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A Spiritual Perspective on Tolerance

A Spiritual Perspective On Tolerance
By; Deanna Jaxine Stinson, Spiritual Philosopher
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Relaxing Flute Music:

When people talk about religion, they are sure that theirs is the one that is right. It just feels right they say without true logic. This reminds me of relationships as well. There is sometimes more confidence in a decision because of ignorance. Sometimes our feelings are correct, sometimes not; our feelings and desires have no place at all in the truth. We do not know the truths, the real truths of the universe, it's bigger than we could ever imagine. It is greater than our minds are capable of holding information on.

Some people say they sense nothing; wanting to keep the quiet and peace within. Yet all people seek help and guidance for all kinds of problems; progress is made alive with intentions, karma and actively working towards your goal. Spirituality is a part of you and it is very healthy to have. If you want to feel complete; you will need to have some sort of spiritual practice in your life. It can be anything from music to art to exercise, writing; there is endless possibility with expression.

It is important to consider that most people are very sensitive on the subject of religion. This is because it is engrained into all of our cultures. The stories and traditions left behind by our ancestors are only a few of the reasons why we love them. Whether we believe them or not, attacking somebody's beliefs is like attacking them, their family and their heart. If we all believed in the same things, there would be no diversity, no color, no choices, and no magic and how would we know true love existed? The kind that breaks all boundaries and perspectives to thrive?

Also consider that despite your well-meaning intentions, we do not know everything, are not the center of the world's thinking, and because human beings are so weak; we try to build teams together to help each other. This is where I believe that religion came to play; in order to help each other grow stronger.

Faith is the belief in life after death, without reason to exist. So, if enlightenment fills you with passion, do not let it get so out of control as to run your life, how you treat others and so on… A good way to know that you are not pushing your beliefs on someone else is to first consider your intentions, what it is about the religion that you admire (perhaps the promotion of kindness and love, for example) and ask yourself if your intentions are in line with the intentions of your religion? Are you seeking some kind of self-deserving reward…Do you know what you are seeking? You must first understand what you want to seek out before you can find it. It does not exist unless you believe that it does.

If not, perhaps research into one that has your personal values as, you will either have to be yourself or fight to be somebody else, I believe you should know yourself before finding true faith. If you believe yourself as a mindless servant of the gods, than remember your actions have consequences and that you will be taking on the reactions of the choices that you make, forever. You cannot blame your inspirations on someone else. This is why it is better to view spirituality as a piece of you, reflected in the eyes of the gods. Are they going to take responsibility for your actions? Probably not…have respect for yourself.

Maybe you are like me and believe in multiple religions, well this makes you polytheistic. Believing in one religion makes you monotheistic.

Believing in nothing makes you atheist and believing in it all makes you a spiritual being.

I am telling you there is something we can all teach each other; tolerance.

Tolerance is the ability or willingness to tolerate something, in particular the existence of opinions or behavior that one does not necessarily agree with (dictionary).

By knowing yourself, you can decide what you can and cannot tolerate from other people. You should never tolerate hatred, violence, abuse or neglect. By perspective, you can figure out these acts through others intentions, as that is the sole force driving a person despite language or cultural barriers.

Why should it matter how someone dresses, acts, speaks, etc if it is not unhealthy, why should they stop you? Many people confuse their anger problems, what irritates and annoys them with evil. Stop and remember that you are not at the center of the universe, we all are in it together. Every action that someone has made, every reaction has led us into our reality…so who can we blame for the future? Why not trade perspective and instead of focusing on the details, remember the bigger plan.

You are a thief when you lash out in anger, hatred or greed. You are stealing pieces of a person's soul. The people here before us were not gods, we were not born in slavery to them and we have a choice to accept stories as fact or fiction or to not think of them at all. You do not have a right to tell someone else how to live their lives because it does not belong to you. And although you may be able to justify your critical thinking over others, it is never really the opinion of the Gods because they do as they please, seemingly changing their minds like the cycles of the universe.

There will be a reaction for every action that you make that is the laws of the universe and everything else was decided on by words, books, and stories written by somebody just as capable as you are. The same blood bursting through our veins, rushing past our souls, to entwine us all together eternally, treating each other as we were meant to become; complete. We are meant to have the power of our choices, you can only give the power away to someone else through your actions and mistakes.

Never stop learning, because we are capable of so much more than we have ever imagined.

Take a stand for yourself and take responsibility over your soul. This is your soul, it is unique or there would be nothing rare, it is your own. Research and follow your heart to things that make you feel healthy. Do the things that your future self will thank you for. Imagine that your soul will live on forever and it is you that must discover yourself, and no one else can. Inside of our hearts are worlds that exist, explore them.

What do you want from life? Do you want to be happy? What will it take to make you happy? Success, family, health…whatever it is it is important to get to know yourself in order to truly connect to the forces of spirit…and then they can guide you to the destination that you choose or perhaps help you find better choices that can make your spirit even stronger.

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Lawrence Livermore Labs UFO Hunt

Lawrence Livermore Labs UFO Hunt

Written by Paul Dale Roberts, HPI Esoteric Detective
Halo Paranormal Investigations - HPI International!/groups/HPIinternational/
Paranormal Hotline: (916) 203-7503 - 4 Advice & Investigations

History Channel's UFO Hunters investigated the purported UFO crash at Lawrence Livermore Labs. One witness describes that there was a globe that was hovering over the labs and a super laser brought it down. Livermore citizens claim that they see UFOs over the labs almost on a nightly basis.

The labs have high security. When David X. Cenicer and his college colleagues received a tour of the labs, they were taken to a security check point office. They submitted their driver's licenses and social security cards. What is interesting is that they had to submit their driver licenses and social security cards one month earlier.

