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DO ETs HAVE SOULS By Chris Holly

While reading my emails I came across one   from a my reader I found very interesting. Her email was short and to the point. She asked me a question that I kept thinking about until I decided to answer her with this article. I wanted to ask you who read the articles of the paranormal what your thoughts may be too?  I will tackle Jo's email to the  best of my ability . Below find her email:

"Hi Chris,

I had a quick question for you.  (I'm a huge fan of your site, by the way.)   What do think of people who believe that they have an  ET soul?  In fact what do you think of ETs having souls in the first place?  Kind of like what Brad Steiger and Scott Mandelker  talked about?  Could that be possible? I believe they also call them Star seeds as well as  ET Wanderers.

I would love to hear your thoughts on this.  Thanks so much!

Take care.
Jo "

When Jo sent me that email I had to laugh . If that was one of her quick questions I sure would not want to tackle one of her in depth ones!

I thought a great deal about her question and will do my best to answer her with my opinion of this subject.

It is not the first I have heard or read concerning this topic. It certainly is one however that requires a great deal of thought.

I realize that this topic can be digested by  both the emotional view and the logical view.

I believe those with a need for this to have a positive end point will bend to the belief that aliens do walk the earth for the purpose of helping mankind.

I also would think there are those who think aliens are walking this planet for nefarious reasons which include harm or destruction  to our species .

The view of logic is a more black and white road. This of course would have a yes or no answer . The one view would be that the idea of non human souls in human bodies is impossible and the other that if it is alien so is the body even if it looks human.

My opinion of this topic is a mesh of some of the views I have encountered as well as a rejection of  others.  I do believe that aliens walk this earth with us. I do however believe they are not human, do not have human biology and do not take over our souls . I think they have their own souls and I do not think swapping souls is as easy and simple as many people think it to be.

 I tend to not believe that aliens try to share our human bodies or inhabit them. I do think that there are aliens that  look very much like humans who are walking with us on this planet. I also think aliens can alter their appearance to appear human. I do not think however they move into or come in to our bodies in birth. I think souls are following a design in the universe that is meant to be. I tend to believe souls follow a line of experiences that end in a level of achievement for the soul .  It may well be that those living a human experience are on their way to a higher level however we are as humans still low on the ladder- soul and all.


It may be that those far more advanced are  far older members of our cosmos. I do not think they would want or need to experience the human soul experience as chances are their souls  already have. They may be much further along  in  their life energy's journey through space , time and dimension.

Aliens surely come in many forms. There is no reason why another species of life could not look very close to  us. If they are not exact to us I am sure it would be simple for them to change or adjust what they needed to in order to fit in with us.

I think there are other life forms living with us. They may look very human or be altered to fit in as well as walking among us in alien suits that look human . If a species is advanced enough to traverse space and time it is smart enough to devise a suit or robot covering that looks human for them to wander this earth with ease.
I do not believe it is very likely  alien souls replace human souls or take over human bodies.

It may be possible aliens have spliced or integrated with humans  creating a  hybrid. It could be aliens who abduct humans invade the biology of those taken with increased brain ability as a result. This would explain why many abductee's are extremely bright humans. I also believe it is likely that aliens plant  their views of our planet in the minds of those taken.  

If  hybrid human / aliens do exist I realize the immediate thought would be  their souls are part human and part alien.  I believe this  is unlikely. I think it more likely if this one soul would be the deciding life force making this being more human or alien . I doubt a soul can be split or homogenized . Of course I have no idea of knowing as I am merely a human and we are extremely primitive and  low level in our understanding of the universe. We do not understand our own planet very well. To think we could grasp a subject as complex as our life energy, our spirit or soul seems  far from our understanding at this point in time.

The only opinion I strongly hold is that  alien interference with the human species is for the aliens benefit. If they are here walking with us they are doing so for reasons of their own that have little to do with us. Humans are not overly important to aliens. They are involved with us for alien reasons and should never be thought of as God like or our saviors. 

Aliens may be here as a school study or to live among an ongoing experiment . They may be studying ancient civilizations and walk among us as we would if we could return to living thousands of years ago on this planet. For them living with us would be like our living with the cavemen or in Ancient Rome or Egypt.


I do not think we are being visited for the purpose of helping mankind. It is not the job of our visitors to fix our problems or interfere with our development. If  aliens were here for the benefit of mankind I believe we would be more advanced in whole as a society and far from the violent killing machines we seem to be, I would think we would be far more civilized if aliens were here to  interfere with our development. I do think they have been here for thousands of years and have taught us things along the way however the ways we advanced by way of alien visitation came about clearly due to the face it benefited the aliens while they used or visited our planet. Our evolution as living thinking beings is left to our own devices. Sadly we seem to be slow advancers staying stuck in war like thinking of those living on a unbalanced civilization where some starve and die while others prosper and live in wealth and luxury. Until we stop killing each other and have a more of a basic balance and control of our own planet we will remain the bottom of the ladder as far as our cosmic neighbors are concerned.

I would think that the universe and the experiences of the life forces in all things living in this universe are different and at many levels for many reasons. Knowing life starts in the human species  as an unexplainable injection of energy at the moment of human conception makes me believe that the universe, a intelligent massive controlling ultimate force that provides the energy or souls for whatever species or life form is being born in to this universe. In short all beings that live have some kind of soul that is needed for their experience of life in the space of our universe. The souls are most likely as different and varied as is the form of life however all life lives for reasons we are far from being able to fully understand.

