/
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From the Akashic Hall of Records… Sacrifice Girl
In a field of sunflowers I am a young girl about 19, walking alongside of a bright and warm sun. The sunlight feels good and is exceptionally bright, almost ready to go out and down in a blaze of pink fire highlighting the horizon, making a beautiful red rainbow sunset. There is a square pyramid colored in gold tones in front of me. It has steps on all four sides, a huge room in the middle, underneath the ground and the top has a square point made of arches in all directions pointing to the heavens. The top of the stairs each has a platform and window.

I look to my right, I am naked and an old woman is standing there. She is a moon goddess because she points at the sky and it turns to night and there is a triple moon there. She is the crone. Then, I notice a large group of people coming and the woman disappears. They are dark skinned, shirtless and everyone is brought to the top on the stairs. On the tops of the platform are executioners and our heads are chopped off, bodies tossed aside and our spirits continue walking to the room on the top as we leave the physical realm for the spiritual one.

From the Dream Journal of Deanna Wednesday, December 3rd 2014
I dreamed that I was at this gorgeous place. I have seen no other place like it before. There were caves everywhere and the grass was moss. It was a bright day. I was in a blue pick-up truck with my sister and a man that had time travel keys. We would go into each cave and then he would turn the key in the caves and they would turn into spaceships and go back in time to a certain event or forward to the future. We kept going to the future and I saw myself on stage playing guitar. We tried to go to the past and we never changed anything even though we all tried to change things in the past. When we came out of the cave to the past, there was a pit bull dog in the truck. It was friendly and I had no idea where he came from. In another cave there was also a black and white cat and it darted out of the cave. We sat in the pickup overlooking the edge of a very high cliff and then I woke up. Sunday, August 18th 2013 Scarabs in a Museum I dreamed that I was in a museum, and I got bit twice by a huge red Scarab. It was a museum display, but it kept coming to life to bite me. I ran to the top level of the museum, trying to outrun the Scarab, there was a tower that was something like 35 stories high and I accidentally broke a hole in the top floor. It was like a display or something, not a real building.

Deanna's Blog:

A Book Review: "The Awakening" by Scott Wieczorek
I just read "The Awakening" part one by Scott Wieczorek . It is a fantasy story that mixes science with religion. The story revolves around protagonist Elena Michaels whose blood is harboring a secret so strong that the spirit world comes calling. I love the dream sequences in the book, they are the best part. The way that Scott writes puts you right in the book. In the dreams, you can feel a mellow sadness that reminds me of those times when you are so physically and emotionally tired you dream just the same way. I especially like how descriptive the college environment is written. When Elena sits down to eat you can taste the pizza in your mouth.

In his biography, Scott describes himself as an archeologist. His experience comes handy as he describes the surroundings of an ancient tomb. After all the pain in her life, Elena comes to terms with even more tragic news but then she must also try to stay strong as she learns about the secret of her blood. A mysterious young man comes into Elena's life and he changes her forever. Elena doesn't seem to possess the mental strength she needs and God makes sure she knows he is looking out for her. This book is 220 pages. The chapters are organized so that you can read easily transitioning from one scene into the next one. There were a few spelling and grammar errors but that is common in a first edition and nothing too serious, you may not even notice unless you were searching for it. I really like the characters and I cannot wait to see what the second book has in store. Scott's Blog:

Deanna Jaxine Stinson, HPI Supernatural Sleuth
aka The Black Rose

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Traveling on a Rainbow

Traveling on a Rainbow
Deanna Jaxine Stinson, Paranormal Researcher
Halo Paranormal Investigations - HPI International!/groups/HPIinternational/
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We speak about traveling the speed of light to get to other galaxies...well what about traveling on a rainbow? Where could we end up? Rainbows are a commonly occurring phenomenon and also an exceptionally beautiful sight. When you see one it is considered to be an omen of good luck. A rainbow is any display of the colors of the spectrum produced by dispersion of light.

Did you know that there are rainbows on other planets and moons? The rainbows are different colors and shaped than ours as the atmosphere of other celestial objects are much different than Earths. Nasa has confirmed that on Saturn's moon Titan, there is definitely rainbows.
They have also acknowledged that they are not similar to the colors of Earth's because of temperature differences. A large "glory" has been seen on Venus this year as well, which is a type of rainbow seen from above the atmosphere, not below.

Did you know that there are many types of rainbows such as primary rainbows, cloud bows, moon bows, double rainbows, twinned rainbows, fire bows, red rainbows, dew bows, fog bows and so many more during the day and night.

