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Amulets, Talismans and Medallions



Amulets, Talismans and Medallions
by: Deanna Jaxine Stinson, Sensei of Charms
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Night Mist:

Talismans and medallions have been used since ancient times as powerful objects. These objects, usually worn as a necklace, ring or wearable jewelry are said to be possessed with spirits, incantations and charms.

An amulet is an object meant to protect the wearer or one holding onto it. It has natural protection energies. A medallion is a large medal. A talisman is an object marked with magic signs and believed to confer on its bearer supernatural powers or protection (Yahoo Dictionary). A talisman has to be enchanted usually for its powers to work.

The use of these charms can be dated back to when people first started to wear clothing. The use of amulets and talismans was popular practice at least thousands of years before Christ. In ancient hieroglyphics, we can see the wearers of amulets depicted. Because an amulet can also be carried, some have been found in burial sites with the person to whom it belonged especially in Egypt and because these charms harbor some sort of good energy, their benefits are thought to carry into the afterworld.

Amulets can be found in many different shapes. Sometimes they represented animals, magical symbols and also deities. This person would find strength and courage when they thought of their amulet and it would help guide them through difficult times. Just to touch the amulet would bring a feeling of comfort in a difficult situation. The Christianized use of the amulet can be represented in rosaries, where the user inflicts spiritual energy and prayers into the object. The use of the rosary has been in practice since approximately 1200 years ago in Ireland, by the chants of Irish monks.

The reason that a talisman, amulet or medallion is useful in banishing curses is because they have an ample amount of good energy inside of them to negate the evil energies set to attack them. The power is stronger within you and your faith than the evil set loose in the world.

The symbols and deities may not even necessarily have to be real to anyone except you. There is an unwritten bond between your spirit and the living world. It is like a chemical bond. Your spirit is living in another world than you. You are in the world of material and your spirit is connected to the other world and always has been.
Medallions have been around since approximately 1650. A medal can be awarded for acts of valor, and notoriety in military and scholastic areas of life. A medal is basically any medal or ovoid object. A medal can be worn as a good luck charm as well. There is a type of enchantment over these objects as multiple peoples have purposely created this. You could recognize someone of high honor through the medals on or around them. These people are often of authority, and have the protection of the state such as police officers, military persons and more. The state or country in a sense has a spirit of its own.

A talisman has very magical properties. In order to invoke the power of a talisman you must use exact magical symbolism and shapes to attract the right spirit. A talisman is most powerful when created by the one who wears it. A popular talisman is represented as the Seal of Solomon, although its use is before his time. This is the point in history when it becomes more popular. It is two triangles interlacing, one upside down to form a six sided star. Imagine two triangular ufos landing on top of each other and light comes through in a circular way. These sorts of visual exercises are what help to bring these objects to life. It is the essence of fire and spirit. This talisman was the ultimate one being able to guard against evil and misfortune even death. In modernized days it is a symbol of wisdom, love and truth.

Amulets, Talismans and Medallions are great ways to protect you. Their use is fused with a lot of history and mythology and even though science cannot prove good luck or spiritual elements, a sense of calm and peace is usually placed on through the jewelry by the wearer. Stress relief has a profound physical effect on you brought on through thoughts and actions of the universe. Also, many spirits and your ancestors can recognize the symbols that you use and understand that you need guidance. It can help you think clearer, see into another world and also live by the laws of attraction that are put into place by the universe.


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The New Origin of the Snake

The New Origin of the Snake
by: Deanna Jaxine Stinson, Investigative Journalist
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Escaflowne Movie Song:

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The bones of dinosaurs are ancient relics found on Earth. The bones are reconstructed and put back together, where we can visualize them and they become alive. (This is similar to the creation of Adam and Eve from bones.)Recently, researchers in Scotland have discovered a bone of a dinosaur that resembles a snake and this has led them to believe that the snake does not look like a snake we think it is. The scientists say that the snake probably first emerged 128.5 million years ago in the southern hemisphere.

This is quite incredible news considering that means a snake was evolved from this other version that had ankles and toes. This version ran around with the dinosaurs. Does this change the vision in your head you had of the stories of the bible? Rather to choose an instance like this to prove religion is wrong, in my mind it is a perfect example of the misconceptions people imagine when reading a religious text. When the bible speaks of that serpent of old, wasn't it our heads that got to spinning and then we painted art and visualized an inaccurate portrayal-? But that does not take away from the story, it simply adds to it. We have all seen the dragon magic art displaying serpent like symbols and the dragon has always been compared to the snake. The knowledge has always been there we are misinterpreting it and giving in to easily. The origins of the snake are slowly revealing itself to modern day people. This means a huge breakthrough in science and religion. Although science is based on hard facts and evidence they seem to sometimes make wild assumptions and fast conclusions.

Take these examples of religious creatures that can be interpreted in many different ways. We have got to never stop wondering about the mystery of evolution:

All the depictions throughout the world of winged beings lead me to believe that we could have also evolved from angels. After all, the bible explains that some angels fell down to Earth. They would inevitably have had children who could have evolved to lose their wings like many prehistoric creatures. What were are ancestors really trying to tell us? Never stop questioning because if we really understood the secrets it still wouldn't seem so mysterious and powerful… Eternity The symbol of the snake eating itself is a powerful symbol. This is called the Ouroboros. This symbol represents the eternal state of the universe. The snake eats itself, and grows new skin evolving and adapting into the future world. Could this also be a deeper meaning for evolution? Even subconsciously we shape symbols and ideas from our dreams before we ever have the courage to make them into reality. We may not know why we are drawn to a powerful symbol but it still enchants you. Perhaps in your bloodlines, you are remembering your ancient ancestors. Perhaps in your genetics you are creating a future one.

Quetzalcoatl is a Mesoamerican feathered serpent that had divine and mythical properties. Would we recognize these prehistoric creatures as visions of monsters and Gods? I wonder if this was the snake dinosaur that they were drawing. Though the dates seem to be off, maybe the Mayans experienced a time travel of sorts and this is another way to prove it. How would they get an image of this dinosaur serpent without the access to knowledge that we have? Some Maya even mysteriously disappeared. Could there be a time portal somewhere that the aliens gave to the Maya? Could they travel back in time and see the dinosaur?

I imagine our sense of worship came from an anxiety and a fear that was deep rooted inside of our ancestors about being ate by other animals.

Different ways of survival most likely manifested itself into our heads and the art of worship could be one idea. Maybe if we worshipped the giant creatures we would not get eaten yet than we decided to kill instead for survival. This is because we always act on our deepest impulses, no matter how hard we try not to because we believe in fate and all that. On these people whom worshipped Quetzalcoatl was commonly found an ehecacozcatl, or wind jewel. The amulet is a carved conch shell .Perhaps this was meant to summon the feathered beast?

