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Rainbow Tears: Apache, Egyptian & Norwegian Stories

Rainbow Tears: Apache, Egyptian and Norwegian Stories, Karma and a Song by Deanna Jaxine Stinson
By: Deanna Jaxine Stinson, Paranormal Researcher
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“I saw a hole in man, deep like a hunger he will never fill. It is what makes him want. He will go on taking and taking, until one day the world will say:’ I am no more and I have nothing left to give…’” Indian Proverb.

Here is some inspiring music :

Apache Tears
There was a great war in the days of the cowboy. In Arizona 75 Apache warriors were slaughtered by the cowboy. Their wives and those that they left behind were thrust into an eternal sadness. Underneath the full moon they cried out to the Heavens… Why?...

The pain was so terrible that the God of the Apache took notice…He too felt compassion for their terrible sadness. He turned their tears into fused pieces of black obsidian. He also put a great magic on their teardrops that whoever finds the teardrops inside of the rock by breaking it open may see a fleeting display of paranormal colors. The colors are said to be a ghost released from the pain of our ancestors.

Freyja’s Tears
In Norse Mythology, Freyja is the goddess of love, war, beauty and death. Freyja has a husband that is a God. His name is Oor. She and him are separated a lot seeing as to how they are both of noble birthright and have many divine journeys and problems to focus on. However, Freyja cannot stand his absence as she is of course, the goddess of love. She cries tears of red-gold for her love in his absence.

Isis’s Tears
The great goddess Isis has a soul mate whom she dearly loves- Osiris.
Osiris was stolen by disaster and cut up into pieces and spread about the world. One day, Isis was traveling along the beach shore when she heard told of a coffin that kept washing onto the shore.
There were many little boys who were declaring this coffin and Isis had a deep feeling that it was the coffin of Osiris. She blessed the boys that they may have some psychic visions, just sometimes not all the times (like sensitives…).

Isis waited by the shore and sure enough the coffin of Osiris washed ashore. She looked inside at him and cried many many tears into the ocean. Her tears and screaming actually killed birds that were flying by.

Tears of the Gods
How many times has the God’s of our Earth became so distraught and in pain that magical teardrops has fallen? Many, many, times… Why do we cause pain on others and on ourselves even when we do not mean to? Our tears are beautiful ribbons of pain that fade away…yes…tears will fade away…yet energy is eternal…

(Eternal Melody)
a song by Deanna Jaxine Stinson a.k.a Shooting Star Baby

Embers of the sunrise
All return to dusk
Inscriptions on my soul remind me:
that there is more than love
And all around me are feathers falling down I am overcome with emotion,
Eternal Rain .
(Moon Melody)( when my heart starts breaking, My tears eclipse the moon * (Eternal Melody)
The truth is an elixir,
Poured from my soul,
Living waters flowing from my eyes,
I cry tears of heaven.
Eternal Rain. Chorus

The Law of Karma
Pain in a past life can cause pain in the current. Pain from your past can cause pain in the present. Let me explain how this works. Think about the pain of the gods and our ancestors and how it affects us today.

The idea of Karma has been around since at least the times of the Upinishads, around 1500 B.C. The Upinishads are Vedic texts that contain early history of original Buddhist thought. Before the truths were written down they were passed on in the form of oral history. The idea of Karma has been recorded in them.

Ancient and most modern peoples believe in Karma. The one form that we can agree on is that if you sow the seeds of goodness you will bear the fruits of goodness and in effect if you sow the seeds of evil you will bear the seeds of evil. This can relate to Christian bible stories as well as the Buddhist Vedas.

According to the Hindu’s beliefs there are three different types of Karma. They view karma as a deed or an act. Sanchita karma, Prarabdha karma, Kriyamana karma. Sanchita karma is the sum of one’s past karmas from one past life to the next. Prarabdha karma is your current karma that has come from a past incarnation. Kriyamana karma is the karma that we are creating right now and we will yield it’s fruits in the future.

Rainbow Tears
We cry tears from our hearts. The god’s have compassion for our pain, a pain that they recognize. Perhaps we are all just a bunch of lost souls looking for guidance…even our God’s? Rainbow Tears are the tears of God.

Like the Christian God who flooded the world and then had remorse- he showed a rainbow, a symbol of hope. Perhaps if there was no hope our tears might stop. Perhaps our tears are building bridges through Heaven.

Whatever they are doing, we are all crying rainbow tears.

Deanna Jaxine Stinson, HPI Supernatural Sleuth
aka The Black Rose

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The Last Unicorn Graphic Book Review with some paranormal stories.

The Last Unicorn Graphic Book Review
Author Peter S. Beagle
By Paul Dale Roberts, HPI Esoteric Detective
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Deanna's pictures are in this book review, because she has a strong fascination with unicorns and she loves The Last Unicorn. The author explains what inspired him to write this graphic novel. His mother a school teacher brought him to class and told all of the students a story about unicorns. His mother made a promise to the students she would come back and tell them more about unicorns. She never did. The author by writing this book, feels he kept the promise for his mother. The artwork in this book is eye-candy to look at. The story tells how unicorns are immortal and how they enjoy living alone deep in the forest. The unicorn has elegant beauty and are known for their magical characteristics. A couple hunters are shown debating if unicorns truly exist, one hunter insists that his great-grandmother once saw a unicorn. SPECIAL NOTE: In the Ancient Astronaut theory, it is suggested that aliens here on Earth were manipulating the DNA of our animals and cross breeding humans with animals and making monsters. If the Unicorn was created by aliens, it would be a useful animal in the battlefield. As the Unicorns charge, their sharp forehead horn would be a dangerous weapon.