The life forms exist in this universe on many levels and degrees of development as well as time alive in this universe making other beings or visitors far more advanced than human beings .  Knowing this we can understand why we may seem to those far more advanced more like  lab mice and test monkeys are to us. I agree fully with Stanton Friedman who answers when asked why aliens do not talk to us with the response " Aliens do not talk to us for the same reasons I do not talk to the squirrel's in my back yard!" 

As far as souls. I think we have our trip through life as a human with our  human level soul . We will move along to another place or existence when our time on this earth ends. There is no reason to not believe that alien life forms are also walking with their souls along whatever point of the journey their souls are meant to travel. It  may be  likely all our souls will travel many roads. I just think humans are a starting point and mankind a low level form of life in this universe. As far as swapping souls I believe we all keep our own souls and travel our own journeys no matter what species we may be.

Of course I  may be wrong about all of this. Until we advance enough to join those who are able to travel the stars we will have to wonder about many of these things.
I hope that adds another view to this topic . If enough of you send me alternate views I  will gladly compile and  present them  in a  future article . Remember the topics of the paranormal are simply unknowns we do not yet understand so please keep your thinking clear and reality based.  Hollywood and Sci- Fi  TV have already  done enough damage to all these topics. 
For now contemplate the possibilities and pay close attention to the souls who walk among us . Is that a human your talking to or is it an alien in a humans disguise ?  Look carefully and decide for yourself!

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An Ancient Perception on Hummingbirds

An Ancient Perception on Hummingbirds
by: Deanna Jaxine Stinson, Ufologist

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< Hummingbird in Flight Hummingbird

The Hummingbird is a very magical bird that has many genetic variations, colorations, and symbology in cultures throughout the universe since ancient times. The Hummingbird is always regarded as a spiritual being, and its delicate beauty displays the stunning majesty of the skies. This breathtaking beauty of a bird has been treasured for ages. There have been ancient carvings, crop circles, and legendary stories revolving around the Hummingbird passed on through each generation inspiring the spirit of our culture today. There is so much we know and so much we have yet to learn about the miracles of the universe in a light of duality concerning how we act in the physical and what we represent in our spiritual being as well. Here we divulge into the magical world of the Hummingbird. ..
  Crop Circles
Reports of crop circles have been made in our modern world. A crop circle is a design made into crops by UFO’s. Many crop circles have proven to be a hoax but many have not. The intent of the symbology of the crop circle is to send a message from an alien realm. It is very interesting that crop circles have been made to resemble a hummingbird such as one in the UK at Wiltshire in 2009. It appeared at 300 feet tall. What would the symbol of a hummingbird be perceived as by someone from another world? Could anyone deny the beauty of such a creature?

Nazca Lines
The Nazca lines of Peru have been discovered etched into the land of ancient times. This geoglyph has remained here in mystery as well as others discovered in Egypt and California. Is this a map that the extraterrestrials are leaving or a design from the Earth herself? Birds are the messengers of the Gods being able to span the Heavens…

Earth Realms
The Hummingbird got its name from the humming sound that its wings make when in flight. An amazing feat that is only accomplished by the Hummingbird is its ability to fly backwards and upside down also to hover. Perhaps this is why an extraterrestrial would dictate this symbol to us because it resembles the aerial patterns of a UFO who can fly like this as well.

New species of Hummingbird evolve as the flowers of Earth evolve creating new variations of this stunning bird. Hummingbirds feed on the sweet nectar of flowers. The Hummingbird is a symbol of resurrection in this way, dying in physical form but coming back over and over again cycling like a wheel to evolve to the true nature of beauty.

The wings of a hummingbird are quite unique in the way that the sun creates a shimmer effect, causing varying metallic colors to appear on them. The colorations vary due to evolution. There are many different types of this bird with unique patterning. All to serve a purpose to adapt to the environment for living survival just as a human being does, proving we were all made by the same ultimate design.

Aztec Legend
Huitzilopochtli is a God of war, the sun and human sacrifice. He ruled over the city of Tenochtitlan as a mighty moral essence. Hopefully all these hummingbird symbols are not foretelling war, Earthly or terrestrial because that would be horrible but this God was important because Huitzilopochtli is symbolized by the hummingbird. The souls of Huitzilopochtli’s warriors return to the world, resurrected as hummingbirds.

Mayan Legend
The Mayans reveal that the Hummingbird has a close connection with the sun. We create symbols from what we know and also within the rules of the boundaries of what we are morally taught to believe and feel and when... could this be the universal way of the soul? Forever limitless but limited to the confines of the expansion of the universe, our laws, thoughts and movements predict the creatures that live in the world of tomorrow and this all traces right back to the sun. Everything revolves around the sun in our world and the Hummingbird is said to be the sun in disguise. There has always been a romantic notion about the sun as well as this bird and the flowers it thrives on, a close association to the core of the universe. The secret of the Hummingbird is one of the whispered legends set loose many times around the world from Heaven to reach us again in each lifetime or karmic span of time.

Hummingbird Dreams
When we are dreaming, the spirit world has a way of letting itself in. A dream about a hummingbird is an omen from the universe of a miracle of love. A Hummingbird can be foreseen as a guardian to your most delicate parts of your soul, vibrating in unconditional love and light into our beings for eternal good.