At the security location they were weighed on something that looked like a treadmill and had to place their palms into a special pad. Were their prints being recorded? After David and his college friends went through the security point, they all received red badges. David saw what he calls a super computer room. He describes the inside of the labs as looking like something out of a James Bond movie. Information that he received is from their own admission, that they have contaminated the local ground water with chemical dumping. During David's tour, the group was followed by a large mysterious man in a black suit. The group was taken by treadmill to certain areas of the labs. The labs make claim of housing the most plutonium in the US. Where the plutonium is housed is a series of watch towers.

David and his group were shown some of their laser technology and it was discussed that soon they will have upgraded their laser technology. Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger recently bragged that the labs are harboring super laser technology and that his Hollywood friends need to come up here for a light show.

Star like objects, twin cylinder objects, white orbs, discs and triangles have been seen over the labs. A space battle was witnessed on the Eastern horizon of the labs and the most incredible scenario happened on 9/10/2006. A large fluorescent green fireball exploded over the labs. It exploded three times. Soon afterward a mysterious tire fire occurred, sending toxic fumes into the air. Some witnesses said they saw black helicopters in the area during the tire fire. They also saw security teams near the tire fire cleaning up what looked like debris.

HPI will be the second paranormal team investigating the labs. I brought my team with me. HPI Ufologists present: Tim Dennehy, Renee Martine, Monique Dannille Apodaca, Chantal Apodaca, Laura Miller, Tammy Straling, Sadie Bowman, Vanessa Kalinowski, Ocita the Chijuajua, Luke the Chihuahua/Dachshund, Karen Mace, David Mace.

I informed Shannon 'Ms. Macabre' McCabe that we would attempt to communicate with any UFOs using high powered flashlights and laser lights. By signaling, I would seek an intelligent signal back. I would utilize 'psychics' that would attempt to communicate with UFO occupants via telepathy. Of course we would observe the skies using binoculars and a spyglass telescope.

Renee Martine (Intuitive) and 2 other intuitives reported seeing 3 stars aligned in a right degree angle. The star in the middle seemed to wobble, split into two stars and finally vanished. Time of sighting: 2:06am. Other witnesses: Laura and Monique.

Tammy Straling while observing the night sky saw a darting star object that moved in an erratic pattern. Time of sighting: 3:01am. Possible witness: Me. My eyes could have been playing tricks on me. Observing the night skies on a continuous basis causes mis-sight and misjudgment. While observing with binoculars, it appeared to be a fast moving star like UFO that darts straight, hard left angle and straight again. Note: Many conventional aircraft and satellites were observed.

Observations lasted through the entirely of the evening. Photographic or video was not obtained. Light/laser signaling produced no results. Psychic telepathy communication inconclusive. Sightings by investigators are inconclusive.

I personally am glad we investigated this area and I believe that possibly UFOs are conducting surveillance on the labs, due to the threat of super laser technology.

Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Summer 2015 and the Orbs are Everywhere

Although I am on vacation I could not sit on the constant reports I have been sent in the last few weeks of Orbs being reported to me. I have listed the emails and posted the photos they have sent to me so you are aware of what is being seen in our skies. I hope you all keep aware of your surroundings and watch the sky and note what is there that is not like anything you have ever seen before. I am positive that is we all looked up and did it often it would only be a matter of time that you too would see something you could not explain. Put down your addictive phones and hand held gadgets and engage with real life and look at really exists right in front of your own nose!  

Some reports are simple emails like the ones below:


 My daughter and I went to the  Greenport carnival in Greenport New York on July 4th to watch the fireworks. They were scheduled for 10pm.
About 5minutes before they were to start a man with his family said what is that over the water tower? I looked over and saw 3 orange/ red lights in a triangular formation which did not move for 5 minutes. Then then just seemed to turn off or fade out.

Hi Chris

Date: Monday 7/20/2015.....
Location: West Babylon New York.....looking eastward......
Time: 10:00-10:15pm

I notice a large red orb in the sky....not moving......I watch it for 5mins. .......smaller silver orb leaves red orb heading orb begins to slowly move southward towards the Great South bay.......then appears to change direction and head eastward and UP !!!......not across the sky like a regular aircraft....but up


HI Chris,

I was told what I saw was a lantern, but it maintained its brightness for the 10 minutes I was looking at it, stayed in one spot, changed into bright green then back to red. Moved slightly (very slowly) to the left...then stopped there for 5 or so more minutes. Once the fireworks we were watching at another spot in the sky was done, it moved away from our direction - moving forward. So yeah, I just refuse to believe it is a lantern. I know it is an aircraft of some sort but whether it is of this earth or from somewhere else I would not know. But definitely not a lantern because it was stationary and moved only slightly to a complete stop again before moving away towards another stationary red light from a distance.

Other Reports are more detailed with photos see below:

Hi there, my name is John I was on a camping trip with a friend of mine recently in Stampede pass Washington. We were camping on the side of a highly remote mountain when we decided to go for a little night hike to view some stars. Upon reaching the top of the mountain, we laid down and stargazed for what seemed like 30 minutes as when i looked at the time it was 2:30 am. we noticed one of the stars we were viewing just up and took off which was quite odd to my companion and I, then to our surprise an extremely large red orange object lit up the sky in front of us. The orb was above the mountain peaks but hovering quite low for how large it seemed, i took out my iPhone and snapped a few photos before my phone died randomly. we were so frightened by this massive hovering light that we retreated to our campsite and had a very sleepless night, thinking we were about to be abducted by some horrible alien craft. this was probably the most scared I’ve ever been in the woods as I regularly camp, hunt, fish, and do other recreation in the far reaches of the wilderness.

Also notice the small orb that hovers around the larger one that then shoots into the darkness, I didn’t notice this upon seeing the red orb.