This unicorn has plenty of attitude, when a man who is trying to capture this unicorn, mistook the unicorn as being a horse. The unicorn falls into a deep slumber and is captured by some carnival people. This elegant creature is now caged. The 3 headed devil hound is also caged at this carnival. There are all kinds of evil looking characters at this carnival. I love the interaction between the unicorn and friend Schmendrick - a wandering wizard. There are references to Rumplestiltskin and Hercules. This book is a fascinating read and impossible to put down. If you never had a chance to read this book, I suggest you give it a try!


October 24, 2014, Friday: Carolann Castro and Soul Seekers invited HPI International to Mare Island this night. East Bay Paranormal will be there. Deanna, me and Mark Bales were supposed to attend. Deanna and I got busy with some other projects and did not attend. What is amazing is that when Deanna fell asleep, she dreamed about Mare Island. When she woke up, she told me about her dream in regard to Mare Island and described it to a TEE. She dreamed that other groups were there and she described what they were seeing. I have been to Mare Island and her description was accurate. This was totally bizarre. Did Deanna astral project herself to Mare Island on Friday night? Deanna adds: There was a military woman with red tank top, pants and chin length brown hair. She was in the state of mind that we were in some kind of war and when she was relating her facts, there was a storm brewing on Mare Island.
What a great time we had (Deanna Jaxine Stinson - Interviewer, me, Patrick Callahan - Videographer, Alaceo 'Big Al' Rosatano - Videographer. While there we met some very cool people, it's always fun to network! Here are some of the people we met! J. Black Music - Songwriter - Producer - Recording Artist; 916 469 1921 - -; Reality Check TV Sacramento #keepitlocalandunderground - Kevin & Michelle Champ - CEO Producer/CFO Host - - - @RCTV916 on twitter; 916 504-1822 // Jim DeMersman - Executive Director Pleasanton Museum on Main // Jennifer Ravensong - Crazy Artist at Large email: - // The Aether Brigade / // //

My name is Cameron and I work in television casting. I came across your site through my research and thought you might be able to provide some great insight for a new project I'm working on!

The show I'm doing is for a major cable network and it's about people who have had some sort of miracle or inexplicable case of divine intervention occur in their life. We're looking for incredible stories and going based off of your occupation, we figured that you might know some people or even have a story or two of your own.

Please let me know if you're at all interested in participating or possibly pointing me in the direction of someone who might be. I've also attached a PDF of our flyer for you to take a look at.
Thanks so much in advance,

Cameron Choate
Casting Associate

Dorian Velinov
Casting Producer
Metal Flowers Media, LLC
Stop and smell the reality.
Mobile// 818.434.8105
Twitter// @metalflowers


Dusk to Dawn TV Series

Constantine TV Series

Ganzfeld/Blacklight Flood Method by Tom Codair
Of Unorthodox Paranormal Investigations
Located in Massachusetts and serving the New England and surrounding areas
A member of the Small Town Paranormal Family

Please note before proceeding, I did not create the Ganzfeld Experiment, as for the use of the black light attracting ghosts, i did not come up with that theory, all I am doing is trying out different methods.
The Ganzfeld experiment is an experiment that is used to test people for Extrasensory Perception or ESP by Parapsychologists. It is an experiment that causes almost complete Audio and Visual Sensory deprivation. There has also been use of the Ganzfeld Experiment in one television show (Paranormal State) on the paranormal. The thought behind it that I got out of it all was the ping pong balls in eyes will cause a near total blindness accept to the bright red light that is focused above the person doing the experiment. The Audio, is white noise playing in the ears preferably through ear muffed headphones, Which gives the tester a chance to possibly hear things being said.
The Black Light Experiment, there is a theory that has ghosts being attracted to UV light, attracted to black light, due to another paranormal show, (Ghost Adventures) the investigator waved around a black light, turned it off quick, and started snapping photos with a full spectrum camera. On Para Explorers Radio, I heard the idea of using a bunch of light to flood out a room with Infrared light. I began to think why not use black lights, and flood out an area. The Black Light experiment is mainly an idea that would be used in the door way to pick up apparitions that may appear in doorways, and attract them to them by placing black lights in several different spots, causing a barrier of UV light in the door way. The black lights I used where all from Wal-mart and cost like 10 bucks a pop. In the testing stage of the black light theory I used a cigarette with lights together to get the mist of an apparition attempting a manifestation, and realized that it could be done and seen on Full Spectrum video at about 7-8 feet relatively easily with the exhale of smoke.
Why test my son's room? My son had been waking up almost every night for the past month around 2:30 and 3:00 in the morning. One night, I went in there, and checked on him, calmed him down. He was crawling around, and looking in the direction I was at, which would put the closet door on his right side, and I was looking at my son, which was on the right side of me. The closet door was open, and when I was holding him he would not take his eyes off of it. Common boogeyman thing I guess. (Note: he is only 7 months old). While we were looking at each other the nightlight was the only light on, when out of the corner of my eye, I saw a shadow run into the closet, both me and my son turned are heads and looked at the opened closet. He and I both saw the shadow run into, so needless to say that closet door got closed when I went to bed. This was this past Wednesday morning. I had been rolling around the idea of trying the Ganzfeld experiment for some time now. However I was unsure of how to go about doing it.
Now in theory of the black light flood out method of it possibly attracting ghosts, and in my opinion, using the Ganzfeld experiment to leave myself more open with the use of almost complete sensory deprivation of my eyes and ears. Basically leaving myself wide open for anyone or anything to come near me, and not have to worry about me seeing them, or if there a shy ghost, me not knowing that they are there may also comfort them, that is if it is an intelligent spirit rather than a residual haunting.
Now the set up of the experiment mixing in the flood out method, and the Ganzfeld experiment seemed a good way to check to make sure that there is a haunting. What I did was set up a black light on the wall next to the doorway, one down on the floor, and the last one attached to the door frame towards the bottom of the door. Seeing as the shadow that me and my son had seen was not that tall. I then set up a K2 meter in front of the doorway, also a digital recorder, being placed a foot away from the K2. A night vision camera on at one angle focused on the door about 2 ½ ft off the ground, a full spectrum video camera being used for another angle a foot off the ground. Both cameras are about 7 feet away from the door. Behind all that, I sat down in a comfortable chair, with a red light focused down on top of me, with ping pong balls cut in half covering my eyes, and headphones over my ears playing the white noise. Of course, my laptop was next to me on my right; however I lowered the screen so that none would interfere with the experiment. The white noise was coming in from the laptop.
Here is a link to this video:!/video/video.php?v=1583560702368&comments&il=0¬if_t=video_reply
My findings in the very first time mixing the two experiments together:
I got some interesting breathing noises on the camera that was on me. Orbs on the night vision which could easily be dust, nothing really on full spectrum, and I am still working on getting audio from the digital recorder analyzed.
Tom welcomes any thoughts to this experiment video anyone may want to submit.