Our ancestors recognized the importance of rainbows. All cultures throughout the world have looked upon the rainbow as a beautiful omen.

Not only do they commonly appear after rainfall which is very important nourishment for the land but they create a stunning visual display in the most surprising ways.

Bifrost is the fiery rainbow bridge in Norse mythology that reaches between our world and the world of the Gods (Asgard).. .So how exactly does this work? Scientists are talking about wormholes in space to get through the galaxy. Rainbows on Earth are formed from light refracting off of raindrops. This means that rainbow travel on Earth requires water elements. Rainbows seem to randomly appear and disappear at certain times of the day and night. Could wormholes in space possibly do the same thing? Is that perhaps the reason why we haven't found one? If they were anything like rainbows on Earth they would appear near water and bright celestial objects.

What is so interesting about rainbows is how much curiosity that they inspire. Not only do they hold pieces of hope that the Gods are near to us but they are a materialization of the spiritual world. We can predict as much as the weather where a rainbow will appear but we cannot physically grab it, hold it or manipulate the colors. Imagine if we could change the colors around in a rainbow.

Rainbows are part of an electromagnetic wave and create energy. Rainbows are spectral lights.The different colors of light are actually measured in temperature. Just like stars you can see the temperature of a celestial piece of the sky just by looking. That is part of the reason why different colors are emitted. You will always find a rainbow on Earth in the same patterning of color because it ranges from the hottest to the coolest.

So how do we get onto this bifrost bridge and meet the gods? Could we ever physically travel on a rainbow to another world or dimension? It seems far-fetched but our ancestors have imagined the possibilities since the dawn of time. Rainbows of Earth are as ancient as the rain and as old as the God's themselves.

Moon Bow
Neon colors burning in outer space
A moon bow glowing halo around
Eve's fairy face.

At night I wait for my vampire hero
ghosts kisses night time terror
bow and arrow.

I want my Egyptian goddess wings
reincarnated rainbows glowing
every angel sings.

Crystal Moon Heart
Crystal Moon Heart is my newest book. Crystal Moon Heart contains true paranormal short stories, excerpts from my dream journal, articles, poetry and songs. Crystal Moon Heart is my reflection on the world of magic and how it affects my heart. I named it so because I have a strong connection to the sky. The sky is the only thing that I can look into and feel calm, peaceful and spiritual no matter what is going on. It is consistent, the stars are always there. I also included a collection of art from a local artist in Angels Camp, California. I poured out my heart into this book. The link to Crystal Moon Heart:

For submissions into my future books please fill out a form at the front page of my website, .


In August of 2013 my husband, Fred, a Parkinsons patient, had to be rushed to the hospital because of breathing difficulties he was encountering. He has since been institutionalized and put on a feeding tube and I have been on my own. A week after his hospitalization I was resting on our bed and looking out our window at the nearest section of the apartment complex. While I watched the outside activity, I noticed an object about the size and color of a basketball and thought that some nearby teenagers had gone outside to play 'catch.' As I watched, the ball stopped in mid-air! So it was no ordinary basketball! Then I watched as several strange animals crawled out of it and dropped to the ground. I saw a couple large lizards, a couple frogs and toads, etc. And some others that looked like they may have been hedge hogs! They scurried away before I could see everything. Then I heard a voice in my head that told me to pay close attention as there was something else I needed to see. I then saw a small Christmas tree sitting on a table my parents had in our old apartment that we lived in over our family drugstore back when I was growing up. It was such a perfect resemblance, I thought I might be having a time-travel journey into my past! Then shortly after all of this, I fell asleep. A week went by and nothing of consequence happened to me. Then the basketball returned outside my window. This time, I saw myself riding a bicycle in what I was certain had been New York City. I have relatives there and have been there on several occasions. Suddenly I saw myself as a kind of stick person riding about the Times Square area on that bicycle. I was then looking at a newspaper without the print. What I saw was people riding about on bicycles or in taxi cabs or on busses. Was something telling me that a strange event was going to transpire in Manhattan by Christmas? I had a psychic friend who often read the Akashic records to see what was in store for different people. He would put white paper over a door to his office and he would see writing appear in black as if written by a black crayon. Often times there would be simple drawings of people and animals mixed with the words. Since he was an experienced psychic(he was the one who located Shandra Levy's body)he could mentally combine everything shown him and uncover messages meant for his clients. I wasn't shown anything threatening or controversial or predictive in the sense that many people would have been in danger,etc. When I discussed this with a psychic friend who lives in Massachusetts, I was told that I was receiving 'confirmations' about certain things I had wondered about in my life. The purpose for my seeing the Akashic records was mostly to verify their existence and not to doubt any information they had been given.