Hi, my name is Adam 

In the last few months it has become BEYOND obvious to me that there are bright orbs in the sky proliferating over western Washington, and apparently elsewhere as well. Small bright orbs are visible any time of day, even in broad daylight on the periphery of clouds. In fact, the odd, geometric-shaped spider web-like clouds that are not the clouds I remember from my youth. They almost always include a few orbs seemingly "spinning" these odd clouds as a spider would spin a web. It is impossible for me to think that professional meteorologists, astronomers, and the like of those whose JOB it is to observe the sky have not noticed this.

 If it is obvious to me, it should be more than obvious to aircraft pilots, and anyone else looking at the sky with even a small attention to detail whatsoever. Why is it not being explained? I don’t presume that it’s UFOs, aliens, or the bogie man, perhaps its solar radiation or some other natural phenomenon, but why in the world isn’t the body of scientific literature addressing this in any way? I have hundreds of photos of them, they sometimes appear as streaks in photos even with high shutter speeds on a tripod. They also appear to split apart and rejoin. I have enclosed a few images I have the raw photos as well


I will be returning to my vacation time but do hope you all keep your eyes on the sky and most of all be careful out there.

   Copyright © -2015 Chris Holly's Endless Journey with the Unknown

People Vanish: New Reality Show

PEOPLE VANISH - New Reality Show
Written by Paul Dale Roberts, HPI Esoteric Detective
Halo Paranormal Investigations - HPI International!/groups/HPIinternational/
Paranormal Hotline: (916) 203-7503 - 4 Advice & Investigations

Before you read this article, please stop by here, to get the gist of what I am talking about:

More on the Vanishings:

We have so many reality shows on ghost busting - ghost hunting, whatever you want to call it. I am a paranormal investigator myself. I am the co-owner of Halo Paranormal Investigations. Many of these reality shows are a crock of BS. Paranormal investigating for ghosts can be boring as all hell and sometimes we get absolutely no evidence. It's a sit and wait game with sometimes zero results. As I watch some of these reality shows and see some of these over dramatic sleuths get possessed or they see things that no one else sees, it's all for dramatic effects, I know it's BS. It's BS pushed upon these paranormal investigators to make good TV, to bring up the ratings. I can hear the TV producer now..."come on guys....bring it up a notch or two. We need some drama! Someone get possessed! Turn your head quickly to the left, like you heard something".

If paranormal reality shows were actually REAL, the audience would be dozing off into never-never land. Ghosts are not circus clowns and do not perform on demand. And what is with these Bigfoot shows? How many times do I have to see these guys go out into the woods and come back without any evidence? I believe Bigfoot is real, but I believe that Bigfoot is an interdimensional being and that is why we can't catch one. We need to discontinue these Bigfoot reality TV shows, because they suck up valuable air time.

A TRUE phenomenon that we have is vanishing people in our State parks. Thousands of people have vanished and there is hardly any talk about the missing. Where did they go? We need to get a reality show that will actually do some good and investigate these disappearances. The high strangeness of these vanishings is that a small child who disappears in one place could be found dead miles away barefooted. How did that child get there, when there are valleys, hills, shrubbery, thickets, thorns in terrain that is so incredibly rugged? How did this child disappear in one area and wind up 20 miles away - dead and barefooted. I ask again, how did this child go through rugged terrain to be found in a location that is miles away from where the child was last seen? How is that possible?

How can a child be found in one location after that very same location where the child was found, was checked over 50 times by park rangers, the military and civilians? How did that child disappear and then again reappear?

In one case a child is missing with 2 dogs and one of the dogs turns up, but where is the child and the other dog? In many cases people disappear with their dogs and they also disappear at locations with odd names like Devil's Gulch, Devil's Punch Bowl, etc. Did early settlers know something about these places and that is why they got their odd name?

Whose taking these people? Are there marijuana fields being harvested in our National Parks and these people are vanishing because of various drug cartels? Are there roaming serial killers in our National Parks that are taking these people out?

Or are these people vanishing because of high strangeness? Is Bigfoot snatching up these people and taking them into underground caverns as prisoners? Are aliens abducting hikers, sightseers, campers and outdoor adventurers? Could the Dyatlov Pass Incident be happening in our National Parks?

What is the Dyatlov Pass Incident? Answer: The Dyatlov Pass incident was an event that resulted in the deaths of nine-out-of-ten hikers in the northern Ural Mountains on February 2, 1959. Igor Dyatlov was the team leader of these hikers. Investigators determined that the skiers had torn their tents from the inside out in order to escape from an apparent threat. They fled the campsite, some of them barefoot, under heavy snowfall. Although the bodies showed no signs of struggle, two victims had fractured skulls and broken ribs, absent contusion. Soviet authorities determined that an "unknown compelling force" had caused the deaths. Theories abound that the hikers either faced an avalanche or a hostile encounter with extraterrestrial life. The reason why UFOs become the centerpiece of this story is that orange globes were seen near and around the hikers. A recent photo has turned up that shows a strange humanoid in the woods. The photo was taken by one of the Dyatlov Pass hikers.

Before you shrug this idea off, just remember there have been many UFO sightings at our National Parks and Reserves. UFOs have been seen at Glacier National Park in Montana, El Yunque National Forest in Puerto Rico, Great Sand Dunes National Park in Colorado and even Yellowstone. UFOs are constantly seen in our National Parks, so perhaps, just perhaps UFOs may be behind these mysterious disappearances.

The National Park Service loves the revenue that they make from tourists visiting their parks, so they keep things hushed up in regard to the vanishings. When it comes to making money, people who are taking this money will have tight lips.

I think it's about time for Hollywood to step up to the plate and take on a real challenge, create a reality show that will actually do some good. Get out there and interview people and witnesses. Find out where these vanishing people are going. Investigate the areas on where they are vanishing. Find out the truth! This is a reality show that I will actually watch! A reality show that has professionals in tracking and law enforcement. How about it Hollywood? Any takers?