Tom Codair also gives a full account of his personal experience during this experiment:

Ganzfeld/black light flood out method behind the ping pong balls and white noise
Now, how do I say this as easily as I can, I suggest as of right now, don't go running out and trying this experiment. The reason I say this is because of the potential dangerous position you could be putting yourself into.
While doing this experiment, a couple of minutes into it, I could have sworn in the white noise I heard the crying of child, I know I have a 7 month old son, however he was downstairs, and nowhere close by, the crying was that of what I would say is a 5-7 year old boy. Also while conducting I heard the words "I hate you" on several occasions. I am not saying the potential spirit was saying that.
After a few minutes, I felt my eyes roll to the back of my head, and kind of found myself trying to fight staying out of a trance like state.
I remember seeing something out of the corner of my eye while looking around, with the eye things on, however I never stated in the evidence, because I felt it to be more personal experience, but I saw a shampoo bottle where the light should have been clear as day. I did not think anything of it, for a second, and quickly turned my head back to where it was, and it was not there. Mind you, my eyes were covered. I also saw a bright white light on my right side, however there was no reason for it to be there.
At the end of the session, it only felt like a couple of minutes, but it ended up being just under a half an hour. I know I was not asleep. However it was like time just went by.
I urge people not to try this, unless they understand the potential danger that may come with it, be it opening a vortex or portal, having a spirit become attached, maybe an increase in paranormal activity, and of course, the serious drain it does after. That was my experience with it already. Provided it 3 am in the morning when i finished the experiment, but I felt like I had not slept in days and was just terribly exhausted.
If anyone is to try this, especially for a client, I urge you all to find out the clients religious beliefs prior to investigation, and then contact the local church and explain what you are doing and why. Try to get help from them, should it come to it. Remember we are all doing this for the client, and the spirit is as much of a client as the client is. In doing this, just be prepared for anything and everything, but please let me get a few more trials in before everyone goes running to Wal-mart to go buy the tools used in this.
Tom Codair: (U.P.I) (Region Manager East Coast STPF)

Submitted By: Teresa Williams
Distributed by: Paul Dale Roberts, HPI General Manager

Paul Dale Roberts, HPI Esoteric Detective
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The Haunting at Lisa Steele's Home

The Haunting at Lisa Steele’s Home
By Paul Dale Roberts, HPI Esoteric Detective
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Lisa's Pets

Lisa Tells Her Story

Meet the Python

More of the Story

October 17, 2014, Friday: On this night, Deanna Jaxine Stinson stopped at Hometown Buffet to energize for this long night. This is a night that we will be starting an investigation in Roseville and then leave, because we have a birthday party to attend. You can say we are killing two birds with one stone. I have faith that my investigators will have a successful investigation tonight.

Roll Call:
Lisa Steele (Occupant & HPI Psychic); Bob Steele (Occupant & Former Investigator); Deanna Jaxine Stinson (Sensitive & Co-Owner); Paul Dale Roberts (Co-Owner); Mark Bales (Investigator); Matt Evans (Investigator); Doug Ackerman (former HPI Scout); Rod Engberson (Sensitive & Investigator).

Lisa’s Initial Briefing:
Lisa Steele lays out her briefing: I ask Lisa how did her home become haunted and she doesn’t know. She tells me that she saw a half person – she could see a man, head and torso wearing long sleeves. She was able to see this apparition through her mirror. On one night Lisa and Doug heard crying. Then on another night, they both heard a high pitch voice that seemed to say ‘haaaaaaaaaaahaaaaaaaaaa’, for Lisa it sounded female and Doug says it sounded high pitch and was not able to make out if the voice was female or male. Lisa’s father Bob saw an apparition (doppelganger) that looked like Lisa walk into the garage and it wasn’t Lisa. Lisa tonight wants answers. Deanna and I, basically got the investigation started and told the investigators to conduct 2 or 3 investigative sessions, whatever they feel is necessary tonight. Deanna and I, are looking forward to what they will find tonight. A highlight tonight was seeing all of Lisa’s animals, the ones I enjoyed were Hannah the cute barking dog; Nanuk the python; Lily the Chihuahua, Smokey the gray cat, all of the rats, the big fluffy rabbit, Tigger the cat, a turtle that we didn’t get to see, but heard about; black dog named Samar. Now, I may have gotten some of these names wrong, but you can watch the video of Lisa and Deanna introducing all of the animals!