Well in my opinion, these dinosaurs they are always discovering and piecing together like puzzle pieces are starting to look like ancient gods and monsters. I am only wondering where the timing fits in. Their seems to be millions of years of differences in between. Could there perhaps be a sort of time travel accident that occurred in the past and happens to occur regularly? Whatever it is we can figure it out, our genes will never erase the memories and the evidence doesn't stay buried to long in the earth.

For there is nothing hidden that will not be disclosed, and nothing concealed that will not be known or brought out into the open. Luke 8-17 Holy Bible For whatever is hidden is meant to be disclosed, and whatever is concealed is meant to be brought out into the open. Mark 4-22 Dan 2:22 (NIV) He reveals deep and hidden things; he knows what lies in darkness, and light dwells with him.

Sanskrit words;
Sanatan= Eternal

Satanama= the cycle of life, death and rebirth (becoming as a God)- The wordplay does not escape me here… notice Satan?...the name of an old world serpent…Did you know that It means truth in Sanskrit… Are we becoming into God's through evolution?
If you believe in revealing secrets, imagine what mysterious the Earth is holding on to now!


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Is Jason with Us?

Is Jason With Us?
By Paul Dale Roberts, HPI Esoteric Detective
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Deanna's - Jason Are You There Video.
Investigation Photo Slide
A Haunting in Rio Linda Part 1
A Haunting in Rio Linda Part 2
A Haunting in Rio Linda Part 3


Date to be there: May 15, 2015, Friday / Time to be there: 2000 Hours / Contact Person: Linda McQuay - Location: Rio Linda, CA - Occupant just wants validation that her son might be there. EVP required.

Paul Dale Roberts - Co-Owner; Deanna Jaxine Stinson - Co-Owner - Sensitive; Holly Bell - Guest Investigator.

Linda's son Jason died in a motorcycle accident. This was a recent accident. Jason died with his friend Zak. Knowing that Jason and Zak were so young and to have died at a young age is truly a tragedy. Jason's family shows so much love for Jason and it almost brought me to tears. Jason was only 29 years old. As soon as Jason died, the haunting seemed to begin. The family heard footsteps and various unknown noises throughout the house. Jason touched one of his sister's shoulders. Some of the paranormal incidents that occurred in this house was jewelry that fell to the floor, with no reasoning behind it; hair dye being taken from Linda's head and placed on the curtain. Special Note: Linda feels Jason touched her dyed hair and placed the dye on the curtain. Linda once found a text on her phone that said Zak, Jason's friend who died with him. Just a few days ago according to Jason's sister Ashley, some things in the house moved on their own, this occurred in Jason's room. Holly may have captured a possible EVP in Jason's room. Holly was attempting to get quick and dirty EVPs with Linda in Jason's room. Ashley, Deanna and I went to various rooms in the house. When Deanna reached the garage where Jason's motorcycle from the accident is located, goosebumps were all over her arms. Deanna instantly felt energy around the motorcycle. When Deanna felt the energy, I knew it was time to try and get some EVPs. After many attempts, I captured an EVP that may be saying "my bike".....maybe, perhaps we may have to write it off as unintelligible. Nevertheless it's an EVP of a man talking while I am talking. The EVP was captured when I was talking about Jason's family having so much love for Jason. It seemed to motivate Jason to finally talk. When I asked Jason to appear by his motorcycle, I took a picture and there was a large designer orb by his motorcycle, along with a white light streak.

While this is all going on, Holly claims that she encountered a woman ghost that has her sit on a chair in the kitchen. Holly felt that there was another spirit in this house. Deanna only picked up on the spirit of Jason.

Ashley displays a lot of love for her brother, she has a tattoo on her leg, that shows Jason's face and the tattoo is made up of Jason's ashes.

Holly has a possible EVP that was captured near Jason's motorcycle. The quick and dirty EVP that I captured was played back to the family and Ron - a friend to the family was one of the first people to hear the EVP and pointed it out to everyone.

One of the unique sounds of this house is a 'dddddinnnnnnggggg!' They have 2 dogs, one husky and one half husky, half wolf. The husky loves to step on the door stop and the door stop vibrates and makes the 'ddddddinnnnnnggg' sound. My dog Hi-Pee does the same thing, when he wants to go out to do his personal business.

With the EVP captured by Jason's bike, the possible intelligent orb captured in a photo, when I asked Jason to appear by his bike. The feelings of Jason's presence - as felt by Deanna, I would have to say that this home is being visited by Jason. Jason has such a caring and loving family, it was hard to leave this home tonight. Godspeed to Jason!

Special Note: Knowing that this will be a long night, sorting through the evidence, Deanna and I stopped at Del Taco to get our iced coffee to keep us awake tonight. As soon as I got home, Hi-Pee and Hannah knew we cheated on them with Linda's two dogs and they demanded a walk, so I gave them a 2nd walk to Merwin F. Rose Park. Now that I am back from that walk, I can finish this article once and for all.

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Interdimensional Vortexes Taking People!

By Paul Dale Roberts, HPI Esoteric Detective
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Nepal is right next to Tibet. Legend has it that there is an interdimensional vortex in Tibet. This vortex has introduced the world to the legendary Shambhala, that also inspired the legendary Shangri-La. Below are comments that are credited to various news agencies, Wikipedia and me.

According to Wikipedia:
Shangri-La is a fictional place described in the 1933 novel Lost Horizon by British author James Hilton. Hilton describes Shangri-La as a mystical, harmonious valley, gently guided from a lamasery, enclosed in the western end of the Kunlun Mountains. Shangri-La has become synonymous with any earthly paradise, and particularly a mythical Himalayan utopia. In the novel Lost Horizon, the people who live at Shangri-La are almost immortal, living years beyond the normal lifespan and only very slowly aging in appearance. Special Note from Paul: Ancient aliens, angels and other extraterrestrial beings are known to have a long lifespan. Ancient man according to our own Bible would live for hundreds of years, even thousands of years. The word also evokes the imagery of exoticism of the Orient. In the ancient Tibetan scriptures, existence of seven such places is mentioned as Nghe-Beyul Khembalung.

Some scholars believe that the Shangri-La story owes a literary debt to Shambhala, a mythical kingdom in Tibetan Buddhist tradition, which was sought by Eastern and Western explorers.

Could a US Military Helicopter have vanished because of the interdimensional portal near and around Shambhala? Read on:

Crews are continuing the search for a missing U.S. military chopper and its eight passengers after it vanished Tuesday somewhere in the cloaked and craggy Himalayan hillside of Nepal.

But there remains no contact from the UH-1Y Huey, military officials say, even though the helicopter was equipped with a GPS device, radio and emergency beacon. Its unexplained disappearance has left even experienced helicopter pilots perplexed. "It's baffling," retired Army helicopter pilot Jim Weatherill told NBC News on Thursday. "Why isn't the emergency beacon transmitting a frequency to where they might be?"

The Huey vanished late Tuesday night following a magnitude-7.3 aftershock that rocked Nepal earlier that day, killing at least 96 people. The chopper was on its way to deliver aid in the hard-hit district of Dolakha, east of Kathmandu. Six Americans and two Nepalese service members were on board.