Hummingbird Daydream
By: Deanna

I saw a field of sunflowers

Tall and bending towards the moon and sun,

On paths my heart has lead me,

I had never tried to run,

I have tasted a resurrection,

From the dewdrops of love,

The sugar drips,

On the lips of a rose,

Sweet like honey,

Hummingbird flowers,

Crown her head like a Mayan or Aztec Queen,

Sun goes down moon comes up in hours,

I am a sacrifice to the Gods who were here before me,

My blood drank like nectar to them,

And dreams wake me in fragrance,

Like perfume Goddess, Messenger, Angels,

Take me into a spiritual, love and awaken,

My heart to life
  Deanna Jaxine Stinson, HPI Supernatural Sleuth
aka The Black Rose

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A Haunting on Tyrol Lane- Stockton, CA

A Haunting on Tyrol Lane - Stockton, CA
By Paul Dale Roberts, HPI General Manager/Ghostwriter


This may be the mother of all investigations, as I write this in real time. Here is the situation. The occupants that lived here have moved out, leaving some of their possessions behind. The negative activity in this apartment (apartment 86) was too much for them to handle. Mia (occupant) says that an entity tried to snatch her baby from her arms. The occupants started having mood swings. The atmosphere in the apartment became hostile. They felt like their lives were in danger and it was time to get out for their own safety. They left the key under the mat and told me that my investigators have free reign of their apartment. They are merely curious on what kind of evidence we will find tonight.

To see pictures from this investigation, please stop by here:

I had a briefing with my investigators and placed Mia on the speaker phone. Mia tells us that the family that lived in this apartment previously before them faced a hostage situation, in which the male occupant placed his family under his gun. The male occupant killed his family (possibly 3 family members) and then placed the gun to his head and shot himself. I am still trying to verify this incident. I did discover that there was a stabbing death outside of the apartment complex. Mia once saw a black fog move down the hallway and her boyfriend felt something sitting on his chest. They would get many hot spots in the apartment and there was a time when the apartment became unbearably hot. Note: Black mist, black fog and black smoke are an indication of demonic activity. Hot spots are also an indication of demonic activity vs. a cold spot that is usually ghost activity.

I am having a few sets of 40 minute investigative sessions to see what we can find. Since I have a small group of investigators, we are having what I call a 'free-for-all' investigation where investigators have the ability to go wherever they want in the apartment.

Equipment being used this night are: 4 Static Night Vision Cameras and DVR, 2 Sony Night Shot Camcorders, 2 Sony Night Shot Cameras, 4 Digital Voice Recorders, Monitor, EMF Detector, HD Panasonic Pro Camcorder, Still Temperature Gauge, and Directional Microphone (provided by Placer Paranormal Other equipment: digital audio recorders, flashlights, digital cameras, digital video cameras, 3 walkie talkies, Toshiba laptop.

Let's do a roll call.

HPI Paranormal Investigators present: Staci Butler, Peter Devera and Randy Annis of Placer Paranormal; Timothy Dennehy and Ghost his dog; Stephanie Belson; Shari Aresta and Cynthia Meadows. Lead Investigator: Paul Dale Roberts.

Before, I discuss the investigation further, we are promoting the new movie: Twilight: New Moon for Summit Entertainment. Thank you Ryan from Summit Entertainment for providing us with the cool New Moon t-shirts, New Moon collector cards, New Moon pens and New Moon posters! Shannon 'Ms. Macabre' McCabe went to last night's midnight movie premiere and absolutely loved the movie. There was a huge line outside of the door that went completely around the building. Everyone loves vampires and the vampires of New Moon are absolutely hot! Note: Shannon also went to a KISS concert before seeing the midnight premiere movie New Moon. Yes! Shan had a fun night that night! Now back to the investigation:

Our first briefing, Randy tried to debunk the black mist sighting by turning on the heater and air conditioning to see if any debris was coming out of the AC filters. We did not see any debris. There are exceptionally high EMF readings throughout the apartment, which could cause hallucinations, depression and even anger. On the monitors we found some erratic orb movement, we saw orbs that moved in various directions unlike a dust orb that will fall straight down slowly. This will need to be analyzed further. There are gnats in the apartment which could look like orbs in our photographic evidence. Note: Staci later dismissed the erratic movement of the orbs as being the gnats! Stephanie mentioned that when she first entered the apartment, she felt some depression that could be place memories. Stephanie, who has psychic abilities, has not felt anything during the first investigative session. Staci feels the air ducts could be transmitting voices and smells from other rooms, which could be misinterpreted as paranormal. Timothy says that when he first entered the apartment he felt sadness. Timothy picked up orb activity on one of his photos.

As the night progressed, no EVPs were captured. No anomalies were captured in our still photos and video. We commenced with a séance. Staci and Stephanie did some provoking during the séance without any substantial results. No EVPs were captured during the séance. We utilized 3 walkie talkies in the séance, to see if the entities wanted to talk through the walkie talkies, no success. I have been successful in past séances using walkie talkies in which the entities would communicate through the walkie talkies with intelligent responses back to the investigator. See past article entitled: A Séance that Produced Very Scary Results.

No substantial findings indicating paranormal activity.

I believe the high EMF (electro magnetic field) readings in this apartment are causing disturbances that are felt by the occupants. This turned out to be the Mother of All EMF Readings!


Now to another note, Shannon and I will soon be part of a panel at a Paranormal Convention in Sacramento and below is why I think conferences and conventions are important:

Paranormal conferences and conventions are essential in getting information out to the public. Many people experience the paranormal and have no one to relate their experiences with. At a conference or convention, they are consulting with people that live and breathe the paranormal. We are here to understand, to seek out the truth and to exchange knowledge. Paranormal conferences and conventions are one more key in unlocking the unknown.