Deanna Jaxine Stinson, HPI Supernatural Sleuth
aka The Black Rose

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The Cursed Home in Stockton

By Paul Dale Roberts, HPI Esoteric Detective
Halo Paranormal Investigations - HPI International!/groups/HPIinternational/
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Deanna's Video of the Investigation
Victoria Talks Witchcraft by Deanna
Investigation Video #1
Investigation Video #2
Investigation Video #3
Investigation Video #4
Investigation Video #5

Case #7L62318 / 12/6/2014: Today we have an investigation in Stockton, it appears to be a cursed home, a Roman Catholic blessing of the home will be conducted and if the occupant feels she has an attachment, she will be receiving a full submersion Baptist baptism, which is a basic form of exorcism. A baptism will immediately get rid of any attachment.

INITIAL REPORT:Date to be there: December 6, 2014, Saturday / Time to be there: 1900 Hours. Contact Person: Martha / Address to be at: Stockton, CA
Activity: Martha believes that her mother through witchcraft or dark magic has cursed her home. Strong negative energy resonates through home, the dog sees things that are not there. House cleansing, baptism required. Alaceo 'Big Al' Rosatano will be at our house at 5:30pm and will ride with Deanna and I, to Stockton. After the investigation, Deanna, Big Al and I will stop at Mark Bales home - Stockton for a late dinner. He is serving us soda, De Vinci's Delicatessen & Catering - Fettuccini Alfredo and Pesto Linguini. Also invited to this late night dinner is his friend Raymond.

Deanna Jaxine Stinson and I, while preparing for this day finished up our errands. We placed Hi-Pee and Princess Hannah in the car and off we went to Safeway, Fed Ex, Color Me Mine, US Post Office at Longleaf and then walked the dogs at Longleaf area, where there is a nice park where ground squirrels have taken the park over. Deanna did a nice jog, while the dogs had a fantastic run. Deanna's I-Pod broke and she is bummed out about that. A big errand was raking all the leaves from in front of the house and hosing them down the storm drain. Now with errands done and taking care of the dogs, we are finally ready for our investigation.

Before the investigation, my two sensitives felt all kinds of emotions before entering this home. Rod felt extreme sadness that almost brought him to tears. He felt terrible things have happened to the occupant and that terrible things happened in the neighborhood. Deanna felt extreme anger that overcame her and she was about ready to stay at home and not go to this investigation. Deanna felt overwhelmed with emotions from being mad to being sad to feeling anxious.

Let's do a roll call before getting started. HPI Paranormal Investigators Present: Richard Rivas; Rod Engberson – Sensitive; Victoria Autumn – Security; Paul Dale Roberts – Co-Owner; Deanna Jaxine Stinson – Sensitive/Co-Owner; Alaceo 'Big Al' Rosatano.

Big Al rode with us to Stockton. The occupant named Martha tells us that she feels the house is cursed. From what I am hearing from her story, it seems like Santeria may have been the culprit.

SANTERIA AS EXPLAINED BY WIKIPEDIA:Santería is a system of beliefs that merges the Yoruba mythology brought to the New World by Yoruba slaves with Christianity and Indigenous American traditions. The slaves carried with them various religious customs, including a trance and divination system for communicating with their ancestors and deities, animal sacrifice, and sacred drumming and dance.

Upon its arrival in the Americas, this religious tradition evolved into what we now recognize as Santería.

The colonial period from the standpoint of African slaves may be defined as a time of perseverance. Their world quickly changed. Tribal kings and their families, politicians, business and community leaders all were enslaved and taken to a foreign region of the world. Religious leaders, their relatives and their followers were now slaves. Colonial laws criminalized their religion. They were forced to become baptized and worship a god their ancestors had not known who was surrounded by a pantheon of saints. The early concerns during this period seem to have necessitated a need for individual survival under harsh plantation conditions. A sense of hope was sustaining the internal essence of what today is called Santería, a misnomer (and former pejorative) for the indigenous religion of the Lukumi people of Nigeria. In the heart of their homeland, they had a complex political and social order. They were a sedentary hoe farming cultural group with specialized labor. Their religion, based on the worship of nature, was renamed and documented by their masters. Santería, a pejorative term that characterizes deviant Catholic forms of worshiping saints, has become a common name for the religion. The term santero(a) is used to describe a priest or priestess replacing the traditional term Olorisha as an extension of the deities. The orishas became known as the saints in image of the Catholic pantheon.