After the investigation, talked with Rod twice on the phone to get the follow-up and conclusion. Rod explains to me that they captured some orb activity on their cameras and on video footage. No EVPs and the orb activity is inconclusive to anything that might be paranormal. This investigation is considered inconclusive. Thank you to Lisa for providing my investigators with coffee and snacks.


Stupid me, I forgot to place the Table of Contents into my latest book called 'Halo Paranormal Investigations'. Found here:
The book is actually entitled Halo Paranormal Investigations: Black Rose and I left out the Black Rose. Featured on the cover is the Black Rose aka Deanna Jaxine Stinson, as drawn by James Rubino. Features for Halo Paranormal Investigations are shown below:

The Black Rose by Richard Vasseur
The Black Rose by James Rubino
Skyhawk the Mighty Warrior by William Carlisle
Jazma League of Justice by Darrell Goza
Captain Canuck Crossover with the Red Skull
Captain Canuck (c) Comely Comics
Red Skull (c) Marvel Comics

Portals to Hell
The Legends of the Afterlife
The Story of the Black Rose
Annabelle Movie Review
Denise Benitez-Gonzalez aka Satana Interview
Michelle Elko, Paranormal Experiencer
HPI Chronicles: Zecharia Sitchin on my Mind
Dracula Untold Movie Review
Hell's Bells in Cameron Park
The Human Soul and Poetry

Cheryl's Letter to Paul

Thank you for submitting my email, and cleaning it up. I really had no intentions of it being published; I just wanted to thank you and let you know I was o.k.

All my life I have been blessed with experiences others have missed. As a young mother, I was bombarded with paranormal experiences so intense that people who studied the paranormal (back in the day) wanted to investigate myself and my home (in the 1970's).

My TV turned on and off by itself (before remotes), the bathroom faucet turned itself off and on with no one in the room, and many other anomalies happened which were unexplained. The people who wanted to investigate (Keep in mind, this was the 1970's, before "Ghost Hunting" became popular!)mentioned something about poltergeists, but I lived with it for some time, and declined the investigation.

When my brother died 5 years ago, I went to live in his house so we could get it ready for sale. He had been a prominent contractor in the Sacramento Area (as well as a MAJOR drug dealer, on the side!). He died of a multiple drug overdose at 54 years of age. He always burned incense, probably to disguise the crack lab smell. I never did drugs, so I am assuming this. I hate incense, always have!

He also wore a weird cologne/body oil called Patchouli, or something like that, which I couldn't stand, either! When I moved to his house I threw all the incense out, as well as that horrible scented oil! Every time I came home and opened the front doors, a blast of that horrible after-shave/oil would hit me in the face, and the house was filled with his smell!

Many other things happened while I lived there, too numerous to write about. To say that he was still there, protecting me, is an understatement.

His last 'buy' had been the night he died, and it was all locked away in his safe. There were many scumbags who would love to have broken in to steal the drugs, but it never happened. I slept in the den, under the pool table, with my dogs, and a loaded 38 under my pillow, but never had to use it!

An interesting note: I had asked friends to stay at my brother's house the night after he died, since his dog needed company, and I wanted to discourage anyone who might want to break in. His dog was a large, gentle, dog who adored my brother and the ground he walked on! My friends called me about midnight and told me I needed to come to the house. My brother's dog was acting really strange! The dog had jumped on the bed, sat up, reaching for the ceiling, crying and whining, like he saw something up there, but there was nothing my friends could see. It really freaked them out!

My brother had a beautiful home and the dog was never allowed on furniture. The dog's bed was next to my brother's bed. I believe the dog saw my brother hovering above him and was trying to reach him! When I got to the house, I took the dog into the bedroom and closed the door behind us. I sat on the bed and told him Tom (not my brother's real name, disguised for obvious reasons!) wasn't coming back and that I would be taking care of him (the dog) from now on! I picked up his dogie bed and moved it to where I was sleeping under the pool table, and from then on, he slept out there with myself and my dog (I brought from home). He understood what I told him, and accepted it!

Anyway, thanks for submitting my story. I have healed well and thank you for pointing me in the direction of I am an artist and illustrator and have been published in the past. I am enjoying reading your stories and articles.

I am also a professional photographer and web designer. If you are interested in viewing some of the images I have shot, which have orbs, mists, etc., in them, let me know and I will upload them to Photobucket so you can take a look.

I truly believe there will be no resolution to the hauntings at the Loomis site; they will continue. The owners will probably lose more cows in the future and be visited by many unhappy spirits. What's been done by our ancestors in the past cannot be rectified today. I will keep them in my prayers!

Sadly, there are many places like Loomis in our country! The Native Americans were the caretakers of the Earth and it's wildlife. No price can be put upon that sacred duty. No one can own the Earth! Stop making your house payment and see how long it belongs to you!

Take care.

One nation, under God!
In God We Trust.....

Paul Dale Roberts, HPI Esoteric Detective
aka The Demon Warrior

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Soulution Ink Ghost Hunt

Soulution Ink Ghost Hunt
By Paul Dale Roberts, HPI Esoteric Detective
Halo Paranormal Investigations - HPI International!/groups/HPIinternational/
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Brittney Talks About the Madam and the Cover-up

Brittney Talks About the 4 Round Tables

Brittney at the Tribal Dance Hall

Brittney Talks Calvin Colt

At Franklin Cemetery

Brittney Talks About Past Investigations

Brittney Getting Hugged by Entity

October 18, 2014 Saturday TIME TO BE THERE: 6pm - Soulution Ink Tattoo Shop Investigation - Contact Information: Stephanie de la Rosa and Jaye. Activity: This place is very old, probably built in the 1800s, a lot of paranormal activity witnessed, the entities are benevolent. Next door is a dance hall, this place is haunted too and the owner has access to this place. On the other side, about 100 feet is the Franklin Cemetery where a scout of the Lewis and Clark Expedition is buried. We are investigating everything! Address to be at: 10466 Franklin Blvd, Elk Grove, CA SPECIAL NOTE: THIS IS A GREAT PLACE FOR A TATTOO! FRIENDLY ATMOSPHERE, THE EMPLOYEES MAKE YOU FEEL LIKE YOUR PART OF THE FAMILY. THEIR TATTOO ARTISTS ARE THE BEST IN NORTHERN CALIFORNIA, THIS IS WHERE I GOT MY TATTOO, I HIGHLY RECOMMEND IT!