Paul Dale Roberts, HPI General Manager, Paranormal Investigator & Ghostwriter
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Part 1: HPI 2009 Halloween Vampire Ball
Part 2: HPI 2009 Halloween Vampire Ball.
Behind the Scenes: Michael Jackson: In Search of his Spirit.
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Haunted Sausalito

Haunted Sausalito
By Paul Dale Roberts, HPI Esoteric Detective
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Otis Redding - Sitting on the Dock of the Bay.
Note: Otis Redding was one of the many notables that lived in Sausalito. Take it away Otis:

Deanna's Photoslide of Sausalito

Haunted Sausalito Part I

Haunted Sausalito Part 2

Haunted Sausalito Part 3

Haunted Sausalito Part 4

Haunted Sausalito Part 5

Haunted Sausalito Part 6

Date: 3/22/2015
On this day, my wife Deanna Jaxine Stinson and I, headed out to the beautiful tourist attraction city called Sausalito. We wondered what paranormal stories the locals will tell. Here are some of those stories and some of our own stories about our visit to this fun spot on the California map!

Before we get into ghost activity, let's talk UFOs. Yes, UFOs are seen in Sausalito, here is just one of many reports:

My friend and I were walking between the edge of Richardson bay and Highway 101. Must have been between 9 PM and midnight. It was foggy, ie, marine layer pouring over the hill separating our area from the Pacific. We looked up and saw stationary lights, I'd guess no more than 1000 feet up, probably 500. No sound other than the traffic on 101. It was at least 300 feet long, as it was dark, no shape could be determined. Lights on the object were flicking on and off in random. At one point we saw a flume of thick white vapor (was it steam? was it smoke?) The smoke or steam was pumping out directly adjacent to one of its lights. The vapor was not being batted away by turbulence, then we came to the realization that it could not be a Chinook helicopter, and it was certainly twice a Chinook's length. Eventually it moved west out of vision. We were surprised this hadn't been seen by the volume of traffic on 101. Next day in the San Francisco Chronicle (daily paper) it was reported that many people had called in about 'something' and the official response was test firing of a Minuteman missile. They fired/tested them going west over the Pacific. Of course, this was either coincidence or absurd. We observed this stationary object for a quarter of an hour. Per the article in the SF CHRONICLE (this can be researched) the exact date could be determined. This experience made both me and my friend calmly believe we had observed a craft unknown to both of us or the public. Silent, huge, hovering, no turbulence.

So with this report, I was definitely looking up at the partially cloudy skies. Deanna and I, after walking around a bit felt hunger pains. It was time to eat. We came upon the Napa Valley Burger Company at 670 Bridgeway. Deanna ordered a glass of wine and a veggie burger. I had cod fish and French fries and a Coke. So damn delicious. The price of our meal..$51.00 and that's not including the tip!! That was one expensive fish and chips and burger! Deanna says that it's the best veggie burger she ever ate. All I can say..."it better be! (smile).

Sausalito was once the site of a Coast Miwok settlement known as Liwanelowa. The branch of the Coast Miwok living in this area were known as the Huimen (or as Nación de Uimen to the Spanish). Early explorers of the area described them as friendly and hospitable. According to Juan de Ayala, "To all these advantages must be added the best of all, which is that the heathen Indians of the port are so faithful in their friendship and so docile in their disposition that I was greatly pleased to receive them on board." Such placidity was likely a contributing factor to their complete displacement, which took place within the span of a few generations. As historian Jack Tracy has observed, "Their dwellings on the site of Sausalito were explored and mapped in 1907, nearly a century and a half later, by an archaeological survey. By that time, nothing was left of the culture of those who had first enjoyed the natural treasures of the bay. The life of the Coastal Miwoks had been reduced to archaeological remnants, as though thousands of years had passed since their existence."

The first European known to visit the present-day location of Sausalito was Don José de Cañizares, on August 5, 1775. Cañizares was head of an advance party dispatched by longboat from the ship San Carlos, searching for a suitable anchorage for the larger vessel. The crew of the San Carlos came ashore soon after, reporting friendly natives and teeming populations of deer, elk, bear, sea lions, seals and otters. More significantly for maritime purposes, they reported an abundance of large, mature timber in the hills, a valuable commodity for shipwrights in need of raw materials for masts, braces and planking.

William Richardson (1795–1856), an English-born Mexican citizen, first claimed and developed the site of Sausalito as a private rancho.
From there Sausalito grew!

201 Bridgeway, Sausalito CA 94965
This Inn provided the setting for a scene from Orson Welles' and Rita Hayworth's 1948 film, The Lady from Shanghai.

From the late 1800's until after World War II it was called the Walhalla Biergarten, but its greatest fame came when it was purchased 50 years ago by former madame and Sausalito mayor-to-be Sally Stanford, who restored the Valhalla name. After her death it went through a number of different incarnations, but in the spring of 2009 a sign appeared on the shuttered door promising the return of Sally Stanford's Valhalla Inn. Unfortunately, by the summer of 2009 the signs were gone and with them our hopes. Some locals say that to this day they see the ghost form of Sally Stanford standing outside of the Inn and Dan Walsh makes claim that he once saw Sally at 2am walking alongside Bridgeway near the ocean holding an umbrella. He thought she looked out of place and couldn't help staring at her and she looked at him and nodded, walked towards the ocean and vanished. GHOST IDENTIFIED: SALLY STANFORD. Some locals also say that they see 3 women walking near the Inn, one wears a green dress and 2 wear red dresses, they believe these are 3 former ladies of the night. The lady in green once held her hand up and gestured for a male tourist to come towards her, she presented a slight smile and kept trying to entice the tourist to come closer. GHOSTS IDENTIFIED: THE 3 ENTICERS.