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FEMA official warns: “[…] everything west of Interstate 5 will be toast”,

FEMA official warns: “[…] everything west of Interstate 5 will be toast”, massive natural disaster coming


PACIFIC NORTHWEST (INTELLIHUB) — “Our operating assumption is that everything west of Interstate 5 will be toast,” a FEMA official told Kathryn Schulz of the New Yorker. “When the next full-margin rupture happens, that region will suffer the worst natural disaster in the history of North America.”, Schulz wrote about an anticipated future mega-quake.
“The worst natural disaster in the history of America is coming […] if I lived right now in the Pacific Northwest I would be considering moving — seriously,” Fox newscaster Shepard Smith warned his audience before going on the explain how a“colossal earthquake and […] tsunami” will likely strike the Pacific Northwest in the not too distant future.
“They [scientists] are all in agreement, it is absolutely coming,” said Smith, “a wall of water […] up to a hundred feet high and up to seven-hundred feet across.
“Houses […] dump-trucks […] schools” will be washed away, “thousand and thousands will not escape.”

“Seattle, Tacoma, Portland, and Olympia, Salem and Eugene wiped out. Altogether about 7 million people and that’s not including tourists.”
“These massive 9.2 earthquakes […] happen at regular intervals […] on average, according to scientists, about every 240 years.”, said Smith.
The segment, which was based on the New Yorker’s write-up, also featured top Astrophysicist Michio Kaku. Shockingly during the broadcast Kaku explained how the Cascadia Fault has already yielded evidence to “scientists” showing how “we could be long overdue for another big one.”
“In the inundation zone we have 70,000 that have almost no clue as to what could happen.”, said Kaku. Unfortunatly Smith already pointed out that the massive tsunami would likely hit about “fifteen minutes” after the earthquake leaving no time for people to flee.
Kaku also offered some advice, saying, “I would think twice” about living in the Pacific Northwest.”
“In the lifetime of some of our viewers they may see Seattle and Portland destroyed,” warned Kaku.
In preparation for such a disaster “Oregon OEM is urging all Oregonians to participate in the Great Oregon ShakeOut earthquake drill on Oct. 15 at 10:15 a.m. It is part of the nation’s largest earthquake drill, and last year more than 390,000 Oregonians participated. Register at and take steps to make your family safer.” — KTVZ 21

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$5.4 Trillion dollar asteroid

‘Platinum’ asteroid potentially worth $5.4 trillion to pass Earth on Sunday 

An asteroid believed to be carrying up to 90 million tons of platinum in its core, as well as other rare and precious materials, is about to swoosh past our planet. The news has left developers of asteroid-mining technologies intrigued.
The platinum-rich asteroid officially named 2011 UW158, is 452 meters by 1,011 meters in size and will pass Earth at a distance of an estimated 2.4 million kilometers, according to the Goldstone Radar Observatory. It will be 30 times closer to Earth than the closest planet of the Solar system.

However, when the asteroid does pass, it will still be six times further away than the moon’s orbit, so it will be impossible to see 2011 UW158 with the naked eye.
If you don’t happen to own a telescope – fear not. The Slooh Community Observatory is undertaking a project, which links powerful telescopes to the internet for public use, will broadcast images of the mineral-rich asteroid, from an observatory in the Canary Islands.

It will be possible to watch 2011 UW158 LIVE at Slooh’s Live Stadium at 22:00 GMT on Sunday.
The proximity of asteroid’s orbit to Earth has already put it on the ‘wish list’ for future robotic mining missions. According to different estimates, it might contain ore of precious metals and other minerals worth from $300 billion, to an incredible $5.4 trillion.

Narrow miss: Kilometer-wide asteroid to brush close to Earth

An asteroid up to 1.3 kilometers across will come very close to Earth on May 14, according to NASA’s Near Earth Object watch. While a space rock of this size could be devastating if it hits our planet, this one is expected to hurtle safely by.

The asteroid, designated 1999 FN53, is the largest object currently on NASA's near Earth radar. It was first discovered in March 1999 and is currently set to fly past Earth at a speed of almost 14 kilometers per second (about twice the speed of a space rocket at liftoff) at distance of 26.4 lunar distances, or roughly 10 million kilometers.

While there are objects brushing closer to Earth in the near future, none share FN53's enormous size. This has prompted speculation as to what would happen should the asteroid actually hit our planet.
One astronomer thinks such an impact would kill about a fifth of the Earth's population. “It would undoubtedly lead to the deaths of around 1.5 billion people, we are looking at a mass extinction of humanity," says Bill Napier, professor of astronomy at the University of Buckinghamshire, cited by UK newspaper Daily Express.

He added that the numerous immediate deaths would not be the end of it: "If it were to strike the sea it would send a plume of halogen gasses into the stratosphere destroying the ozone layer. This would allow unrestricted sunlight to hit the Earth, the sky would heat up becoming strong enough to burn vegetation."

But it is a bit too early to panic: there is no indication that 1999 FN53 will hit Earth or come close enough to affect it any way. It is not on NASA's Near Earth Objects risk table, which lists objects with impact probability as low as one in 9 million.
1999 FN53 is three times the size of the previous big asteroid scare. In 2013, a 300-meter asteroid named Apophis buzzed by Earth at a distance of 14 million kilometers.