Defense Department officials have said there were no reports of smoke or a loud bang indicating that the aircraft crashed. Two Marine MV-22B Osprey tiltrotor aircraft have been combing a search area.

Army Col. Steve Warren, a Pentagon spokesman, said a helicopter from India reported hearing about a possible fuel problem with the Huey. The Marines had just dropped off their supplies in one location and were on their way to a second stop when they lost contact.

What can we learn about the Dragon's Triangle. Awww…it's a lot like the Bermuda Triangle, in fact if you placed a straight line through the Earth from the Bermuda Triangle, the other end would be the Dragon's Triangle. Remarkable eh? Read on:

The Devil's Sea , also known as the Dragon's Triangle, the Formosa (Taiwan) Triangle and the "Pacific Bermuda Triangle", is a region of the Pacific around Miyake Island, about 100 km south of Tokyo. The Devil's sea is one of 12 Vile Vortices, originally plotted by Ivan T. Sanderson. The size and area varies with the report (the only reports stem from the 1950s), with various reports placing it 110 kilometres (68 mi) from an unspecified part of Japan's east coast, 480 kilometres (300 mi) from the coast, and even near Iwo Jima, 1,200 kilometres (750 mi) from the coast.

This area is said to be a danger zone on Japanese maps, according to Charles Berlitz's books The Bermuda Triangle (1974) and The Dragon's Triangle (1989). He states that in the peacetime years between 1952-54 Japan lost 5 military vessels with crews lost totaling over 700 people and that the Japanese government sent a research vessel with over 100 scientists on board to study the Devil's Sea, and that this ship too vanished; and finally that the area was officially declared a danger zone.

According to Larry Kusche's investigation, these "military vessels" were fishing vessels, and some of them were lost outside the Devil's Sea, even as far away as near Iwo Jima, 1000 km to the south. He also points out that, at that time, hundreds of fishing boats were lost around Japan every year.

Malaysia Airlines Flight 370 (MH370/MAS370) was a scheduled international passenger flight that disappeared on 8 March 2014, while flying from Kuala Lumpur International Airport near Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, to Beijing Capital International Airport in Beijing, China. Flight 370 last made voice contact with air traffic control at 01:19 MYT (17:19 UTC, 7 March) when it was over the South China Sea, less than an hour after takeoff. The aircraft disappeared from air traffic controllers' radar screens at 01:21.[3][4] Malaysian military radar continued to track Flight 370 as it deviated from its planned flight path and crossed the Malay Peninsula. Flight 370 left the range of Malaysian military radar at 02:22 while over the Andaman Sea, 200 nautical miles (370 km; 230 mi) northwest of Penang in northwestern Malaysia.[5]:3[6] The aircraft, a Boeing 777-200ER, was carrying 12 Malaysian crew members and 227 passengers from 15 nations.

A multinational search effort began in the Gulf of Thailand and the South China Sea, where the flight's signal was lost on secondary surveillance radar, and was soon extended to the Strait of Malacca and Andaman Sea. Analysis of satellite communications between the aircraft and Inmarsat's satellite communications network concluded that the flight continued until at least 08:19 MYT and flew south into the southern Indian Ocean, although the precise location cannot be determined; Australia took charge of the search effort on 17 March, when the search shifted to the southern Indian Ocean. On 24 March 2014, the Malaysian government, noting that the final location determined by the satellite communication is far from any possible landing sites, concluded that "flight MH370 ended in the southern Indian Ocean." The current phase of the search is a comprehensive search of the seafloor about 1,800 kilometres (1,100 mi) southwest of Perth, Australia, which began in October 2014. Despite being the largest and most expensive search in aviation history, there has been no confirmation of any flight debris, resulting in speculations about its disappearance.

From Paul: How is it that a large airline like Flight 370 disappear without leaving any kind of trace of wreckage or bodies? With the huge search party and large areas of search, something should have turned up. How can a 21st military helicopter disappear in Nepal? With all of the advanced tracking devices that this helicopter is equipped with, we can't get a reading on its location. How is this even possible? Is there a UFO / alien connection? On average, 90,000 people are missing in the USA at any given time, according to Todd Matthews from the National Missing and Unidentified Persons System, or NamUs, a national database for missing people. Some of these people never turn up ever again. I am talking about missing people in the USA, now if we looked at statistics for missing people every year throughout the world, you are talking millions. Where are all of these people going? Why do some UFO abductees say that they see other people on board Mother Ships? Why is this information being suppressed from us? What does the military and our government know?

Is the government trading off extraterrestrial technology with aliens and allowing them to abduct us for experiments, harvesting or propagation for other worlds? What's really going on? Please if you have the answer, I want to know!

5/12/2015: Log In: Time of Call: 1430 Hours. Type of Call: Paranormal Hotline. Name of Caller: Leban Chron. Location of Call: LaGrange, Missouri. Situation: Almost on a nightly basis, Leban has visions or nightmares of a basket that is being lowered from his bedroom ceiling. Inside the basket is an Asian woman with a small frame. At first she is attractive, but then she will look hideous, she will look demonic. In the morning, Leban will have scratches on the lower part of his abdomen. Leban believes that he acquired this demon from a witch in Thailand. His story continues. While Leban was stationed in Korea, he did some R&R in Thailand, being a single guy he went to a massage parlor in Bangkok. At the parlor he hired 3 women for a "Spin the Basket". Two of the women will lie on the bed with Leban and accommodate him sexually, causing arousal. Then the ladies will lower the basket and inside the basket is a gorgeous small framed Asian girl with her legs lifted in the air inside the wicker basket. The basket has a hole on the bottom. The basket is gently lowered upon the man. There is plenty of lubrication, then after the basket is lowered on the man, the 2 girls will spin the basket. They will continue to spin the basket, until the man has reached climax. Leban experienced this pleasure and when he departed, he took the money from the counter that he gave to the 3 ladies. When one of the ladies discovered what Leban did, it was too late, Leban was out the door and in the crowded street. One of the ladies that Leban remembers had a strange tattoo on her face. Leban says that the tattoo reminded him of the occult because the tattoo had a goat's head and an all-seeing eye. Leban believes that this lady-of-the-night was a witch and placed a curse on him. Special Note: I am having Leban get a full submersion baptism. He agrees to the baptism.

Special Note: Customs are very different in Asia. In the Philippines and China, they are known to eat dog. When I had dinner with this one family in Korea, they served me Bulgogi over rice. It was so delicious. At some point of time, the Korean family started laughing at me, I asked them why were they laughing at me and the mother says: "you eat dog!" The family served me dog without me knowing about it. It was my last dinner with this family. Another time in Korea, my buddy bought his girlfriend a puppy. Two weeks later we went back there and the boyfriend asked his girlfriend where the puppy was and the girlfriend says: "I eat puppy!" Her boyfriend was devastated with the news and found her disgusting, he left her for another woman. In Eai-Tai-Won - I ate 'chick-on-stick'. It was my initiation for being in Seoul, Korea - Yongsan Barracks. My fellow soldiers took me to a freelance vendor that had baby chicks in cages behind him. To the left of the vendor was a pot of boiling oil. One of the soldiers orders the chick-on-stick for me. The vendor grabs a chick from the cage and impales it with a stick. He instantly takes the baby chick and dips it into boiling oil. When he pulls out the cooked chick, he seasons it and dips a bit of the chick in ketchup and hands it over to me. Paul.