Deanna Jaxine Stinson says:
When I first arrived at the Franklin Cemetery I was with Paul and we met Brittney Lantz and Nicole Crone. We walked to the back of the graveyard and we saw three graves there. Brittney was feeling spirit activity there and she started to communicate with them. We decided to head over to the dance hall. Brittney started to feel the spirits in the dance hall. She was connecting with a woman’s spirit. She said that the spirit was hugging her and Nicole took a photo and there was a white anomaly on her. She said that the spirit loved to wear a certain beautiful white dress. I felt the goose bumps all over like there was a presence in the room and Brittney was talking to the woman and she felt her come to peace with her existence. She felt that spirit was freed. I also felt the release in the room. We walked into the graveyard again and Brittney was communicating with spirits with her flashlight. She was telling the spirit to light up the flashlight to communicate with us. The spirit seemed to be interacting with her. We tried to get E.V.P.s in the graveyard, they were very subtle. SPECIAL NOTE: When Brittney says she is hugging me, Nicole took a picture and she was covered in white. In many photos that Nicole took, Brittney had energy anomalies all over her, she even had what looked like a vortex coming out of the top of her head.

Now Paul Takes Over:
Let’s do a roll call: Deanna Jaxine Stinson – Co-Owner & Sensitive; Sydneigh Rhodes; Stephanie de la Rosa; Marifel Juan-Inocelda; Jaye Inocelda; Ralph Madrid; Mark Boone; Fabrizzio Morocho; Brittani Lantz – Psychic Medium/Empath; Nicole Crone; Paul Dale Roberts – Co-Owner.

Brittney in her own words relates what she picked up on:
When we first arrived to Franklin, CA we went to the cemetery to look around. I picked up on three spirits: one being creepy so I ignored him, the second being a man who pulled me to the back of the cemetery to his grave and his name is Andrew McKay, the third spirit was a tall man with a top hat and a suit on who opened his jacket to show me a gun. We then came to the tattoo shop and I picked up on the tall man again. Come to find out his name is Calvin Colt. He is very respectful with women when they undress in the spa. He compares himself to Jesse James. Jesse James is very well known for killing people but with little evidence. Colt told me “get it straight, I killed people.” Colt is very stern. He has a great personality but is not afraid of killing people. He watches over the property and cares for the owners.

When I entered the dance hall I had a man spirit who let me in with open arms. I sense a bar with beautiful oak wood and plush red velvet material with an old mirror that is cracked. On the right side of the room is four small tables with chairs and men sitting around the tables. The man who allowed me in told me to pick any man I want and asked if I would work here. I told the spirit no, thank you. All the men were staring at me. Another man asked If I would dance with him and I told him no thank you because I do not know how to dance like they did back in that era. I walked to the back of the building and a woman approached me. She was the madam of the brothel. She told me she liked the room on the right for her wealthy clients and the room on the left for her cheap clients. The woman who liked the back room was murdered. She was killed by her client because he got her pregnant and he was married with kids and a politician of some sort. Everyone in the town knows who killed her but never did anything to punish him. He got away with murder. She found love, respect, and nurture from me so she connected and told her story through me. She showed herself to me in a white dress holding her unborn baby. At one point she showed herself throwing up because she was pregnant. She was stabbed and her throat was sliced. The madam covered it up so there was no evidence. She hugged me and thanked me a million times so I let her free.

Paul Sums it Up:
Brittney Lantz picks up on Calvin Colt the gunslinger, that was one of the first entities that Brittney picked up on. Calvin tells her that he is respectful when women undress, he does not peek at them. Calvin compares himself to Jesse James. Calvin assures Brittney that he has killed men. Brittney says that Calvin is a stern man. Brittney also picked up on an older woman that may be a family member to Marifel Juan-Inocelda. Went to the Tribal Dance Hall in Franklin and investigated. Brittney picked up on the former deceased part owner of this dance hall. Brittney could see tables on the side of the room and men sitting there. Brittney says that this place was once a brothel. She could see a bar with red plush velvet. A man-ghost asked Brittney to dance with him. He actually tells Brittney..."will you dance with me?" A ghostly woman summons Brittney to go into the back room. The ghostly prostitutes tell Brittney they do not like lights in the dance hall, because when they worked there, when it was a brothel, the lights were always dim. Brittney sees a woman vomiting in the bathroom, because she was pregnant, she sees a knife that was used to kill her. The madam and many of the town folk kept this murder secret.

We only got one EVP in the graveyard. The entity says 'yes'. The entities that Brittney picked up on is believable, because when she would say that an entity was next to her, we captured very strange anomalies on her. Brittney read some of the people that were at this investigation and was spot on. I won't forget how Brittney was saying she was being hugged by a woman in white and Nicole takes a photo and Brittney is engulfed in a white mass. Most incredible.

Paul Dale Roberts, HPI Esoteric Detective
aka The Demon Warrior

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The Psyche Connection

The Psyche Connection
By: Deanna Jaxine Stinson, Paranormal Researcher
Halo Paranormal Investigations - HPI International!/groups/HPIinternational/
Paranormal Hotline: (916) 203-7503 - 4 Advice & Investigations

SPECIAL NOTE: In these pictures, when Brittney said that the entity was hugging her, Nicole takes 2 photos in which the entity does indeed look like she is hugging Brittney. Brittney is channeling the entities and a vortex appears above her head. Absolutely amazing - Paul.