SOME THANK YOUS BEFORE WE MOVE ON WITH THE STORY:Before I move on, I have many thank yous going out to my investigators and to the occupant. The Christmas spirit is upon us – Deanna received an hawk feather, sage and abalone shell from Richard Rivas; Big Al gave Deanna a box of Whitman's Sampler chocolates; Big Al dropped $20.00 cash into my pocket for gas and paid for my dinner, his dinner and Deanna's dinner at A&W on I-5 and Laguna Blvd before the investigation. Deanna gave Victoria a black shirt with see-through angel wings on the back, Martha supplies the investigators with soda. Of course, like I mentioned before Mark Bales has a 'after-the-investigation' dinner waiting for us.

FIRST INVESTIGATIVE SESSION BRIEFING:Richard & Deanna captured a lot of orbs outside, but the orbs did not show any intelligent movement. Rod captures orb movement in a succession of photos, the orb is moving from left to right. We capture an EVP and it was 3 words, unintelligible. Rod captures what looks like a vortex photo.

SECOND INVESTIGATIVE SESSION BRIEFING:More orbs are captured, but we cannot determine if the orbs have intelligent movement. We cannot determine if they are S.C.P.s (Spiritual Containment Fields). We may have captured another EVP that says 'I'm scared'.

Deanna Says:When I went out back with Paul and Al and Lucky we tried to capture an e.v.p. The questions that Paul asked were "What are you scared about?" and it sounded like a male voice replied "I'm scared." It is a beautiful night with the full moon outside and skies that are only a little cloudy. It is a quiet night, so we can hear the voice fairly clear except for Lucky is trying to get all of our attention by barking.

CONCLUSION:We gave Martha a full submersion baptism. I was assisted by Deanna. Martha feels she may have an attachment, so it was necessary that she receive a baptism. I conducted a Roman Catholic blessing of the home and Deanna followed behind me with saging of the house. We also gave a full submersion baptism for one of our investigators, because this investigator feels he may have an attachment. The investigator feels better after the baptism. The occupant Martha feels better after the baptism and the house cleansing, she was very grateful for our assistance in this paranormal matter. Special Note: I had to give Deanna a full submersion baptism when I got home, she felt negative energy around her. Victoria Autumn saw many pins, needles in the mother's former bedroom and did some researching and this represents destruction. Again, this could be Santeria. Please see Deanna's video on this, as Victoria explains her discovery.

While driving around Stockton, we noticed 2 dead dogs on the side of the road and many dogs roaming the street. I learned later from Raymond that Stockton does not have animal control any longer and the dogs go wherever they want, scrounging for food. It's a sad pitiful sight to see.

Special Note: After Deanna received her baptism - she utilized the blessed water to give Princess Hannah and Hi-Pee a flea bath. There is nothing better for our dogs than to get a flea bath in blessed water.


POSSIBLE INTERVIEW:Ron from Lake Tahoe 530 318-0595 // EMAIL:
Get his metaphysical story and his story about Burning Man.

Christmas Luncheon
December 5, 2014, Friday: Department of Fish and Wildlife - License and Revenue Branch had their Christmas Luncheon at Claim Jumper - 1111 J Street, Sacramento. I was the MC - Master of Ceremonies and got things started with the Employee of the Year Award, White Elephant, Raffle Tickets and Ugly Sweater Contest. I had 3 waitresses from Claim Jumpers be the judges for the Ugly Sweater Contest. I had tri-tip. Lui drove me there and my boss Kim Shepherd drove me back to my car. If you ever seen the building at Claim Jumper, they have a dance ballroom on the top floor, some offices and the Freemasons meet there, they say that this building is very haunted. I won a free movie ticket during the Raffle Ticket Contest.

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2014 Closing 2015 About to Begin The UFO Issue Remains Active – Unexplained and Unknown

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2014 Closing 2015 About to Begin The UFO Issue Remains Active – Unexplained and Unknown

The year 2014 is at its end and our New Year of 2015 sits in front of us filled with endless unknowns. Those  who are interested in the subject of UFO’s remain exactly as they started this ending year of 2014 with only confusion and that which is unexplained and unknown remaining that way.
We continue by the millions across the world to see UFO’s, report UFO’s and some of us even have close encounters with UFO’s and those who pilot them.