The Sky Gods

The Sky Gods
by: Deanna Jaxine Stinson, Mythologist
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1 Hour of Fantasy Music;

Fantasy Music Playlist;

I remember most the moments in my life when I would stare into the sky in wonderment. The sky is so incredible and important to mankind. The colors of the sky are constantly changing in order to switch the day into night. My mood changes with the glow in the air. When the sunrises it is like a burning flame at the end of a long night transitioning into a peaceful and busy afternoon. The evenings are calmer and more relaxed unless it is a weekend in which I want the full moon to be shining brightly over me so that I know I am indeed in a magical world where my heart's desire is led by the call of the wild.

Another unique thing about the sky is that you have to look up to notice it. There is a whole other world up there flying around above us. There is birds, planes and even UFO's. The rules are different when you are up there and you are in a higher realm than those who are grounded. Heaven itself must dwell up there in the high skies? That's where I imagine the God's to be. If they are there at all like our ancestors say. They all say this so how could we not respect the glory of the Gods?

Here next I am going to introduce you to some of our sky Gods. Remember if you feel a pull at your soul from the God's above you are free to worship them in love. Don't ever let someone force you into a religion that you do not want to be in it will always be like you are living a lie. Be strong and follow your hearts;

Hathor is represented by a cow throughout ancient Egypt. She is the divine goddess of the sky. The eye of Ra, which is symbolic for Hathor, is seen as a red solar symbol to signify the red glow in the sky before the rise of the morning star and eventually the sun. The Milky Way above was often referred to as the Nile River above. In legendary stories of Egypt there are many who were said to be born of the Nile River including Moses who was floated in a basket down the river. Yocheved, Moses' mother at three months old sets the baby in the basket, floating him down the river ultimately sealing his fate to belong with the Pharaoh's royal family. Hathor ultimately was worshipped in this area as well as a sky being. She has also been known as the lady of the stars and has associations with the star Sirius. Her birthday is celebrated when Sirius first appears in the sky and this also meant the inundation of the Nile River.

Jupiter is the Roman god of the sky and thunder. His emblem was of an eagle and it represented his status as sky god. It was carved into ancient coins just like in America today. The eagle would be holding a thunderbolt in its claws. Jupiter is the king of the Gods. He personified the realm of authority over ancient Rome. Sacrifices made to this God were white ox and lamb. Jupiter is also known as Jove or Zeus.

Zeus is the Greek god of the sky. His wife is Hera. He is perhaps one of the most respected Gods there is. He is honored as the king and all bow to him. There were many cults that worshipped him and even ones that thought that he resided underground.

Next, I am going to introduce you to some sky creatures that are commonly associated in mythology with that airy world; Angels Angels are commonly seen as human like creatures with wings. However, an angel can appear as a luminous glowing light. Angels are messengers to the Gods, oftentimes carrying out the signal to start holy wars and to signify miracles. Angels can protect humans from the evil powers of the world. They are selfless creatures who enjoy music and love.

The Pegasus is one of the more legendary creatures from Greek mythology.

The Pegasus is a flying horse. A flying unicorn is a pegacorn. He was originally sired by the God Poseidon. He has flown through Heaven itself. There is a constellation in the night sky called Pegasus.
Pegasus created a stream in the ground with his hoof. The name of the spring is Hippocrene, which means the horse's fountain. The legend was that whoever drank from this stream was gifted with the ability to write great poetry.

A sprite is a fairy or an elf. Derived from the Latin spiritus or spirit, it also once meant "soul" or "ghost." (Dictionary) . In some forms of magic, sprites are said to be referred to as the element of air itself. A sprite is an air sign creature that lives in the spiritual world. Sprites can also be other elementals.

I think the greatest stories of the God's are the ones in which they inspire human beings to do incredible things. Sometimes all it takes is to tell someone that you love them or they are special to make them soar through the sky with happiness. The creatures of the sky and the stories that they inspire cause me to want to believe in incredible things that don't seem probable but may just be possible with the help of the God's.

The Sky Gods - A Poem by Deanna
In a world that must be like heaven
Is a paradise of supreme knowledge
Ultimate power, honor and love
From this I find my courage

The moon looks like a halo
The stars are wings wrapped around Earth I can see the valley when the river is low Hearts pound to great mirth

What difference would I find?
From looking above with the angels
Then down like I am to the ground
Only the sky Gods know


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Legends of a Living World

Legends of a Living World
by: Deanna Jaxine Stinson, Investigative Journalist
Halo Paranormal Investigations - HPI International!/groups/HPIinternational/
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Living Goddesses-
Goddess after Earthquake-
The Gift of Sight-

Perhaps things would seem a lot different if we could see the living legends unfolding before us at the moment they are written. Did those who were living through important events in history know just how important their part in the world would be or did they simply live for a purpose that could only be known through God's eyes. The pieces of the past that shape the future are not always known. Legends take form in front of us every day; stories, music, masterpieces are being recorded right in plain sight.

We are painting pictures, composing melodies and it's staying in the world when we die. We are looking forward, backwards and oblivious through time. If we could see with the eyes of God what would our perspectives be? As our hands unclasp to worship a God we do not know through art, prayer, meditation, eating, drinking, having, and giving, are we being observed through the eyes of something even greater? Do you feel the angels around you when something important happens in your life? Haven't they always been recorded in some of the most beautiful works of art and music? The enchanted living legends today are telling us stories about our current state of spiritual affairs and everyone in Heaven is watching.

Below, I have included some enchanted stories of the divine. These are the living legends of our time. The amazing, incredible and awesome things that are happening now and have happened in the past as a sign to our ancestors that their Gods and Goddess are watching and caring and that they will never leave humanity to be alone and afraid in a mysterious world. A protector of worlds is watching over you and sending you love, hoping the messages of peace spread throughout all the dimensions of the universe. The messages are inspirational and courageous, positive forces combating the nonsense of evil and victory triumphs peace and love over all else because that is what the soul thrives on; forever. You will never be alone. I hope you find strength in this.

Living Goddesses
In Nepal there is a legend surrounding the tiny goddess. She is worshipped as an actual child. Her face is ceremoniously painted red and she is carried around by her guards. A third eye is drawn onto her forehead representing the unseen world. She is a symbol of beauty and grace. She is the Kumari Devi. Her manner is meek and mild. She giggles and speaks in a playful way. These children are the incarnation of the Goddess Taleju. They live in Temples, and are carried in chariots until they start menstruation. The symbolism of this is shown through a red snake and for one to dream of a red snake is an association with this goddess. Taleju appeared to the King of Nepal legends say until a change occurred and she vowed never to see him again and if he wanted to he would have to wait for her incarnation as a child. There are many different variations.