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The Spirit of the Wolf

The Spirit of the Wolf

By Deanna Jaxine Stinson - Watcher of the Wolves
Halo Paranormal Investigations - HPI International!/groups/HPIinternational/
Paranormal Hotline: (916) 203-7503 - 4 Advice & Investigations

Part One
Native American Flute Music:

The spirit of the wolf is a very powerful and beautiful symbol. The wolf is the first version of the common dog which has evolved into a loyal companion to humankind. The wolf is an ancient power symbol used for only the noblest spiritual companions. We are all companions to the world of death but what sounds we hear calling us into the afterlife can ignite instinctual fear. The wolf is a tough survivor of the harshest environments on Earth. We should have courage like they do. Their spirits bless us, teach us, and lead us into the wild.

This supernatural entity celebrates this legendary spiritual status with companions and the lights of the full moon because they are among the most ancient stars of the universe. Although the wolf we can see on this Earth plane does not necessarily howl because of the full moon, spiritual legends in history point us to the power that comes when the wolf does howl during this phase. The wolf howling at the full moon is a symbol of ancient beauty, wildness and simple survival in the natural land. There is nothing standing between the Gods and these animals, just life and death.

Montana Wolves
The spirit of the wolf is strong in its physical incarnations as well.

Wolves howl in distances of six-ten miles. This distance is where the wolf's pack mates do not stray from if they want to hear each other calling. A lone wolf may not be so likely to howl. The gray wolf is the largest of all wolves. The female wolf can weigh 104 pounds and the male can weigh 165 pounds.

The gray wolf is common in Montana. I lived in Montana for the majority of my teenage years. The majority of people that live in the area are those that love hunting, fishing and outdoor recreation. You can imagine for someone that decided to not eat meat at 15, that it was hard to understand. I would walk with my companions through the blizzards and snows in the quiet mountains because it is the most beautiful landscape that you can imagine. It is an ethereal dream.

The silence in the mountains is like a curse upon one who would dare to speak and shatter the spell of the land. You can hear the snow gently falling onto the ground. The sounds are circling, echoing through the valleys for miles. The energy reads feelings like stepping backwards into a primal state of being.

I do not believe in violence, guns on innocence, eating animals and so I would walk quietly through the snow to track animals with someone or just to walk. The land is so inviting that it makes me feel so safe even though it is anything but that. Sometimes I could not stand to watch the killing so I would sit on a fallen tree or walk back the other way for miles to admire the beauty of the place.
One time I had not payed attention to how many steps that I have walked in. Hunters get into these primal modes and there is no switching the instinctual switch off. I walked away alone. I was entranced by this emotional beauty like a graceful and humble warrior. I do have some Apache blood running through my veins and I am answering to the call of the universe.

I kept hearing howling. It is so beautiful to hear wolves howl it takes my breathe away. I also hear a small creek with water flowing and I thought that I had to see it. I have a passion for the sounds of nature and I couldn't resist the temptations.

As I wandered into the grove of the white pine trees, I saw the stream.

It was filled with the freshest, clearest blue water that you can ever imagine and also a bit of clear and shallow ice. It was running slowly causing gentle waves over pebbles and ice. The howling had seemed to get closer but I was not concerned, because I do not know the natural instincts of wolves.

I wanted to walk back and I moved in my winter clothes back towards where I had come. I glimpsed the pack of wolves standing there through the tree;, the gray and black. They are on the other side of the stream.

They have already known that I was here and they are curious. I know that they can smell the gunpowder on the hunters and none on me. I have my spirit guide there with me too and I think the wolves can sense my energy. I do not want to feel fear because I think an alpha wolf will sense fear. I don't know if a wolf can eat a person, I don't want to think about it.

I did not linger too long and I walked around the trees and stream so that I never turned my back to them. I did think that would be disrespectful. I am not afraid, I am stunned. I am as quiet as possible as I leave so that I do not disturb the spell that we were under. They seemed to be entranced by me. Now, they haunt my dreams. They are still calling to me. I can still hear the snow falling gently onto the ice and the perfectly pitched howl that opens up my soul in just one small heartbeat.

All that I can do now is to worship the magic of it all…everything that I had in the past until the moments passed away, until time changed us and we went on as living beings of energy into the future… living on with all the courage that we have, our spirits strengthened and enlightened through beauty and wonder.

Teardrops Of An Angel
A song by: Shooting Star Baby

Every time I start to feel the pain
I numb myself again (x2)
Every time that my heart begins to break
I numb myself again (x2)
And every time I try to turn the clock
Back around
Snow falls down
Circling the ground (echoing the sound on the 2nd time)
Just like the teardrops of an angel
Falling down (coming down 2nd time)

So far away (x2)
And all that stands between us is change

To be continu

Wednesday, July 15, 2015

The Devil's Moon

The Devil's Moon
By Deanna Jaxine Stinson, Demonologist
Halo Paranormal Investigations - HPI International!/groups/HPIinternational/
Paranormal Hotline: (916) 203-7503 - 4 Advice & Investigations

Angels and Airwaves - Heaven:


Bea Miller - Enemy Fire:

The Man Who Met The Devil - True Story:

The devil is dangerous. This primordial being represents evil, terror and foolishness. Of course, the devil wears many masks. He is described by different peoples in different ways. Perhaps this is because we all have some sort of ideals on spirituality that is different than others.

The devil is a concept and a being described and compared into many religious texts around the world. The most popular belief held is that he is the one to cause evil. Sometimes things happen around us that we cannot control. There seems to be a need to blame our feelings to ease the stress on someone or something rather than accept the laws of the universe.

We are a living history. In this moment we are alive in the future, the past and the present all at once. We are also dead in these moments as well. You are writing history with every breathe that you take.

Everything we see we feel a compulsion to name, know and organize.
Entities can be renamed, reorganized and explained in different ways. It seems like generations of people have like minds.

If you are like me, than you believe that the stars predetermine our birthrights and destinies. This is true if you think about it logically.

Whoever you are born to is going to already be living in a certain city, culture, and have around them similar people. Most people do not move around immensely and seek stability. You are also going to have a name picked out for you, a room and a life. So, if you think about it like that, astrology is predictable.