The one fact that remains standard is that we continue to have no ideas who or what the strange objects we see are or who or what pilot or send them  to visit us or  why they visit. Those questions remain the same  as they have for many years  and look like they will remain unanswered for a the unseeable future.
In my opinion the subject of UFO’s despite the fact that they are witnessed daily around this planet is locked in secrecy with ease by way of years of brainwashing , intimidation , confusion as well as many other forms of control that is used to keep society deaf dumb and blind to what goes on around them each and every day.
We are easily kept in check by way of our social devices, computers, televisions, media, social media, plus many other methods that are used to keep the mass  population living in false concepts of fake reality that form bubbles around the little earthlings by way of hand held gadgets, large screen TVs and lock step needs to be a cool or part of what’s in and easily yield to what we should follow or think.

 The days of free thinking curious intelligence seems to be pretty much trash canned as we  become  a society that  seems to be extremely content following along in fantasy built bubbles living silly lives that are produced by rings in our noses that technology easily uses to keep us all in line and frankly very dumb and controlled.
I know that the UFO issue will continue and many people all over this planet will continue to see them, some will deal with them up close and sadly others will not only deal with them but never be seen again as I am sure the occupants of these unknown vehicles, ships whatever they are- take and keep a number of us each and every year.
Besides a few useless organizations without training and a few private good people who are trying to keep the reports listed the subject of UFOs are left without interest or any type of agency or help for those who view them, deal with them or end up taken by these strange unexplained objects. I think this fact is as strange as the UFO issue. How can we be so nonchalant about something so amazing and interesting as alien life flying over our heads yet we (human beings) simply do not give a damn. We do not care who they are, where they come from or what they want.  We are just too damn busy looking at our stupid phones.
I have given up with society but I do continue to want to know what, who and why these things seem to be everywhere.
For me to keep up with what is going on out there concerning the UFO issue I have been lucky to have a group of good people who like me want answers. I have had the pleasure of finding and relying on these good people who are giving their hard work and time in the hope that one day we will begin to find answers to the question of all these unexplained unknowns. One of my favorite people to follow for good information is my friend Ken Pfeifer . Ken operates two sites one called




  Ken also has a Facebook page he keeps updated  to try to bring the information that he finds about the UFO issue to those who really want to know what is happening and what people are seeing.
I find amazing reports daily by way of Kens work and found that this past year of 2014 was active and full of strange crafts flying freely across our skies all throughout the year. I understand this will continue to be ongoing and anticipate that our new year of 2015 will be jam packed with new sightings and reports from all over the world.
On December 11 @ 9:30 PM Eastern time Host Colin Knight and I will be interviewing Ken Pfeifer on Knight Talk Radio to find out what Ken thinks will be ahead for the New Year concerning the alien UFO issue  and also what he feels were the highlights concerning these topics in 2014.
Below I have included a few of the reports Ken has collected from this past year as well as the information to hear Ken on Knight Talk Radio

♥ Copyright © 2014 Chris Holly all Rights Reserved
Chris Holly’s Endless Journey with the Unknown-
Upcoming Broadcast December 11th 9:30PM Eastern Time

The Knight Talk team continues their quest for information.  Host Colin Knight & Co-Host Chris Holly examine the sightings and contact with UFO'S past and present with renowed expert Ken Pfeifer. We invite you to tune in Thursday December 11th at 21:30hrs East to listen to the show...remember Phone lines shall be open for questions and statements. 347 324 3287 
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Chicago's Long Lost Son Still Haunts Local Cemetery

Chicago’s Long Lost Son Still Haunts Local Cemetery
By: Sandy Wells
Distributed by Paul Dale Roberts, HPI General Manager

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Back in the 1920’s, Chicago was well known for its mob type activities as most people know about now. During those days in Chicago there was rampant violence against many innocent people just for being in the wrong place at the wrong time. The violence was not always against other mobsters but also against anyone that crossed their path or had anything to with that they thought could
have been a scam that may take money away from them. This is a story of a young man by the name of Joseph that made a large mistake that he had to pay for with his life.

Today I received a photo that was taken at a local cemetery close to my friends home. She wanted an opinion as to what she thought she may be seeing within the photo so I asked her to send me an original copy, which she did. After looking over the photo I did not see the possible image that was being seen but I did find something new that caught my attention in the photo although it could also be a
matrixing situation but it was also interesting enough for me to focus on.

After a complete review of the photo I noticed something that I can not prove its existence by any means but for some reason, because I have psychic abilities, I found myself being drawn into a landslide of psychic impressions that I felt is important enough to share with you in this article. I must first tell you the story of Joseph to help him as he has asked me too. I would like to say this, can I prove these impressions by historical research at this time, no I can not but these impressions came to me so strong that out of respect for this spirit I have a duty to tell you the reader.
As a psychic often times when I get impressions it comes in bits and pieces of information that have to be put together like a jigsaw puzzle before really making sense of it. As I talk about this spirit that communicated to me the following information I need to tell you that he gave me images of his death, his life, his family and his feelings. So please understand that because I am interpreting
what I have seen I am repeating and writing what I was shown. Whether I interpret this information properly is my fault if I have mistaken something of the communication but I will share what I understand and know at this time.