This private home is said to be haunted by a former owner who stomps outside at 2 a.m. This ghost is searching the beach front for a missing golden hook. Also reported is a burglar alarm that rang out for over 10 minutes, although the alarm was completely disconnected. GHOST IDENTIFIED: THE EASKOOT HOUSE PHANTOM

Let's take a break from the ghost stories. Deanna and I visited the shop called Games People Play at 695 Bridgeway. There was a lady that stared at Deanna and I, as soon as we walked in and she followed behind Deanna at approximately 3 feet. If Deanna made any sudden stops, this lady employee of the shop would have ran into her. There is some cool stuff in this shop, but being followed by the employee of the shop wherever we walked was very irritating. Then the lady rudely asks us: "do you have any questions?" I looked at her sour puss face and flatly said 'no' and we walked out. Come on..why all the irritation? Did she think we were going to steal something out of this shop? Geesh!

During the renovation of Fireside Motel. Indian remains were discovered on the grounds of this motel. This motel was once a Prohibition gin joint and watering hole. Legend has it that the Coast Miwok Indians haunt this hotel and the grounds this motel sits on. What is interesting as we were driving past this motel Deanna got excited and pointed at the hotel and said she could feel that this motel was haunted. She was right! Deanna is a sensitive and picks up on spirit activity. GHOSTS IDENTIFIED: THE COAST MIWOK SPIRITS OF THE FIRESIDE MOTEL.

The big, white landmark called the Fireside has stood as a gateway to Mill Valley for 92 years, a symbol of a rough, rollicking era when the Bay Area was awash in rum running. But the celebrants who caroused inside the former speakeasy never knew they were dancing on Indian graves.

Marin County Coroner Kenneth Holmes acknowledged recently that skeletal remains of American Indians were discovered in the ground beneath the brick structure during renovation work over the past 10 months.

The bones may have been the same ones found during a renovation 51 years ago and then quietly reburied underneath the floorboards at a time when folks were less concerned about cultural issues.

According to locals, objects in the motel have moved around on their own accord. Cabinet doors will swing open. Disembodied footsteps are heard in the hallways, ghostly Indians are seen walking around the outside perimeters of this motel. Leslie Merriweather who has visited this motel said she came face-to-face with a ghostly Indian. To have this ghostly Indian standing in front of her, with his face no more that a couple of inches away scared her to no end. The Indian had jet coal black eyes and then simply dissipated.

Okay folks, time for another break from the ghost stories. Deanna and I, also stopped over at Versailles Fine Art and Collectables and this place has some great fun items. A great store to browse around at and find some souvenirs.

Some locals have seen a ghostly fisherman sitting on top of rock on Bridgeway with his line in the water. He is seen tugging on the line. He is wearing a derby hat and a long coat. There seems to be a light flickering near him and some people believe that this was the fire from his campsite. When the light flickers out, so does the fisherman. You cannot see him after his campfire goes out.

In 1875, 3 citizens of Sausalito came up a monstrous crab. The crab had climbed upon the shoreline and was 3 yards in width and 2 yards in length. As the 3 citizens approached his large crab, it scurried back into the ocean and vanished from sight. Special Note: Deanna and I, saw many baby crabs on the rocks near the ocean.

Sally Stanford aka Madam Mayor who ran one of the biggest brothels in San Francisco and became the mayor of Sausalito.
Jerry Garcia of the Grateful Dead
Stevie Nicks
Baby Face Nelson the gangster.
Otis Redding (Yes, Otis lived in Sausalito and I remember seeing Otis Redding at the Monterey Pop Festival).
Bill Cosby

Special Note: Since Deanna's last name is Stinson, we had to visit Stinson Beach before going home.


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Paul Dale Roberts, HPI Esoteric Detective
aka The Demon Warrior

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The Haunted Road by Chris Holly

A  while ago I wrote an article about my adventure of investigating , with a bunch of my family members, the legendary Mt Misery Road here on Long Island , New York.

The road is known for  being haunted by way of  being a place with lots of old history including being the location of a civil war Hospital among other things.

For years people have been claiming to see ghosts along the road especially around the area of a very old cemetery

A handful of relatives and I  decided to take a trip along this road about a year or so ago and found it to be very interesting. The road is located in the middle of a very busy part of Long Island however stands out like a throbbing sore thumb as soon as you travel for a few minutes down the road and away from civilization. 

The area of this road has been preserved by old homesteads that  have become locked in time. The road and those around it are narrow  country roads lined with lots of open land belonging to the old houses that make up the area. There is a great deal of state owned property mixed in along the road making it very desolate and blocked from what the rest of Long Island has grown to be. 

Traveling down this road is like stepping back 200 years in history. Not only is it locked in a time warp it is also a very bleak eerie place that without question made my skin crawl. I did not enjoy my trip to this road or the area around it , in fact I could not wait to leave .

My family and I did not see anything we found ghostly during our first visit to Mt Misery Road and decided to track back to look at the old homestead of Walt Whitman in the area. When we reached the house we pulled over off the road to look in at the house and grounds. 

This was when two odd things occurred.   While looking at the house we heard an old time train whistle coming from the large state own preserve across from the house. My brother was in the back seat and commented that  there were no train lines in the area. We all thought it was odd but knew there could have been many reasons for hearing it including  the fact someone in the area may own an old  train whistle and uses it to call in kids or to announce the time. People do this kind of thing when living in a open country area.