The phases of the moon are predictable as well. The Devil's moon is when the horns that come in shape when it is waxing. A waxing moon is seen to symbolize beginnings. The illumination can also be compared to that of Lucifer, the first angel of light commonly referred to as the devil in Christian mythology.

Demons are said to be minions of the devil and witches. Demons can be physically seen by psychics and sensitives. Demons run around Earth causing terror, mischief, death and curses. They are attracted to people that have a lot of negative energy around them like a magnet.

Lucifer was referred to as the brightest star in all the heavens. He was often called the "Morningstar." He became a betrayer, a liar, a great evil and a serpent. The devil has many metamorphoses. He is the one said to have caused death upon humankind.

The truth is that your ancestors have passed down everything that they have to help us have better lives than they did. This includes stories, lessons and morals. The devil is a concept that has been passed through generations. The devil is richly ingrained into modern mythologies.

This is one reason why it is important to have tolerance and love for other people and cultures. Stories have been passed down everywhere and whether they are real or not they have influenced people's lives. All I know is that somewhere along the timeline, people became afraid of monsters and the devil.We are still afraid today.

Devil's Moon
Poetry by Deanna

My blood is fire
Illuminating my skin
Red like a hot Devil's Moon
Come before Hell's pyres
Bowed before him
He hypnotized me like Dracula
But his drink is radioactive
He never drinks too much
He numbs the pain
Before he feeds again
On my insecurities, my desires
Pleasure and pain
A royal vampire
Brothers, lovers, allure, charms
Primordial sensations
Mortal creations and facades
We are like toys to the Gods

Friday, July 10, 2015

High Strangeness - Peltier Bridge - Lodi, CA

High Strangeness - Peltier Bridge - Lodi, CA
Written by Paul Dale Roberts, HPI Esoteric Detective
Halo Paranormal Investigations - HPI International!/groups/HPIinternational/
Paranormal Hotline: (916) 203-7503 - 4 Advice & Investigations

Oh Lord! Stuck in Lodi again! Yep, that is what Creedence Clearwater Revival says. Hear the song here:

I only wonder if Creedence knew about the attempted UFO abduction in Lodi that took place on November 25, 1896 as was reported by Jenny Randles in 'Alien Contacts and Abductions'? Colonel H.G. Shaw, with his friend Camille Spooner had a chance to get out of Lodi and go on a space adventure with three tall aliens!

The Colonel and Camille had a close encounter of the third kind, in which they actually encountered the occupants of the UFO. Shaw was in charge of putting together an exhibition that was supposed to be displayed at a fair in Fresno. Shaw and Camille were traveling by horse and carriage enroute to Stockton. Then all of a sudden, their horse froze in terror. The Colonel and Camille were horrified when they saw what caused their horse to freeze in fright. The Colonel and Camille saw three tall space aliens. They had small delicate hands at the end of their spindly arms. They had no hair on their heads, yet a soft, light fuzz over their bodies. Large eyes made their small mouths and ears appear even smaller. The Colonel and Camille at a later time told authorities that these aliens had a strange type of beauty. The three tall beings also carried a bag with a hose attached. The three tall alien beings would at times place the hose in their mouths. It was obvious that this was some sort of breathing device. There was still some daylight left, but for some reason the beings carried with them some kind of oval or egg shaped lamps that glowed or had some kind of energy surrounding the egg shaped device. This glow would later illuminate a waiting spaceship. As the men watched the aliens, the beings were communicating with each other by a type of a chant, and no English words were heard by Shaw and Spooner. The men would tell authorities that the aliens made an attempt to abduct them, but that they were too large of men for the aliens to handle. Soon, the three alien beings made a move toward Peltier Bridge. Using their strangely lit oval lamps, the aliens projected light on the bridge, the light allowed the Colonel and Camille to see a hovering cigar shaped spacecraft over the water. The beings seemed to be almost lighter than air, as they moved toward their craft. It seemed that the aliens were slightly hovering above the ground as they walked or glided. The beings entered the hovering cigar UFO in a most unconventional way, they sprung up from the ground and went above their space craft and then floated down into the craft through an unseen entry. After the aliens were inside, the space craft flew away at incredible speed. The Colonel told investigators that he thought the craft came from Mars.

Besides the fact that Peltier Bridge was the scene of a famous UFO incident, it's also known to be haunted. Haunted Peltier Bridge is an urban legend for the town of Lodi. The Lady in Green used to be seen on Peltier Road. Witnesses to the Lady in Green say that she looks distraught and her face is pointing to the ground as she walks alongside this road. Legend has it that a woman with a green dress hung herself on Peltier Bridge and that when you see the Lady in Green, you are seeing the deceased suicide victim of this bridge. The suicide happened in the 1940s and the reason for the suicide is because the Lady in Green found her fiancée in bed of her best girlfriend.

There was also a horrific murder by Peltier Bridge. The date was January 1981. The Central Valley tule fog formed that evening casting an eerily quiet feeling over the valley. A car with three people is driving down Peltier Road near Lodi, California. One of them is being strangled with a belt by the person sitting behind them. The person sitting in the back is Michael Morales. Morales was armed not only with a belt, but a claw hammer and a 7 inch kitchen knife. The driver, Ricky Ortega, is the jealous lover of the victim's boyfriend and cousin to Morales. Ortega, in his rage and jealousy against the victim, asked his cousin Morales to get rid of the victim. Morales was eager to comply. Morales thought of ways to kill the victim and practiced cinching a belt around a female roommate's neck, waiting for Ortega to inform him when the hit would take place. The call finally came. Ortega called the victim for help and said he would pick them up later that evening. Once the victim was in the car, Morales was in the back seat armed with his weapons and ready. He was also stoned and agitated from finishing off some cheap liquor and smoking a cigarette laced with PCP.
Ortega drove the car down Peltier Road and when they were a few miles out of town, Morales suddenly wrapped the belt around the victim's neck, cinching it tight. The victim fought back with such force, the belt broke. This only further agitated Morales, causing him to grab the claw hammer and began bashing the victim's head.