The living Goddess is definitely something to think about. A child is worshipped for her pure qualities as the essence of the divine. Today this goddess exists and she holds quite a powerful key to the past and future. She who eternally unlocks immortality and is reborn again each time into a pure breath of heaven on Earth. She is the living Goddess of Nepal. A girl filled with wonder, luck and innocence. An astounding piece of poetry spelled out into different words and stories yet, the essence remains the same. The legends of the living rival the stories of the dead. Kumari Devi you are a strong willed spirit. Taleju is the multi armed slayer of demons… The living goddess.

Spell Books and Medicine
Some of the greatest pieces of the past are the legendary magicians of folklore. The tales of magic cross every culture and era of the world that is has become common to associate ourselves with wizards and warlocks today and not even take a special notice. In biblical times, witches and warlocks were burned for their powerful ways yet they were around before this. The ways of the world were perfected through experimentation, special knowledge and a little help from the gods.

Potions and medicines seemed to be popular back in the middle ages and is there any truth to them? The truth is that you can cure ailments with herbs yet these quick fixes were actually considered witchcraft back in the day. Recording these findings was like writing a spell into a book.

We have glorified the science of nature.

Have you noticed the universal sign for modern medicine? A staff with a serpent? This is a Caduceus. Hermes, is the great messenger between humankind and the Gods. As a gift of healing, the Gods gave him a staff which became his symbol. Another symbol, the staff of Asclepius was said to have been presented earlier than the Caduceus and it's roots are in Greek mythology. Asclepius is the god of medicine. Snakeskin itself is a symbol for healing and regeneration, as a snake sheds its skin to grow a new one. Spell books and medicine have become entwined in much the same way that mythology has entered living science and astronomy in our modern world. Medicine today is a huge piece of our civilizations.

Well, what then becomes of the world that we are all working to fix and make perfect? What becomes of a place that was broken, uncivilized, always changing when it is time to stand still for the picture and freeze the moments into time what should we be remembered for? Our place in time is one of diversity and change yet, it is a path that is not original. We are all soldiers to fate and circumstance no matter what we do. What will become of our stories and memories when we have gone from the Earth? Eternity is a place we are all trying to get there but nobody has proof yet that it exists because no one has come back from it.

The Holy Bible
With the emergence of the universal Holy bible comes the destruction of many ancient, traditional and respected religions from the old worlds.

There was a time in history when stories that brought shame and unique perspective were immediately destroyed. With the holy bible so popular and widespread it would be hard to believe that our lives would make sense without knowledge of this artifact. Gravestones, marriages and other important events are now marked by the Christian God and if he had not conquered the ancient land, what God or Goddess would be there in his place? Perhaps he started his reign through the use of powerful men but nowadays women have a voice. Many women are able to express their selves better through the divine feminine rather than through an overbearing sexist God. I am hoping that from now on the legendary things that women accomplish will be treasured and not erased from history. From this point on I think that once women are written into history that a sense of respect will reappear in future generations and it is my hope that this happens. Not that other religions has this problems but many western religions do such as; Christianity, Catholicism and Jewish.

I hope that new Gods and Goddess can still be born into our world and that we don't let the past block the present or the future. I would rather be open to new ideas endlessly than agree to rest eternally. The spiritual world is mysterious, powerful and open to everyone. We are searching for something here and perhaps we cannot find it in time because we are seeking something that has already existed and served its purpose. The concept of helplessness to the whole universe and the idea of needing a savior should be experimented with. Imagine being born to value the Gods yet at the same time realize our true potential without falling into slavery to the next world as the Kings and Queens pass by we let them order us into our coffins and take our souls away. Maybe there is a way that we can truly become into our real powers and survive these overwhelming pacts we have with the divine world. What ancient power will awake when I knock at the door to my own heart knowing that I am the goddess who can answer the calling of my own suffering and overcome it myself to reach my own immortality and leave behind the feeling of being victimized by the world and my destiny as a human being doomed to mortality? What great power is this…that dwells within each of us? Will we be able to help the Gods then when they need saving? When their stories die and are cast out into the sea water and left forgotten until they resurface again? Yes, we pull out the statues of ancient times and show them once again the sun. Let us seek this power that is in each of us then and harness the stars to our hearts like armors that we will each wear as we prepare for our Earthly deaths.


DRAWN BY RICHARD VASSEUER - BE ON THE LOOKOUT FOR DELILAH'S STORY! Delilah is a one year old cat. She is a medium-haired deep gray with a white heart on her chest and blue eyes. She lives in a fabric shop in Paris, France that specializes in expensive lace. At night she is free to wander the city (also during the day if she spots a rat or just gets bored she will leave.) When she smells fish she goes into a trance and wanders off she can't help herself and she has gotten into many predicaments this way. Her favorite joy is to sneak past the guards at the Eiffel Tower and go to the top where she likes to watch the birds and the people look through the goggles that take coins. She also enjoys a good picnic but only on expensive fabrics. Delilah is a dreamer and is constantly fantasizing adventures in faraway places and has adventures of her own every day in Paris, France.
One day she stopped a thief from stealing wallets and purses by tripping him in front of her favorite guard. Sometimes he sees her and lets her slip by as long as she brings him a coin or a feather. Delilah's owner is a single woman and dates a lot of men who take her on trips for weeks at a time. Delilah has sometimes followed the men home from the shop to check their activities and she lets her owner know how she feels about them. Delilah is a very polite kitty who is also very clever.

Sunday, May 10, 2015

Orbs and Chemtrails Coming Soon to Your Area!

It never seems to fail that when I am the most overwhelmed with things that I need to do something incredible just walks in and dumps on my lap. April 28th was one of those days;

I was sitting at my desk trying to catch up on some work when I opened my Face Book page to check to see if I had remembered to post something . As soon as I opened my page a message dropped open from one of my Face Book friends Judi Giramonti who is the host of Darkness Within Radio show that can be found in a Face Book search.  Judi sent me  a few photos she had just taken while out on a day trip to Cliffs Shaft Mine Museum

Judi was thinking about doing some research at the mine as it is known  to be haunted. Judi spent the day taking pictures of the area  when she noticed something odd in the sky that was moving over the Mine area as she took her photos. She sent me the pictures which I immediately noticed was of a sky filled with feathered long chemtrails along with a strange looking cloudy Orb looking sort of gas like craft slowly moving over the Old Mine location.

 I thought it was all very odd and did think it looked to be some type of Orb like plasma filled craft that may have had some connection to the chemical spraying going on over the sky that day. I told Judi what I thought and kept the photos as I wanted to add them to my collection of Orbs. I wanted to add these new photos of Judi's talem at tje  Old Mines location in  Ishpeming Michigan. The date Judi took the photos of the odd craft was April 27th 2015

That night of April 28th my sister called me to ask if I had seen the article in the New York Post Newspaper about the UFO sighting over the Bronx New York. She said many people had witnessed a large Orb like UFO over the Bruckner Expressway area and someone had been able to snap a photo of the object. My sister brought over the article for me and I was shocked at once at the similarities to what Judi had just seen at the Old Mine.