Psyche is the human soul, mind or spirit.
The Psyche is easily effected by numerous forces. Energy is a constant force that has the abilities to be contained, bent, changed and moved. Energy is forever because it does not cease to exist it simply changes its structure to adapt to new environments or states of being such as death, dreaming and astral projection. This process is called transmutation. Transmutation is the action of changing or the state of being changed into another form or the conversion or transformation of one species into another. When we connect with our psyche we can control our transformations.

While on an investigation with my paranormal team co-owned with Paul Dale Roberts we come into contact with many people who have exceptional gifts. Our job is to capture the evidence and help bring peace where we can. Nicole Crone, a paranormal investigator for our team captures amazing photographs of HPI psychic medium/empath Brittney Lantz hugging a female ghost inside of a historic building in Franklin, California. She described the spirit as a beautiful woman wearing a white dress who hugged her and was freed from her spiritual struggles to move on to another plane. The photographs clearly capture this moment and everyone in the room can feel the presence. So, how do you develop psychic abilities and where do they come from?

Develop Your Psychic Abilities
As children we are all psychic. From the ages of one year to eight years we all experience some form of psychic powers. This is where imaginary friends and our vivid nightmares come from. Experts say that after the age of eight most of us lose our ability.

Most of us have a sense of our surroundings and can easily become agitated by the small changes in our environment. When you hear ghost stories do you get goosebumps and does the hair on your arms stand up? When you dream you are sometimes dreaming about places that you have never known. How can this be? We all have this sixth sense it just fades away if you don't develop it.

There are many types of psychic powers that you can develop. Here is a brief summary of various psychic powers, their explanations and how to develop each ability.

Power- Astral Projection
Ability-While dreaming or in a highly meditative state the soul has the ability to leave the physical body and travel astral planes.
Development- Visualize while in a meditative state your soul leaving your body at all Chakra points.

Power- Channeling
Ability- Connecting with the soul of a deceased person with your own body.
Development- Learning to clear your mind.

Power- Clairaudience
Ability- The ability to hear clearly on a psychic level.
Development- Pay attention to the sounds in your head such as ringing, music and more and keep your awareness to the spirit world open.

Power- Empathy
Ability- Being able to connect to someone's feelings.
Development- Listen and become aware of peoples' feelings, needs, emotions.

Power- Precognition
Ability- Foretelling the future in your dreams.
Development- Write your dreams down in detail daily.

Power- Psychometry
Ability- Clairvoyance through touch
Development- Use cards for practice to determine by touch what is on the other side.

Power- Telekineses
Ability- Being able to move objects with your mind.
Development- Work on your visualization skills.

Power- Telepathy
Ability- Read other peoples' thoughts.
Development- Practice meditation to quiet your mind so that you are more clearly able to receive impressions from somebody's mind.

The most important thing to remember with psychic abilities is to be aware. Once you open up your mind to let other peoples' spirits and minds connect to you, you can easily begin to develop your psychic powers.

Connecting with your Soul Mate
Another great ability of the psyche is to recognize love before it is achieved. Have you ever fallen in love at first sight? This is a psychic ability of the heart to perceive your compatibility with another persons' energy.

The first step to connecting with your soul mate is to become the person that you would like someone to love. Visualize yourself and your future partner. You can even write a list of traits and qualities that he may have. You can pray and explain the characteristics that you wish your partner to have. Once the words, images and thoughts leave your mind they are set out into the universe on a path as energy. Remember that energy never dies, it changes. Your actions, thoughts and words all become expressed energy.

Compatibility on a Psychic Level
You will find that once you find your perfect partner that you are on the same psychic level so to speak. You can often tell what your partner is thinking, feeling and contemplating without even asking. This feels good and it keeps your psychic abilities flowing.

Compatibility with my Partner
Often people have different perceptions on what is a soul mate. They could be a friend, relative, love, animal, or lost soul. Can you have more than one soul mate? Each of these things is possible. Your destiny is unlike any other. You are unique.

There are many forms of divination that can help you in your path to find your soul mate. There is numerology, astrology, magic and so much more. What lays in the stars is not the know all end all definitive truth to your life but it is a great prediction tool if you keep your mind open.

Astrology from Cosmic Coupling
Cosmic Coupling by Starsky and Cox

Libra woman with Capricorn man

“The Dynamic”
“He is initially attracted to her esoteric beauty, she to his demeanor...they both appreciate design, literature, and music...he takes pride in her accomplishments...Capricorn looks for submissive but Libra is anything but...”

The Connection
Now that you have opened up your mind to the possibilities of the psyche don't let it close. You can do miraculous things if you try, I promise.

Deanna Jaxine Stinson, HPI Supernatural Sleuth
aka The Black Rose

Halo Paranormal Investigations (HPI International)!/groups/HPIinternational/
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True Tales for Halloween

True Tales for Halloween
By: Deanna Jaxine Stinson, Paranormal Researcher
Halo Paranormal Investigations - HPI International!/groups/HPIinternational/
Paranormal Hotline: (916) 203-7503 - 4 Advice & Investigations

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Here are some spooky tales that have a Halloween theme for your reading pleasure. They are all true tales of the creepy, bizarre world we live in.

Egyptian Mummy
The tale of the Egyptian mummy is gruesome. The Egyptians lived in a world of magic. They believed in the afterlife and therefore they buried their dead with spiritual intentions. The corpse was gutted even the brains were removed. The organs were put into containers with spells engraved or painted on the sides. The corpse was wrapped in bandages and the insides were filled with sand.