The victim pleaded with Ortega to help but he did nothing but drive. The victim attempted to fight off the attack as Morales instructed Ortega to keep driving while he continued to bash in the victim's head. Morales bashed the victim's head 23 times, crushing the base of her neck. The victim's arms and hands were bloodied as she tried to defend herself.

Ortega pulled over at the intersection of Bender and Peltier Roads with an unconscious victim who was slumped against the passenger door. Morales hopped out of the car and stated it would be a waste of a "good piece of ass". He dragged the unconscious victim out of the car and instructed Ortega to drive away and come back in 15 minutes. Morales dragged the victim face down across the road into a vineyard. There, with the Valley tule fog obstructing view, Morales stripped the victim's body except for the bra and sweater. He flipped the victim over, pushed the bra and sweater up to her neck and raped her in the cold, damp dirt. When Morales was finished raping the unconscious victim, he took the 7 inch kitchen knife and plunged it 4 times in the victim's chest, killing her.

In 1994, David Sanchez, along with Tony DeGrado were driving down Peltier Road and they came across a woman lying on the road with blood splattered all over her body. When they stopped their truck to investigate, the body was no longer there, it simply vanished. David told the story about the strange sighting to a friend that lives in Lodi and learned from this friend about the Morales murder. David believes that he saw the ghost of the female victim on the road. This experience shook him to the core and his friend Tony doesn't like talking about this sighting incident.

An unknown source claims that the Lady in Green was once seen walking with the Morales murder victim alongside Peltier Road. This report cannot be confirmed, but it's very interesting due to the fact that a ghost from the 1940s may have possibly made a friend that died in 1981.

If you ever travel down Highway 99 going towards Stockton, make sure to veer off Peltier Road and visit the bridge. You may see something that will change your life forever.

7/9/2015 8pm. On this night, Hi-Pee (my Corky) and Princess Hannah (my Pekingese) went to a home in Stockton. The occupant of this home is Armida Marie Hernandez. Before going to this home, Deanna Jaxine Stinson and I stopped at Hometown Buffet off Bruceville – Elk Grove, CA. Deanna felt ill afterwards and could not make this house blessing. Deanna was going to conduct a metaphysical cleansing of this home with either her sage – abalone shell – hawk feather, or use her Palo Santo wood. Since Deanna is not going, it was up to me, to conduct a Roman Catholic blessing of this home. Present were the Pulse of 209 Chroniclers – Midori Morita; Kody Bowerman and Robert Juarez. Midori, Kody and Robert were there to film this event. When blessing this home and throwing around the holy water – a cabinet door slammed shut, a door knob started rattling and as I approached the front door, I felt an invisible hand push me to my side. I believe the entity of this home was upset about the blessing. After the blessing – the Pulse of 209 crew went with me to Peltier Bridge. Here is some information about Peltier Bridge: and one of the first UFO sightings of a Third Kind took place near Peltier Bridge in Lodi, here is that information here: - Hi-Pee and Hannah did some ghost hunting along Peltier Bridge. Hi-Pee seemed like he was sensing something in the nearby orchard and when it was time to go, he didn't want to go into the car. We did a small investigation at Peltier Bridge and didn't find anything of interest. I headed home with the dogs and we stopped off at Big Horn Blvd / Frye Creek greenbelt for a good run, then to Safeway to pick up a snack for Deanna. End of this night.

Thursday, July 9, 2015


When I was a child my parents had very good friends that lived nearby. We all lived in a small hamlet along the banks of Great River located on the south shore coast of Long Island New York.

My parent’s friends were a lovely quiet conservative family who were not prone to flights of fancy or believing anything without hard facts to back it. They were a serious, successful couple who lived a careful, well-planned life of thoughtful reflection and controlled emotion. My parents enjoyed their company. My family and my parent’s friend’s family would often spend time sharing BBQ s in our yards or having clam bakes along the water’s edge during the long summer nights. We shared many good times with this other family.

The event I am going to tell you about happened shortly after the Fourth of July during the early 1960's. . It was a Saturday night in early July.

My parent’s friends were celebrating their wedding anniversary on this Saturday night and after dinner they decided to take their new Cadillac convertible for a drive with the top down to the village dock to star gaze for a few minutes before returning home. The night was clear and the stars bright and clear.

 The next day my family was sitting around having Sunday breakfast when the phone rang. My father answered it. My parents friend was on the phone asking my father if he and my mother could stop over and help him as he was having some sort of problem with his wife and needed their help. Of course my parents went right over after such an odd request.

Hours later my parents came home and told us that their friends had a strange experience the night before at the village dock My father explained how after dinner the couple had taken a ride in their new car with the top down to the dock They rode down to the docks edge where three other cars were also parked—the occupants of the other cars were also taking in the beautiful summer night sky.

 My parent’s friends said they were sitting there only a few minutes soaking in the night when they noticed a light coming in off the bay at the mouth of the river toward them.
He told my father it   happened quickly. In a matter of seconds they could see the light take form and right there, hovering in front of them over the river, was a huge craft—a large flying saucer.

The man told my father that along with the other people parked at the river they immediately became terrified and tried to start their cars in order to drive away.

They felt very vulnerable with the car top but he could not get the motor running or the top mechanism to work in order to close the top for some protection. He had explained to my father that the huge flying saucer just floated with a low, dull hum over the river for about a minute when suddenly a vivid bright light show started. The body of the craft began to change colors—first blue then red then orange and then back to blue. His wife began to panic and scream and tried to crawl over the side of the car.