Image Title 1
 Walt Whitman house - Huntington New York

The second thing to occur is a bit more confusing. As  my car full of family were all looking to the right side of the car towards the old homestead , I could feel something on my left and turned towards the driver's window where I was sitting. There right in front of my face an Asian man in a small black vehicle had driven right up to my window and was screaming at me. I did not hear him I watched him. His mouth was moving and his hands were over his head just raging at me.  I was stunned and said to the others in the car " What the ..?."  
I looked quickly towards my family sitting with me in the car to get their attention . It could have only been a second or two. I turned back to look at this crazy man to see only the back end of his car quickly pulling away. 

Again I turned to the others in the car asking if they had just seen that?  My partner in life was sitting next to me in the front in the passenger seat. He told me he saw the end of a dark vehicle driving off but nothing else. I tried to look in my mirrors to see where the man went. From where I was parked it was impossible to see  down the road. 

I pulled away and did a U turn to see if I could see where this odd man went. The road was empty in both directions . We decided to ride down the road as it was  impossible for his car to disappear from sight that quickly. We concluded he pulled in to a driveway. 

The man had no reason to be screaming at me as we were completely pulled off of the road and not blocking his passage. His rage  was strange so we wanted to see if he was a local who lived on the road and angry at our tourist behavior in his community

It became apparent once we started driving down the road that this man did not pull in to a close driveway or  another homestead as there were none. We drove up and down the road trying to figure out where this man disappeared to in his little black car who was screaming at us without sound or reason. I will never forget his rage or how although yelling at us we heard nothing. 

That event cured my need to visit Mt Misery Road. . I found the area depressing and the event with this strange man uncomfortable . I wrote about the event and forgot about it.

One of my sisters and her husband both work in medicine. They are science minded people who until proven otherwise keep a rather skeptical view of things considered unknown.

She told me once about a year ago that every now and then they use Mt Misery Road as a short cut across  Long Island to travel from the North to the South Shore. She told me it was very unusual due to the fact it is like stepping back in history and time and she was captivated to have a living view of what life was like a few hundred years ago. 

She did not mention this road to me since she told me that and I thought nothing about it - until recently.
My sister called me and told me she had a very strange experience with her husband driving along Mt Misery Road. She told me they were slowly making their way along the road as it was very overgrown in areas and the foliage was overtaking some of the already narrow passage the cars had  to travel along the old road.
My sister  told me her husband had her  pull off the road along the state land as a large branch was blocking most of the road and her husband felt it made for a dangerous obstacle and wanted to hop out and throw it back in to the woods. 

She said her husband was in the process of tossing the old limb back into the wooded area along the side of the road when out of nowhere ahead of them about 40 or 50 feet down the road  an Asian man appeared in the middle of the road. He was shirtless with black pants on. He was waving his arms at them and appeared to be angry with them.

My brother in law was a bit stunned for a second and stood and looked at the man. He  put up his hands in a no problem gesture and yelled down to the man " I do not want any problems buddy - just clearing the road. We are leaving now".

My sister's husband got back in the car  and told my sister to lock the doors and to keep driving. My sister hesitated for a moment as the man was ahead of them and frankly he frightened her.

The Asian man walked to the side of the street . Her husband thought he went back up his driveway and told her to simply stay in the middle of the road and drive on. He wanted to leave the area as to not upset the man any further. Obviously he was not completely normal  or he would not be shirtless or yelling in the road.

My sister started the car and gunned it down the road. They drove past the area the man was standing only to find congested woods on both sides of the road. They kept driving but did not come to another driveway or street for about a half of a  mile . They were confused about what they saw and found a police care once they drove back to the populated area and told him what had happened.

Of course the police were not interested but did agree to drive down the road to see if the man was harassing cars and drivers.

We have no idea if he did go or if he did find anyone or anything. I found their experience as odd as our own and think that Mt Misery Road  has yet another strange ghostly inhabitant protecting the area.

I told the story of what happened to my sister and her husband to my brother who is visiting me for the summer. He wanted to  take a trip over to that area to take some pictures of the old homesteads and history that is part of the area. I had little interest in returning but agreed to take a quick ride down the road so he could take his photos but told him anything at all odd and we were out of there.

The road remained as I had last seen it locked in the past and for me bleak and eerie. I do not like being there at all. 

My brother took the photos he wanted and we were leaving the area when he was drawn to a very old house that was abandoned sitting along  the side of the road.  He insisted I stop the car and we both got out of the car and stood directly in front of the old place.

I stood looking clearly at it and did not see anyone or anything around. It was extremely quiet around the old house. I noticed I did not even hear birds or the normal sounds of summer while I stood in front of the house. I did not like the house and it made me extremely uncomfortable.

My brother was captivated by the old place and kept taking photos of it. I finally felt so creepy at this old place that I got in the car and threatened to leave my brother there if he did not get in the car with me. He agreed the place had a bad feel and jumped in the car when I started to drive away.

Days went by before my brother decided to load his photos into his computer. When he did he sent me  a few photos with this question  " What is that in the upstairs window? Did you see anything when you were standing there?" 

I looked at his photos and quickly saw what he was questioning. There in one photo is how the house appeared to me when I was standing in front of it. I walked with my brother and stood next to him when he took the second photo which in time were only about 15 seconds apart  when he took them. I was looking at the house carefully both times and did not see anything.

It may  be nothing however on the one  photo it clearly looks like something is in the window second to the right on the second floor of this old house. I have no idea why this looks as it does. My brother does not think it is a trick of the light . I have no idea what to think. I will tell you I have no intentions of going back to find out.