When I read the New York Post Newspaper article and looked at the photo that was taken of the event at the Old Mine it was clearly very similar to the object and sky that was captured by Judi. The sky was covered with chem- trial activity all over the New York sky plus the photo also displayed a gaseous Orb like craft crossing the skyline 

  The article reported witnesses calling in a flying spaceship over 14th Street and  Bruckner's Expressway about 630 PM as well as another report calling in a large fire ball swooshing across the sky. Another call reported a group of bright lights crossing the night sky at incredible speed about 11; 30 PM from a man looking at the sky while on the roof of his Bronx Apartment building, It was very interesting  the way both sightings looked so much alike as well as the fact both obviously were flying in skies covered with chemical  spraying clearly seen feathering out across the sky. The  most interesting fact is that both events and photos were taken on the same day which was April 27th 2015.

I think it is clear that now that with the warmer weather returning it is also time for us to pay attention to the sky and what is happening over our heads as we go about the business of everyday life, It is clear that the unknown crafts that fly our skies are not only still there they seem to be making no attempt not to be seen, Pay attention to your surrounding and use common sense protecting yourself and those around you if you do encounter something you do not understand keep your distance , take a photo if possible and quickly find other people to support your safety and add to those who can confirm what you are seeing,   

April  27th 2015

   Copyright © 2011-2015 Chris Holly's Endless Journey with the Unknown

UFO Nightsky Observation in Grass Valley

UFO Nightsky Observation in Grass Valley
By Paul Dale Roberts, HPI Esoteric Detective
Halo Paranormal Investigations - HPI International!/groups/HPIinternational/
Paranormal Hotline: (916) 203-7503 - 4 Advice & Investigations



SPECIAL NOTE: On this night, I did the Lori Schulz Show - The Dirt and discussed the Grass Valley investigation. Lori in turn talked about her UFO experience that she had in Grass Valley. Later HPI paranormal investigator Dusty Graves talked about his haunted doll and the doll's connection to the movie 'Poltergeist'. You can find some of Lori's shows right here:

Photo Slide of this Investigation:

Deanna and Jaime Discuss Haunted Location:

Rod Briefs Deanna and the Group

Briefing at Elsler Memorial Cemetery:

At the Cemetery

Date to be there: May 9, 2015, Saturday / Time to be there: 1700 Hours. Investigating historical graveyards in Grass Valley - Where to meet: xxxxxxx- Grass Valley, CA / Contact Person: Rod
Engberson - Special Note: Rod lives in the rural area of Grass Valley and surrounding his home are many small local cemeteries. I think this will be a fun adventure to explore these small cemeteries and see what we can find historically and also what paranormal activity may be detected at these cemeteries. Future Contact: Tim Corcoran 92581177177 Email:

Paranormal Investigator Mark Bales shows up at our house at 2:30pm and he will be riding with us to Grass Valley in the Rusty Anomaly (my Kia Forte). On our way to Grass Valley, Mark Bales treated Deanna and I, to Fosters Freeze - at 403 Grass Valley Hwy, Auburn, CA. We all had a vanilla -chocolate covered ice cream cone. So delicious.


Paul Dale Roberts - Co-Owner; Rod Engberson - Sensitive; Deanna Jaxines Stinson - Sensitive - Co-Owner; Mark Bales; Victoria Autumn - Security; Dusty Graves; Jaime-Lynn Hazzard; Rick Eddy; Trevor Pariani; Alaceo 'Big Al' Rosatano; Hi-Pee - Psychic and Princess Hannah - Psychic.

On this day and night, we visited four cemeteries. They were: Elster Memorial Cemetery; Loney-Sanford Ranch Cemetery, Historic Indian Springs Cemetery and the Historic Clear Creek Cemetery. There was one cemetery in which Hi-Pee and Princess Hannah were chasing an unseen thing. They then cornered this unseen thing and I snapped a photo. There was nothing in my photo, so what were they chasing? Was it a ghost? I bring the dogs to the cemeteries, because they have natural ESP and dogs and various other animals like cats and horses can detect an entity or entities. Deanna was detecting an area of the cemetery where she felt nauseated. The same area Jaime felt dizzy. I attempted to get an EVP at this location and obtained an EVP that says "I died". At another cemetery, Deanna felt an odd sensation and I was able to obtain an EVP that said "Harold" after I asked the entity what his name was. Dusty found 3 gravestones in which a father was buried with his 2 young sons. The 2 young sons died an early death, so most likely the father visited the graves of his 2 young sons and was anguished by their deaths. This deceased father's middle initial is "H", could H stand for Harold? At another cemetery, Dusty obtained an EVP that sounds like a gasping sound by a female. When he obtained this EVP, we were standing over a grave of a woman that had a gravesite filled with crystals, her name was Janie (not Jaime - like Dusty's wife's name). Janie's real name was LaVonna. Jaime discovered this grave and Deanna visualized the grave turning to water with a dark blue, and then sea green colored gentle waves. Deanna later visualized seeing the dirt underneath the grave, but no coffin. When Deanna saw this she felt a feeling of being sea sick on the water. Is it possible that LaVonna may have drowned in the ocean and that there is no body at this gravesite, because her body was actually lost at sea? Jaime theorized that there was no body at this gravesite, because the middle part of the grave was nothing but a hole. We also obtained an unintelligible EVP, I could not make out the word or words. Hi-Pee on 3 different occasions had foxtails in his paws that made him limp. Deanna came to his rescue all 3 times and took out those nasty foxtails. Hi-Pee was like the lion with the thorn in his paw and instantly bonded again with his savior.

With night vision goggles, telescope, binoculars, signaling lights, cameras at the ready, we started observing the night skies. We saw over 34 satellites, a few drones, some conventional aircraft. The strange things that we saw was one satellite that was very bright, then blinked out. Was this a satellite or a UFO? Then we saw 2 satellites following each other, then one powers up and then the other one powers up. Again....was this satellites or UFOs? I don't know of any satellites that 'power up'. Beale AFB is nearby, so possibly UFOs may be observing the activity at this base. One can only guess. We saw other satellites that powered up and we have no explanation for it. Our UFO Hunt ended at midnight and it was time for the long trek back home. Another UFO Hunt under my belt with no clear cut answers on what we saw.


On this night, we did our UFO Hunt at Rod's grandparent's home and we had a full view of the night sky. Close by is Bald Hill. Rod mentions that there is a lot of paranormal activity at Bald Hill. I made contact with Nian Wisenhouse, a former resident of Grass Valley. Nian says that one time he camped out near Bald Hill with his high school buddies and they saw Shadow People moving about in the trees and bushes. Nian confirms that Bald Hill is truly haunted and he feels it has to do with the native American Indians that once lived on this land.