Now I will tell you the story of Joseph, a young man who back in the 1922 worked small jobs for any money he could make to support his mother who was a widow.

Joseph showed me a small apartment in what most people call “Little Italy”.

These people were not rich by any means, and lived in the poorer side of this area. He communicated through images to me that he became frustrated with just getting by and wanted to make some big bucks fast. He showed me images of his little mother who if you were to imagine a small Italian woman she would have definitely fit the bill so to speak. Next he showed me images of what looked
to be him working with some unsavory characters manufacturing bootleg liquor and the transportation of that liquor. He showed me the number 4 which I am assuming or usually means a time frame of some kind that he worked for these people. I saw images of money changing hands which to me means he had contact with this money and that is where the twist in the story becomes somewhat confusing because he communicated a somewhat jump forward into
his future.

The next thing he showed me was a car that typically looked like one out of a gangster movie that you might see on TV. I then felt a sharp pain in my head that for me is not unusual when a spirit is trying to communicate what was happening to them at the time. It meant there was an obvious connection to the car somehow. He also showed me a gun right after the pain in my head so I am interpreting that he was hit over the head with it. The next image I received was
of two very large men dressed in suits dragging his body from the back seat of the car and dropping it on the ground. The images get a bit fuzzy but as I saw it there were ropes around Josephs body tightly wrapped. After many years of interpreting these types of images I assumed these men did not want him to get away. I began to get specific with the questions I was communicating to him, I
asked Joseph, “Who were these men”? He showed me an image of Al Capone and to me that meant that they were with the Chicago Mob that is so famous from that area of the times. Although I did not get the feeling they were connected to Al Capone it was a good way for him to tell me about these men.

My biggest concern at that point was being able to get the story of his death completely so I then began to ask him even more questions. He told me that he was tightly wrapped in the ropes as they dragged his body through a cemetery by showing me gravestones sticking up all around him. Although these types of images were somewhat rare for me to receive it was if I was looking through his eyes while being drug across the ground. I then saw water that looked like a lake or pond. Some very clear images of these two men and their violent actions against this young man was being communicated to me. They were weighting Josephs body down by tying rocks or some other bulky items to him and sealing his mouth shut with something, I guess tape. Next I saw them throwing his wriggling body into the water which I can only assume that Joseph was murdered by them drowning him. Now that I have told you of what I was given as
impressions by this young spirit I will give you my final interpretation of Josephs, life, murder and about his emotions during this communication.

In 1922, a young man of approximately 23 years of age by the name of Joseph Manzano (one possible spelling of last name) who appeared to me as a nice looking young man with short dark hair, clean cut with his hair parted on the side.

He wore a long sleeve whiteish looking shirt and brown slacks with a belt, clothes of the times. He was approximately 5’9” in height with a slim muscular build. He lived in “Little Italy” in Chicago in a small apartment with is mother, a small Italian woman and Joseph worked odd jobs to take care of her. After never really succeeding at any one job he became frustrated and began to work for some
unsavory characters that dealt in bootleg liquor selling it to the Speakeasy establishments of Chicago. They made him a delivery person for this liquor gathering money as he made the deliveries. He began to skim money off the top to make extra money without the realization that it was a mob operation. Once it was discovered as to what he was doing the two men showed up one day at the bootleg warehouse where he worked. They grabbed him, then hit him over the
head with the gun they had and shoved his body in the back of the car onto the floor to conceal him from any onlookers. They drove him out to this cemetery drug his tightly wrapped body out of the car onto the ground where he landed with a thud stirring him back to consciousness. They tied his mouth with cloth or tape so he could not scream and began dragging him to the water on the back
side of the cemetery where they weighted his body down and tossed him into the deep water to drown and thus is the untold story of what happened to young Joseph Manzano (?).

As Joseph communicated with me the emotions he conveyed to me were ones of sadness and great regret. He conveyed to me how he did not mean to leave his mother, she never knew what happened to me he said, The police could never find any sign of him so they assumed he had left Chicago. As I sat here receiving his messages he begged me to help him many times to tell his untold story to who ever would listen. This made my decision to write this article an easy
one. He seemed to be have a gentle soul with great remorse for his life. This young man disserves some type of closure so he may move on. His young restless soul wanders this cemetery in search of peace and freedom from the torment of his death. I hope by me writing this article that maybe he can now move on to the light where he will find happiness again but most of all so that he is able to be with his mother and hold her once more.