An Italian medical doctor Giovanni Aldini who later became known as Dr. Frankenstein through Mary Shelley's fictional book called Frankenstein. He was stealing bodies of the deceased and having them placed in a castle in which he would try to reanimate them. Rumors have it that he would take different parts of different people and try to put them together. He was known as a mad scientist. Mary Shelley heard about this terrifying story and it inspired her to write the story, Frankenstein. She was challenged along with some other authors to write a very scary story and Frankenstein came to mind. People to this day in Germany that live near this castle are to scared to visit. They believe that the Doctor still haunts the castle. Author Mary Godwin Shelley's fantastically mad and flawed character, Victor Frankenstein, bears a striking similarity to Giovanni Aldini: both are scientists bent down a path of forbidden knowledge; both have a streak of showmanship about them; both, they say, begin their ordeals with benign intentions only to be overcome by boastful pride. Both try to restore the dead. One difference separates the two men: in Mary Shelley's account, the dead return, and Victor Frankenstein fatally pays for his actions.

Jack o Lantern
The British legend of the Jack-O-Lantern is about a man named Jack that's soul was denied access to both Heaven and Hell. Jack played a trick on the devil one day and got him to climb up a tree. As soon as the devil was in the tree Jack put crosses all over the base of the tree so that the devil could not get down. Jack made the devil promise if he let him out of the tree that he would not come to collect his soul when he died. He promised.

The day that Jack died he could not get into Heaven. When he tried to get into Hell, he was stopped because the devil had made that deal with him that when he died he would not collect his soul. Jack was lost. Jack wandered around searching for a purpose when the devil felt upset and threw Jack a piece of ember into a turnip so Jack could see in his eternal darkness.

My Haunted Radio
I have a radio that I believe is haunted. I do not dare to plug it in. After receiving it eight years ago I plugged it in. After that there was a severe demonic haunting in my apartment. The radio would only connect to radio stations that were not mainstream. On each station it almost sounded like the same DJ playing the same songs. There would be guests but the guests would sound like the radio host. The religious talks were disturbing and satanic. One time I went to plug it in and it electrocuted me. I was electrocuted for at least a minute I couldn't move. After that another thing happened. A huge beetle the size of my hand flew out of the back of the radio into my bathroom. It had large metallic wings and it was blue and orange colored. It landed above my bathtub. My friend Josh went to get something to kill it with because it was so scary I screamed when I saw it. When he went to the bathroom it was gone, just gone. I have never plugged it back in since that day.

The witches of the world celebrate Samhain. It is a Gaelic holiday.
Samhain is celebrated this day as a beautiful time of reincarnation. On this day the separation of the physical world from the spiritual one is unveiled and the dead can roam this plane most easily.

The Devils Kiss
As a victim of a vampires bites I will tell you watch out! A vampire would love to crawl the city streets on a fun day like Halloween. If you let him bite you will live a life of sorrow and pain whether he turns you or not.

A witness account from Wisonsin said that him and his friends were biking and they spotted three werewolves drinking from a river.
Eyewitness accounts of werewolf accounts in Wisconsin seem to come through our paranormal hotline a lot.

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Deanna Jaxine Stinson, HPI Supernatural Sleuth
aka The Black Rose

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Crystal Skulls, The Lost City of Atlantis and Your Higher Self

Crystal Skulls, The Lost City of Atlantis and Your Higher Self
Author Deanna Jaxine Stinson, Paranormal Researcher
Halo Paranormal Investigations - HPI International!/groups/HPIinternational/
Paranormal Hotline: (916) 203-7503 - 4 Advice & Investigations

There is a point in your life where you will wake up. You may have already. It is the time when you realize you have a soul. You will seek out a higher sense of being and you are not alone. There is a part of you called your "higher self" and it is the part of you that guides you.

I connect to my higher self through dreams. I journal my dreams daily to meditate on what my higher self is telling me. My dreams are symbols and emotions that I try to read to help myself become a good person eternally.

There is a new age phenomenon happening in the United States. It is an ancient tool but it has become more popular and well-known currently.
This new age tool is a crystal skull.

The crystal skull is a precious gemstone in the shape of a skull. The reason that it is in this shape is because this is the part of your body that harbors your knowledge and crystal skulls are meant to connect you to another spiritual level of consciousness. On this level you can communicate with angels, extraterrestrials and your higher self.

There are three ages when it comes to describing crystal skulls. The ancient skulls, the contemporary and the old crystal skulls. The ancient ones are skulls that have been carved over 1500 years ago. The contemporary are those skulls who are carved within the last 100 years.
The old are those who have been carved between those two time spans.

The type of medium that the skull is made from is also very important. I have a green obsidian crystal skull which is good for guarding against negative energy and a amber crystal skull which is good for connecting with extraterrestrial energy of a pure, innocent nature or child like energies. You can easily research the best crystal skull that is suited for you.

The ancient lost city of Atlantis is believed to have been destroyed by crystal skulls. The Story of Atlantis is first told by philosopher Plato in the "Timaeus" and the "Critias." This tale was written in 330 B.C.

The story is that Atlantis is a highly developed society that just goes missing one day. There is a lot of debate and there is really no good evidence that this was a real place or where it was. It is more of a spiritual place. People who connect with the spirit world through crystal skulls commonly process that the people of these times were using crystal skulls and that they summoned something that caused their city to be sucked into some kind of vortex and transported to another dimension.