 Photos taken that day with one below showing odd shape in second floor window that was not there seconds before.

My brother wants to return to take careful photos to see if he can capture anything else. I told him he is on his own . All I can say is that things are very odd on Mt Misery Road and I guess that is why is has the reputation as the most haunted road on Long Island.

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Music Box Dream - A Dance Through Other Worlds

Music Box Dream- A Dance Through Other Worlds
by: Deanna Jaxine Stinson

 Safe and Sound Music Box Haunted Music Box

Somewhere close to the world that we see and the world that we see in our dreams there is doors somewhere leading us to these places. How come I can't remember entering into the dream reality as if my mind is erased when I awake? There are so many other worlds and I see when I think of them I see doorways. The past, present and future- all of these worlds inside of us ready to access can you see the doors?

Maybe there is a symbol on the doorway in a dream above that makes it recognizable. I see a keyhole and maybe I have the key. How come I cannot remember where I got the key to the door? Guided by angelic beauty into a garden in Heaven I find a music box. Music Boxes were said to be created in the 18th century from snuff boxes. The first music box factory was opened in Switzerland in 1815. This dream is exceptional in it's mystic beauty. The music box I buried in a garden in a cemetery in Heaven. Do not take a wrong turn or you will cease to exist. Do not enter the wrong door.

As a child I was in many situations that I felt powerless to control and so I took to magic quite quickly. Not only did I feel guided by a supernatural force that led me to figure out how to cook, tend and care for my young self and sister I also felt the presence of a very wise spirit next to me. A guardian angel could be termed its name. I was guided to record my dreams and so much more as I learned to write.

This opened up many doorways for me into the spiritual world. Not only was I clued into the mystical world before I read, heard or learned about it from the physical world but I came to understand the New Age and it's meaning before most. The spiritual awakening I would like to see is for people to become more aware of their dreams. This, I believe would sharpen psychic power as well as writing skills and new thought processing. We could evolve as a species if we were more psychically connected to each other.

If you are sleeping you are like a dead person who feels hears and sees nothing in the afterlife, If you are dreaming you are like a spirit who is freed in the nighttime, forever living, connecting breathing the spirit world...knowing, meditating on change evolving into someone that can survive after death.

The world of science will try to knock you down and in the end science is in its baby stages and as more possibilities arrive to Earth, than so will the possibilities of science. I am talking about any supernatural phenomenon closely tied to celestial ones. The discovery of perfectly aligned planets resulting in seeing stars and galaxies never noticed before also adds more to the database of the universe. More metals, chemicals and living things could potentially be discovered disproving science and their current theories today. It doesn't matter if they call it Science today, people have always experimented and tried new things to come to the best solutions. Recipes are mastered, medicine and technology by way of popular and moral opinion often based upon preconceived ideas and lastly recorded as fact in the way of the highest knowledge achieved as truth gained through money and power.

There is doorways everywhere, you may know them as opportunities, dreams, visions, physical doors; the symbology is there we are just not seeing where they are. It takes a visionary to change the world but what if more of us could be like this?

Now in that dream that I had with the music box I remember playing with that music box and it is the same American music box that most girls my age must have played with. You open the box and the pink ballerina with her brown hair in a bun is doing a pirouette and spinning, spinning to the music box sound a piece of metal that has turned into something spiritual rotating not only its physical access but also my heart as well. Is science measuring this? The maker of the in this box is a magician invoking a beautiful dance.

A beautiful story is the tale of the eternal cosmic dance of Shiva. She is shown eternally dancing and when this dance is done will symbolize the end of this universe and a creation of a new one, an important concept in Hinduism that came around long before there was so much scientific evidence on cosmic energy and how it is indeed reborn.

There is this beautiful Buddhist legend that the Guatama Buddha was born after his mother Queen Maya, (whose name means love) had a dream during a full moon in which there was a white elephant, thought to be the soul of Buddha incarnated in another reality, in the Himalayan mountains. She was bathing in the water when some spirits were covering her in flowers and perfumes, and she noticed a white elephant carrying white flowers.

The elephant circled around her three times and then disappeared as it entered some unknown doorway into her womb. She was pregnant soon after with the Guatama Buddha.

Like this story, the most important dreams come to reality through these unseeable doors. Singers, poets, visionaries and religious people all claim to be guided to manifest something in the physical world through another reality. Entering our physical realms first through supernatural vivid dream states.

We can see what's right in front of us but we cant see what's really there unless we connect to a higher power, our higher self or more. I will just keep dreaming and exploring the universe day and night and trying to figure out who gave me these keys to unlock these spiritual doorways into other dimensions?

A great tale about a keeper of keys is the angel Abaddon from the bible.

If you have ever read the Christian bible it is filled with many tales about angels, dreams and the supernatural. Abaddon is opened up to much discussion in Hebrew, Mormon and Christian teachings. Many believe him to be represented as the devil himself. All the things that he represents are things of nightmares. He holds keys to the bottomless pit of Hell, he tortures those who do not have the seal of God on their forehead and he is feared greatly.

Our dreams can easily turn into destructive...Perhaps so why there is so many types of dreams is because of the ease of access for the spiritual world to pour so much thought inside of us. Remember that in the end what you rely on should always be true to yourself. There are many religions in the world that try to help you control your supernatural destiny but you are heading towards where you are meant to be because of your thoughts, actions and dreams.

Understanding dreams and this eternal dance that we are in is important to evolve into a higher sense of purpose in which you can come to care for more than yourself, but the lives, feelings and those around you without feeling like you need to control someone else beliefs or morals.