In the very near future I will be making a trip to this cemetery with some friend of mine and I hope I will not find Joseph still locked to these grounds in perpetual torment. I am not here to prove this story but to convey to you the reader my impressions of this young spirit who needed my help and I have now upheld my promise to him and that is all I am here to do.

Thank you for reading Josephs untold story.

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Possible Theories Who is Involved with the Animal Mutilations - Chris Holly

Possible Theories Who is Involved with the Animal Mutilations

Once you have the parts listed you can search for similarities, differences to develop a formula or direction to sort out your pieces to try to at least see if there is a path to some answers. 
One area of the unknown that I find repulsive and extremely strange is that of the ongoing revolting issue of animal mutilation. I have been trying to pick out the pieces to see if I can find a path to this puzzle. It is a terrible issue that needs to be solved so that one day it can be stopped.
The most common and well known would be that of cattle mutilation. This has been going on for a very long time all over the world where cattle can be found cleanly gutted and dropped back to the areas from which they were taken. It is always a clean kill with out the remains of an animal attack . They are clean cuts , not chewed or torn and bloodless . It also is the most researched kind of animal mutilation but certainly not the only type of animal mutilation taking place.
 Over the years I have read about many different animals found worldwide that have been found in a way that lends to mutilation rather than nature that killed them including the strange cat mutilations leaving cats returned gutted with clean precise cuts. The cats are returned to their owners looking like hand puppets. This strange practice has been recorded worldwide for over 25 years. It is not a local or onetime event it is an epidemic of madness as well as cold cruelty.
As I process what is going on around the world with this issue I realize I am not looking at one issue but more like a few different issues all lost in the convoluted ciaos of a very ugly subject matter. Much like UFO’s or abduction it is not one kind of craft or one kind of abduction being seen or taking place it is a list of different unidentified objects and abduction scenarios that have been all shoved under one title. That thinking and approach keeps us ignorant and far from solving any of these subjects which of course is exactly how the powers that be want it to be. 
Mutilation is suffering from the same ‘thrown in the same pot’ dilemma. Mutilation by name and definition is off putting and terrifying. People do not want to look at it, hear about it, or discuss it. Sadly that is not working as a method of handing it as they continue to happen and that is what we need to address. 
I have thought about this and admit I do not have any answers however I do have a few theories why they happen. Each circumstance is different yet easily hidden under the one umbrella title as the event in every situation is revolting and something we all would rather not deal with including me.
There may be multiple possible culprits involved with cattle mutilations.   In fact I can think of three possibilities and think it is very possible all three are happening in order to use the events of the other sources who are actively doing them too as a cover. It works out well as it is a simple case of blaming the other guy for this repulsive deed as different participants take, slaughter and then dump the dead animal back to the area from which is was taken. Those doing these things can freely go  along doing what they are doing with the animals  for reasons we may never fully understand knowing that other sources will most likely be blamed, who are also doing it,  which ends with all of the suspects getting away without any repercussions. 
I think it is possible that our own secret or black ops part of our government is tracking possible disease or defects that have infiltrated our food chain by following the cattle ranchers across the country secretly as not to alarm the public or the ranchers or farmers to possible virus or bacteria that may have slipped in to our food chain. Following the cattle ranchers across the country, or world for that matter; to randomly take an animal to quickly slaughter for whatever they need to test  in a way that  is quickly done by advanced black ops operations. This of course includes throwing the unused body of the  cow back down on the ground rather than carrying the weight with them. This could be possibly done by silent black helicopter crafts that have been reported seen by t cattle owners over their land.  Also  it would make sense to dump the remains of the animal especially if they are on a mission where more than one animal is being taken and tested. 
Along the same lines but for different reasons I think other life forms that may visit this planet also take and experiment on the tissue of the animals found mutilated and also ditch the bodies especially if they are making the rounds taking cattle from multiple places during one expedition. I believe it is possible that animals taken by other life forms may be kept or they may dump the remains in the ocean or deep lakes if they are covering large areas of the earth during their visit. Sadly I have to include other species of animals in this thinking many which are simply taken and the remains never seen again. Saddest of all I feel humans may be on this list of animals taken from earth by other life forms. It is true that may be why  only a few remains of human mutilations were found similar to the same methods that are used on cattle however that does not mean it is not happening. It could also be part of the huge numbers of humans that go missing each and every year never to be seen again.