While observing the night skies for UFOs, Rick Eddy tells the investigators a true paranormal story. Rick knows of a house that constantly catches fire in the same location of the house. There is damage where the fire is located, but there is no damage to the house that is away from the fire. Like with Spontaneous Human Combustion where the victim catches fire and nothing around it is damaged, the same thing goes with this house. The fire always occurs in one part of the house and the rest of the house is left untouched. It's a baffling mystery for the firefighters. The firefighters do not know what is causing this frequent fire.

Paul Dale Roberts, HPI Esoteric Detective
aka The Demon Warrior

Halo Paranormal Investigations (HPI International)

Saturday, May 2, 2015

The Lightning Pixie of Green Valley Vortex

The Lightning Pixie of the Green Valley Vortex
By Paul Dale Roberts, HPI Esoteric Detective
Halo Paranormal Investigations - HPI International!/groups/HPIinternational/
Paranormal Hotline: (916) 203-7503 - 4 Advice & Investigations

I must say I do go on a lot of investigations and I write a lot of paranormal articles. With each article is my contact information. I get text messages, telephone calls and emails constantly from people who have stories to tell or who want to know more information. Below is an email I recently received:

"Hello Mr. Roberts, my name is Howard. I guess from reading all about your investigations, you have become pretty legendary in the paranormal circus. Let me tell you about my circus act at the Green Valley Vortex. Sit back, because I kid you not, this is some real stuff. This really happened dude. I just want to let you know I did some camping at the Green Valley Vortex last year and plan to do some more camping this year. The area is definitely odd. What did you feel when you went up there? My buddy Todd and I felt very lightheaded when we walked into a certain areas where the trees were all bent over.

Todd and myself camped out there for two nights and on one night it rained and that is when some crazy xxxxx happened. We saw lightning hit a tree limb and after it hit, there was this little creature made up of the lightning itself standing on the tree limb. The creature couldn't have been no more than 4 or 5 inches high and it was made up of electricity. The creature seemed to be skipping on the limb and then jumped down to the ground and started walking around. This lightning pixie seemed to take notice of us and at one point of time, it pointed it's little finger at us and shot out a lightning bolt. The bolt did not hit us, but missed us. It hit the ground roughly 3 yards away from us.

We watched this little creature for about 10 minutes, when all of a sudden a large beam hit the little pixie and it was beamed up into the cloudy night skies. Has anyone else seen a pixie in the Green Valley Vortex or are we the only crazy people that seen xxxx like this. I know the two high school kids saw a UFO and a alien robot chased them through the woods. I guess their story would be as crazy as our story. Please let me know if you plan to re-investigate the Green Valley Vortex, because there is something truly unusual going on at this location. It may be another Skinwalker Ranch. I do believe there is a portal at the Green Valley Vortex. Would you agree?"


An Answer from Paul Dale Roberts - HPI Fortean Investigator:

I have only investigated the Green Valley Vortex once and even though I did not acquire any substantial proof that paranormal events occur there, I would still love to go back and conduct a more thorough investigation. With as many people that claim to have experienced paranormal events in this area, I truly believe there must be some kind of explanation on why so many people are witnessing the paranormal. Yes, the Green Valley Vortex warrants another investigation.

To learn about my previous investigation, stop by this link:

5/2/2015: Lisa Aduna-Haas HR Block 8645 Elk Grove Blvd, Elk Grove

Interview with Noel Desilets, Paranormal Experiencer and Musician for the Band Ash Black.
Interviewed by Paul Dale Roberts, HPI General Manager

Question: First off tell us something about yourself. Maybe something about your family life, schools you may have attended, work that you do, etc.

Answer: Well I grew up in Tucson, AZ. I lived in the house I grew up in for most of life. My husband and I have been married for almost 18 years and we recently relocated to California to be closer to my mother. My father died about 9 years ago. As far as a job goes I work with people who are developmentally disabled and I provide home care for the elderly.

Question: You have a very interesting story. It appears that you have been experiencing the paranormal all your life, can you please explain how it started off?

Answer: Honestly I'm not sure when it started, it's just always been an interest of mine since I was little. The thought of a ghost used to scare the crap out of me. After a few up close and personal experiences, I just chose not to be scared anymore. I can control the situation or I can be bullied by these unseen forces. Not that I believe all ghosts are bullies, I've had many wonderful experiences as well, but at one point of time I was being picked on.

Question: Please talk about some of the paranormal experiences that you have experienced throughout your life.

Answer: As I got older and started actually paying attention to what was going on around me, I realized that I could sense when there was a threatening, dark or evil (however you want to say it) presence that I may pick up on. I don't think that's a "unique" ability, I believe we all have it, we just don't always acknowledge it.

One night I was home alone, and I felt very nervous and scared, so I slept with the hall light on….I was laying in bed and felt like something was wrong, I opened my eyes to a HUGE black shadow standing over me. Very demonic in form and it was reaching for me. I could see the form so well because it was perfectly back lit by the hall light. I immediately turned on my light and of course it was gone. I began to pray (I have a very strong faith in God) and I commanded it to leave my house and leave me alone. The house was immediately calm and so was I. I have had many experiences like that but more just feeling the evil around me, messing with me and it can be nerve wracking at times. I refuse to fear it and I fight it, I won't be messed with.

For a more pleasant experience…As I mentioned before I lost my father. We were very close (as I am with my parents) and he literally died in my arms as I promised he would, (he had cancer). I kept telling him how I loved him, as he was in his last moments and everytime I did he took another breath, so my mom told me I needed to quit doing that and let him go. So that's what I did and he took his last breath. A couple days later I arrived back in AZ with some stuff of his that I kept. I was sitting alone in the living room and I heard 3 distinct knocks on the door leading to the garage. No one uses that door, but my Dad always used it to go in and out, when he lived there. I opened the door and there was no one there. A few days later I was sitting with a friend in the living room and again and heard the 3 distinct knocks. I ignored it, waiting to see if she heard it also. Sure enough she said "Noel there's someone at your door." I said there wasn't and she didn't believe me so we went to the door and opened it and there was no one there….I said hi to my Dad and asked him too be cool, because he was scaring my friend (and he always loved to scare people).

One time I was working an overnighter at a home for adults with D.D. My staff told me the house was haunted, but I took it with a grain of salt until that night. I was in the office when I heard a blood curdling scream, something out of a horror movie. I ran through the house and checked on everyone and they were all sleeping. When I got back to the office there was that wicked feeling again and I could smell sulfur. I confronted it for the better part of 2 hours off and on. I was pissed because it wasn't just me getting messed with, this entity was also messing with my clients and putting them at risk. It eventually left and no one ever had experiences in that house again.

Question: Why do you think that paranormal activities are part of your life?

Answer: I honestly don't know.

Question: Do you think that the paranormal activities that you experience have something to do with your creative energy that you exert with your band Ash Black?