There are all these doors on Earth and we choose which ones to enter and although we are not alone when we walk through these doorways we are the ones walking through alone...

Deanna Jaxine Stinson, HPI Supernatural Sleuth
aka The Black Rose

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Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Who Were Those Strange Tall Albino People or Should I Say What Were They?

 Who Were Those Strange Tall Albino People or Should I Say What Were They?

I was sent an email by a woman who lives on the end of  Long Island  New York at Montauk Point. She told me that she often walked her two large dogs on the beach along the Atlantic Ocean coast on the end of Long Island;  The woman told me that she often reads my articles and remembered one I wrote years ago about a strange tall very white odd looking family that lived on Long Island in the 1960s.

This lady told me that while walking her  two large dogs during the months of December and January she witnessed a strange family with a huge strange dog also walking on the beach. She told me they were extremely tall and seemed to be two couples of albinos with about four or five children with them running along the beach as the adults walked the dog. She told me she remembered my article and wanted to know if I had any other reports of this strange family being seen on Long Island.

I contacted the woman who told me she stopped seeing the strange group of tall albino people at the end of February. She told me she found them to be so very odd that she asked the people in the town shops and her friends and neighbors if they had seen the group. The only other person who claimed to have seen them was a older man who would feed the birds along the shore on the beach but he only noticed them once and did not recall ever seeing them again.

I questioned her and found the woman to be concerned about the people as she felt they were something other than human and felt very uncomfortable when walking near  them. She told me her large dogs who were very protective and a bit on the aggressive side would whimper and stick their tales between their legs dragging her away from the group refusing to stay close to the them which ended with her being dragged in a half run down the beach away from the strange group of people by her frightened protective pets.

In all the years (50 years since 1965) since my family and I  encountered the same type of tall albino looking people this was the first time anyone in my area ever talked about seeing them not only on Long Island but anywhere.

Below is the original article I wrote about these strange tall while blue eyed people. I wonder if they are being seen anywhere else in the world and if so who they are and where did they come from and where do they disappear to?

Below the original article about the strange Albino odd tall white people;


The Strange Case of the Albino Family- or Was It?
Years ago  I was sitting on my deck with my mother having lunch when my mother looked over to me and said “ Remember the Albino family that use to live in our area that always shopped at Gertz Department store?”

I hadn’t thought about Gertz Department store which had long ago gone out of business for years much less the Albino family.

My mother went on about how striking they were and how well dressed and groomed they were. My mother commented many times back when she saw them how beautiful the family was and always noticed what they were wearing. I never thought much about it then as I was in my teens but as my mother went on and on about the Albino family I realized how very strange they really were.

The family consisted of two adults and three children. All of them were albinos. I have only seen a few other people who have this albino condition and really did not note the differences in this family and the other albinos I have seen. Talking to my mother about this family I began to realize they were truly unusual people and not like other albinos.

The five members of this family all were 6ft in height including the mother and daughter. The male members stood between 6ft –3 inches to 6ft- 5 inches. They were extremely tall people. When they walked through the department store they stood a head above most of the other shoppers.

Each of them had thick full pure white hair. They were beautiful people with high cheekbones and straight model like features. Their skin was white – pure white. They all had the same color eyes, which were clear, big, and very light blue. They kept to themselves. They would stay together when they shopped and seemed to be quiet polite people.

It wasn’t until years later and I had that conversation with my mother about that family that I realized they were a very different group of people. I thought about the possibility of two beautiful albino people who looked so much alike in height, looks and facial features meeting and marrying. Although this is possible I knew the odds had to be nearly impossible. I then recalled reading an article while in college in the late 1970’s that talked about all the eye problems that went hand and hand with those who were albinos. I also read that eye color for the typical albino runs towards the pinkish reddish tint. I know that there are degrees of the condition which would have a lesser or greater effect on things like eye and skin color (or lack of it) in those who are albinos. I did not read about any who had clear big blue eyes.

I tried to find out if there were blue-eyed albinos that could run in an entire family but came up empty handed in my search. I am not qualified to answer the question to the chance of this happening but feel at best it would be a very rare occurrence.

I thought about this family and had to admit that finding two tall beautiful blue-eyed albinos who married and had three tall beautiful blue-eyed children was either an incredible happening or they were not a family of albinos!

 Years after discussing this family with my mother I came across a few articles on the Inter net that talked aboutthe tall whites. I was scrolling down one of the  pages of the site I was looking at when I came to an artists drawing of the alien species called the tall whites. I was completely taken back as I sat and looked at the same tall people with the same beautiful faces – white hair, blue eyes and high cheek bones as the albino family that use to shop for their clothes and house wares in Gertz department store in Bay Shore , Long Island , New York in the 1960’s.

I will never know if that strange gentle family of tall beautiful people was simply a very rare family of human albinos or if they were a group of entirely different beings?

I often wondered over the past years about that family or group of people. I have tried to search for them a few times but cannot find anything anywhere that would explain this odd group of people. Maybe they just moved away to another state- or planet!

I did learn to not be so ambivalent about things and pay attention to people and my surroundings far more than I once did. I wish I had been more curious at the time. I wish I considered how odd those people were and thought about things instead of just blindly skipping along without considering what was going on around me. I learned many lessons during my life. Being alert to my surrounding can be the most important thing I can do for my safety and that of my family. I will tell you one thing, if I ever see a group of tall white aliens again with those huge light blue eyes- I am going to pay attention!

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