He could not start the car. He saw that the other people in the other cars were running into the wooded area adjacent to the dock as their cars also refused to start. He grabbed his wife and they did the same.

They ran into the foliage along the river’s edge and found a large fallen tree. They hid under the tree. From there they could see the river and that the craft was now shooting brilliant rays of incredible neon light across the water. They hid and watched in total fear. The craft continued to do this for about ten minutes. It then turned back to its original dull grey color and as quickly as it had made its way down the river, it made its way back up the river towards the bay and took off into the night sky. Within seconds it went from being right in front of them to becoming a tiny dot of light barely visible in the sky above them.

One of the owners of the other cars had made his way back to the dock and his car. The others all watched as he started his car. Everybody then ran to their respective cars and sped away from that dock, engines roaring and wheels screeching.

A few weeks passed with this being the main talk of the community. The people were anxious and looking for reason or at least an explanation from the local police. Instead, the only response was the entire experience becoming the laugh of the town as if the “river people” had all gone nutty!

My father now kept his shotgun loaded, and started to lock the house tightly at night. The other people who lived along the rivers coast seemed on edge too and we all stayed closer to home especially at night.

 The worst of it was the wife of my parent’s friend who was there that night started to decline quickly.  She started taking lots of pills and drinking heavily. This once well-groomed, conservative lady was now often messy or drugged so that she constantly slept.  My parents were often upset and my mom received calls nearly every day asking for her to go check on her friend while her husband was at work. My world seemed to be turned upside down by this night of lights in the summer sky.

Eventually the summer turned to fall and school started. The lady who was my parent’s friend never did get back to her usual self and her husband decided to buy a smaller house closer to his work and other family members so that he could better care for her. He kept his river home but seemed only to ride out and check it alone on weekends. We never saw them much after that.

My parents decided to sell our river home the following summer. I am unsure how much this incident contributed to their decision but we did leave our riverside haven and moved into town near more people and far from the water’s edge.

I have no idea what happened that night over the river. I do not know what really happened to that couple or what made the wife of my parent’s friend snap like she did. I do know she lived out the rest of her life broken from what she witnessed that night over the river. 
I realized as I grew up that this couple obviously had far more happen to them that night and either the husband did not remember it or choose to stay silent about it however it damaged his wife for life.

I often wonder how many other people like this couple and all those who were at that dock that night have similar stories about strange things seen on lovely summer nights that due to society’s reactions stay silent which keeps us all locked in the dark.  

I do know that encounters like this one happen all the time by people just like you and me. I think it best we all pay attention to our surrounding and to be careful where you go when alone as you never know when you will be the next to come eye to eye with the cold dead stare of the unknown!

   Copyright © 2011-2015 Chris Holly's Endless Journey with the Unknown

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The Vaulted Heavens

The Vaulted Heavens

By: Deanna Jaxine Stinson, Heavenly Author
Halo Paranormal Investigations - HPI International!/groups/HPIinternational/
Paranormal Hotline: (916) 203-7503 - 4 Advice & Investigations

Good For You Mix-

The Gods and Goddess they entered through the doorways built by the cosmos. The stars are like curtains and the planets glow like jewels.

The universe is alive as one. The universe casts it's reflections onto our lives. Just like our body is composed of different pieces, parts and magic; so is the universe. It is a heavenly body. We live in a world veiled by mystery. We live by the architecture and design of the Gods.

God's Architecture
Poetry by: Deanna
The veils they loosen
For only a short while
The air becomes thick
Mysterious vampire
I am a temple of blood
Flames burning candle wicks
Papyrus scrolls
Purple skies
Devil's kiss
Spells summon a shape shifter
Ashes like ink drifting
Like water and wood
Even further
Information rivers
Angelic feathers
Burning the truth
You would bring justice if you could
Sage is burning
Palo Santo wood
So the past will be undone

Palo Santo Wood
Job 22-14
Thick clouds veil him, so he does not see us
as he goes about in the vaulted heavens.'

The wise owl is hooting and it sounds like someone playing a recorder, a plastic flute. Hoot hoot; I hear over and over again. The summer rain is still falling down softly from the sky. The wood smells good like a fragrance from the cosmos. A beautiful white smoke fills the room along with the sweet taste. The air tastes moist, sugary and magical. Veils are loosened. They are fragile pieces of fabric that delicately contain the dimensions around us. Some are fashioned from the future, and some from the past.

The wood was popularly used amongst the Incans of Peru. This wood has been used for sacred purposes. The purpose of burning the wood is to banish negative spirits, cleanse the atmosphere and bring good luck.
The wood opens and closes the veils that surround us.

White Mage
Stars fall down in a spiral motion
Turning to stone like pillars in the ocean
Tides splash around me
Sounds like a full moon melody
And I heard songs like
Words of eternity
Return to me
God is like a white mage
He bathes my soul
In prisms of smoke and sage
________________________ ~*

My dream from last night;
I dreamed that there was a little girl walking up some steep wooden stairs. She had on white dress, white tights and buckled white sandals on. She was holding a teddy bear with her right arm. The stairs began to wind like we are in a high tower. I knew that she was a phantom and I was struggling to keep up to her.

More dreams…

Sweet Sanctuary
By: Deanna Jaxine Stinson
Sugar in the air
It tastes like moist smoke
A cool pear
From a sacred tree
A wet kiss
on my lips
like dew drops
Summer day
Your heart
Is my chapel

I pray
And in your arms
I find Heaven
Vaulted ceilings
A church
In a haze of mist
And meaning
My sanctuary in
Moonlight and nature
You and I in a
A beautiful storm

Try not to hurt anybody if you can, sometimes that kind of pain will never go away…