Answer: Possibly, I've never really thought about it. But my music is definitely my outlet. I write all the lyrics (for the most part) and they are based on personal experiences from all kinds of things. Our song "Fear" was written about the time in my life before I chose not to be scared of the paranormal and had a lot of nightmares and such.

Question: Does the band Ash Black have a website? How can someone contact you?


Question: On a personal level, can you tell me about your recreational activities and hobbies besides playing in a band and ghosthunting on the side?

Answer: I like to work out with my mom, it's good "mommy and me" time. I LOVE cartoons and collecting them on DVD. My favorite it is to sit in bed with my hubby and 2 cats and watch some "Superfriends"!

Question: You have some unusual tattoos, can you tell me what some of the tattoos represent?

Answer: I have one for my Father with a Columbian Red Tail boa and a black panther, we are a family of animal lovers and one point we had like 50 different kinds of snakes including the boa who was our favorite. Her name was Simon. I got one of a drunk turkey, yes I said turkey, with my grandfather's name underneath "Virgil" He like to drink Wild Turkey. And course I have some of my favorite characters: Scooby Doo, Mickey Mouse, The Flintsones and The Jetsons. That's just a few.

Question: This ends the interview, any words of wisdoms to our readers?

Answer: Fear is a natural reaction to what we don't know…but we can choose not to let it control us. Face your fears, you'll be stronger for it.

Note: Noel is a HPI Paranormal Investigator-in-training, tonight on Sept 11, 2009 is her first investigation with HPI. Good luck Noel.

Delilah is a one year old cat. She is a medium-haired deep gray with a white heart on her chest and blue eyes. She lives in a fabric shop in Paris, France that specializes in expensive lace. At night she is free to wander the city (also during the day if she spots a rat or just gets bored she will leave.) When she smells fish she goes into a trance and wanders off she can't help herself and she has gotten into many predicaments this way. Her favorite joy is to sneak past the guards at the Eiffel Tower and go to the top where she likes to watch the birds and the people look through the goggles that take coins. She also enjoys a good picnic but only on expensive fabrics. Delilah is a dreamer and is constantly fantasizing adventures in faraway places and has adventures of her own every day in Paris, France.
One day she stopped a thief from stealing wallets and purses by tripping him in front of her favorite guard. Sometimes he sees her and lets her slip by as long as she brings him a coin or a feather. Delilah's owner is a single woman and dates a lot of men who take her on trips for weeks at a time. Delilah has sometimes followed the men home from the shop to check their activities and she lets her owner know how she feels about them. Delilah is a very polite kitty who is also very clever.

Paul Dale Roberts, HPI Esoteric Detective
aka The Demon Warrior

Halo Paranormal Investigations (HPI International)!/groups/HPIinternational/

Paranormal Cellular Hotline: For Investigation or Advice: 916 203 7503

The Trouble with Curses

The Trouble With Cursesby: Deanna Jaxine Stinson, Curse Researcher
Halo Paranormal Investigations - HPI International!/groups/HPIinternational/
Paranormal Hotline: (916) 203-7503 - 4 Advice & Investigations
5 Most Haunted Cars Ever
Angel of War Mix^

What is a curse? You may be thinking... Is it bad luck, death, horror?

Where did it come from? Who and why would someone curse you? How can we protect ourselves? I am going to cover all that in this article.
According to the dictionary, a curse is a jinx, a hex or an ill will towards a person. This curse can be placed by a person, God or spirit.

It can be brought upon through prayer, bad thoughts, or through magic.
To break a curse it requires using more energy than was used to construct the curse in the first place. If the curse was put on through spells, than you need to use the same course such as with smudging sage, palo alto wood or holy water and pray or invoke light energy for long enough to counteract the negative energy spent on it either on the object or on yourself or both.

A curse is a serious thing and not to be taken lightly. A curse is an evil beast that will not stop until it is satisfied it's belly with bad luck, lust, hate and even blood. To satisfy such a creature who is never satisfied will take a long time and is very dangerous immediately to those exposed. People can curse objects and bring them to your home.

They can even curse you just with a look.

A good thing about the evil eye charms, whether their true meaning was misconstrued or not is that you are putting positive visualizations into the jewelry which does combat negative energy. It is the same thing as those people that are extremely happy all the time and nothing can seem to break them down. It is because they spent so long focusing on positive energy the negative energy doesn't stand a chance. It is the same thing vice-versa. The sad person who can never be happy because they spend so much time focusing on the negative energy that it is hard for the positive to break through. Jewelry is great because it is worn on you and your aura everyday so it affects your being and mood. Yet I believe that you could put this beautiful energy into any piece of jewelry, one that speaks the most to your heart.

Here is some examples I want to show you of curses that have occurred:

Curse of Tippecanoe
The curse of Tippecanoe was a curse placed on United States presidents.

It causes the presidents who are elected in years divisible by twenty -death. This curse has come true several times through; William Henry Harrison(elected in 1840) through John F. Kennedy (1960). Ronald Reagan, elected in 1980, was shot but survived; George W. Bush (2000) survived an attempt on his life unharmed (Wikipedia).

The curse was brought on in 1811 through William Harrison. The leader of the Shawnee natives, Tecumseh, went to war with William Harrison over bad business tactics.

Tecumseh lost and his brother Tenskwatawa laced the curse to him. The curse seemed to be very strong for the next 150 years.

James Dean Car Curse
James Dean, a legendary actor died as the result of driving a cursed car. The year was 1955 and the Hollywood star was driving his brand new beauty. The car was silver Spider Porsche specially customized for James Dean. At the time of the customizations, the one doing this special service, George Barris, had an overwhelming feeling of dread. Most people upon coming into contact with this car told James that they had a bad feeling about it. This is true with all people, is that true evil is easy to recognize because it does not hide for long. The car had such bad vibes around it that everyone close to James, warned him. He did not listen and in a week he was dead. There was a head on collision and James died and his car was totaled. Later, after the car was salvaged for pieces three of the pieces caused separate waves of bad luck. The question is…how this car came to be cursed and why so?

Voodoo Doll
A voodoo doll is a doll that is constructed with belongings, hair or nails from a person and then cursed. The curse enacts over time through the use of the curser sticking needles into specific body points to cause problems in that area. This magic is a combination of folk and Haitian Vodou. A voodoo doll is not something to be toyed with.

Help with Curses
The best thing that you can do if you think there is a curse on you is to take it very seriously. As with most things, ignoring the problem will not make it go away. You need to immediately do what feels best in your heart. There are many different cleansing techniques to work with from each religion. You can use sage, holy water or Palo Alto sticks or more. If you feel that you need more help contact a religious leader or paranormal group in your area. As always, best of luck to each and every one of my readers with your spiritual endeavors. Take care of your heart and soul and ask for help when you need it. Till next time…Deanna

Deanna Jaxine Stinson, HPI Supernatural Sleuth
aka Shooting Star Baby

Halo Paranormal Investigations (HPI International)!/groups/HPIinternational/
Paranormal Cellular Hotline: For Investigation or Advice: 916 203 7503