I do not think all visiting life forms do these horrible things but I do think there are at least a few who do take our earth animals and do experiment with them. Until we have the answers to who and why these awful crimes are occurring any theory or idea is plausible. The only way to end or answer these questions or to stop these events from continuing is to try to find the answers. If we simply refuse to deal with it, turn our backs on it and ignore it they will not only continue but in my thinking increase in numbers.
Another possibility is that another life form visiting this planet may take and use the interior of the animals as a food source. If that is the case it would make sense for them to dump the remains where they found the animal as it would most likely only take them minutes to remove what they wanted from the animal. It would be the same as when we cut up a chicken or trim any type of meat or fish before cooking. We  throw out the  parts we do not want or use  too. I am sure once they take what they eat or use they would want to quickly dump the remains they do not need or use. Hunters in the wild often do this leaving what they do not want for other animals to salvage. This may be the thinking in dumping the dead carcass.
We have many secret labs in this country doing secret projects that may need the biological material of living creatures to advance the projects they are working on. Taking what they want from the animals while using small black ops silent helicopters would also explain the dumping of the heavy dead animals instead of trying to transport the added weight in flight. The projects these secret labs work on is as endless as ones imagination and surely part of the taking of and mutilation of animals found across the nation. It is much easier for this kind of secret operations to simply steal or take the animals they need and far cheaper than keeping and raising animals especially if they want what they are doing to be kept under wraps and away from public eyes
Plum Island a small island located off of the tip of Long Island New York is one of the places that I believe did this type of operation. I believe not only did they experiment on animals I believe they used humans as well. As horrible as this may sound these things do take place. Believing your government would make sure something like this would never happen is truly naive. Not only do they know these things take place they fund them with your tax dollars! 
I am sure the above scenarios can be some of if not all reasons for the strange mutilation of our large farm animals across the world. I am sad it takes place as it is something that I feel falls under the loss of our moral compass as a society. I say this as I do feel humans are partly to blame for some of these activities as well as aware that our governments know other life forms may be involved and do utterly nothing to stop it. If it is cruel in my mind it just is not cool. That is my thinking and I intend to stick with it.
Lastly the issue of the half cat killings is something I once again must address due to the fact no one at all seems to care or be concerned about it.
I know that there have been strange people for many years who have lived in all our towns that would take cats out in the woods and kill them for some kind of thrill. I am not referring to those crazy buggers when I talk about cat mutilation . I am talking about something far worse and without question you need to know is happening regardless of your opinion of cats or if you own one. 
The fact that something very sick, that kills living things and does so with malice by throwing the murdering of the poor innocent animals back in our faces is something we all need to know. What happens if this strangeness progresses to dogs, children or simply humans? The time to stop this nasty situation is now. The fact it has been going on for decades with only a shrug of the shoulders by society is just plain weird to me.
 The cat mutilations are not part of the other animal mutilations due to the fact they are done in a way that is specific to the cats and by something that is extremely brazen and cruel. 
Cats are removed from peoples yards meaning someone or something enters a private home or private area where the cat belongs and takes the cat away from the property where they slaughter and clean out the cat internally completely clean. They then reenter the private property where they took the cat and leave half of the dead cat which has been cut in half across the center of the cat leaving a clean bloodless usually top part of the cats front paws and head which looks like a little cat puppet. The owners are heartbroken and terrified knowing someone or something entered their private property took their pets and then came back to return this eerie dead half cat puppet like carcass of their beloved pet.
I have gut feeling that the cat mutilation cases are something extremely sinister and being done by something very black and dangerous to us all.
I do not know or even want to venture in to why this is being done but I do think it is something we all need to watch out for in our neighborhoods and should make those around our community aware that these things are taking place. 
I believe that if we join together in finding answers and maybe if we unite together we may find solutions so we can stop all of these disturbing events.  I am not a fan of secret ops that hurt and destroy nor am I a fan of looking the other way while possible life forms from other places use us for experiment, food or curiosity. 
My hopes is that we start to stand together on issues on this earth including the most difficult of all which is killing each other and start to climb the ladder of evolution and begin to move forward. I know we are the primitive ones of our universal neighborhood and can only try to convince you all it is time for us to step up our game and become aware and daring enough to want things we find revolting to end instead of simply just looking away.
Thanks for your time and please be aware of your surroundings and be careful out there

♥ Copyright © 2014 Chris Holly all Rights Reserved
Chris Holly’s Endless Journey with the Unknown-