There are crystal skull legends circulating throughout many cultures such as the Aztec, Mayan, Mexican and Native Americans. Each legend is a slightly diverse story in each culture. The theme that does not change is that there are 12 mystical crystal skulls and one that is the higher one, the thirteenth crystal skull. These skulls are said to come from alien planets each from a separate planet. When the thirteen crystal skulls come together there will be a large awakening.

Crystal Skulls today are made in popular demand and you can have them shipped to you from such online stores such as eBay. One place where I got my amber skull was from Sherry Whitfield of
She is the caretaker of an ancient skull called "Synergy." She travels all over the world with this stunning skull topromote healing and peace.

Those who work with crystal skulls will have to awaken the being inside of each one. Each skull can harbor any number of energies including spirits of the deceased and extraterrestrial.

I had many beautiful dreams of crystal skulls before I knew what they were. I had never seen them before but I started to search for them in the waking world. I knew nothing of the crystal skulls yet my higher self was telling me that I did and that the spirits in the skulls could actually call to me through many different dimensions. These signals are manifesting in my dreaming. I felt like this is a validation that these objects actually hold a beautiful amount of power. Before even knowing the legends I was dreaming of their cultures and I didn't even know it.
It is true I am harnessing powers of the skulls without even coming into contact with them.

All I can say is that I know it is my ancestry. My bloodlines are Mexican, Apache, Italian, Greek and Norwegian. I believe that my ancestors are watching over me because I haven't got much support from my living family through my life.

Here are some dreams I have dreamed of crystal skulls.These dreams are after I had information on the skulls. Dreams that I wrote in my childhood were part of many journals that have long since been destroyed. The address to my dream blog is

Wednesday, June 18 2014
I dreamed that I was sitting on the grass in a meadows in the late 1950's and that I was wearing a long white and pink floral dress. I dreamed that the red berry colored school started singing in a woman's voice mid twenties starting in the middle A octave and than it slowly went down three octaves every other time. The words were just notes and a language that I didn't recognize.There was also an acoustic guitar in the background.

Sunday, December 22, 2013
I dreamed that I was flying through the air.I flew above the sea and I dove into shallow water. There was a bunch of lime green jewels that I collected and a green crystal skull. I flew above a hillside and collected thousands of brilliant gems like rubies. I flew above a woman that looked like she was from thousands of years ago, walking with a tribe and she couldn't see me and I floated above her.

When you sense a deep attraction to something that means there is some hidden knowledge just waiting to be eaten up by you. Life is juicy.

Deanna Jaxine Stinson, HPI Supernatural Sleuth
aka The Black Rose

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Saturday, October 18, 2014

Abduction and the Flash of Light - Chris Holly

 photo 06bc5abf-2f8e-4eaa-aea7-5e9bd6ffe0c2_zps8e30cba0.jpg

Abduction and the Flash of Light

During writing lifetime I talked with many people who had experienced strange events where they encountered unidentified crafts and or life forms that would abduct them against their will and return them hours later leaving the abductee with a period of lost time they could not explain and no memory of what happened to them during the time they were missing. The people taken often remembered the start of the event and the end or becoming aware of their surrounding at the end of the event but nothing of what happened to them in-between.
There is one part of this type of abduction that all of the people I have spoken with share which is each one discussed seeing a ray of light of some type during the  event and each person also told me that they could recall a very bright flash of light at point during the abduction . I have been told by about half of the abductees that they thought the experience with the extremely bright light occurred during the end of the abduction event but no one was positive of the timing only aware that they were shown or looked at an extremely bright light.
The second shared similarity that is reported by those who have had a lost time abduction event is that after the event they suffer with a sensitivity to bright light and need dark sunglasses to deal with a bright sun filled day. This sensitivity increases with the amount of events the abductee has had during their lifetime. Those taken many times over their life have extreme problems with light including night driving which becomes impossible for them if exposed over and over to the bright light that comes with the abduction experience.
I have seen this light as I have been one of those who have shared lost time events and now have extreme difficulty being able to see while out in the bright sun and cannot drive during the blinding sunset or at night without great difficulty.
I have written for years about how those taken have had some type of memory wipe of the hours spent while being abducted.  I also have been fully aware of the fact that those who are kidnapped by whatever and whoever has the ability to do these things alter the people they abduct leaving them changed and often returned with physical ailments that stay with them for life or make them ill for a period of time after the event takes place.
You can imagine the upset that someone who has had to endure these things must feel when the world does not believe you and more painful refuses to help you leaving you on your own to deal with the horror of these abduction events and the physical aftermath alone and unprotected by their fellow humans. It is a ugly side of our society that continues to this very day.
Unless you have experienced an event where you are taken and used or abused against your will you cannot understand how awful it is to be one of those who are forced to deal with these things alone and without any form of help besides your own loved ones. And that is only if your loved ones are smart enough to understand what is going on. My heart sinks for those who have families who laugh at or do not believe those being abducted. Being completely alone and dealing with this horror has got to be devastating.
I went back over the past two decades of notes I have kept from the interviews and conversations i have had with abductees and realized that the subject of both rays of light and bright flashes of light were being reported over and over. I also realized that those who had more than one abduction also were the people who complained of serious sensitivity to sunlight or bright lights including night blindness due to the lack of being able to adjust their eyes to oncoming car lights.  A few of the abductees suffered such severe damage to their eyes during their abductions that they are now losing their eyesight completely.
The fact that the abductions where lost time took place leaving the victim without any recall of what had happened to them during the event made it clear that this type of abduction included having some kind of memory wipe taking place on the abductees during the events leaving them void of any memory or spotty memory at best of what had happened to them during their lost time abduction events.

I knew all of these things however I was not able to place the factors of the bright light flashes or bright rays of light together with the missing memory until now.
One of the abductees I have written about in the past has since become a friend of mine recently sent me an article she found on line.
 The article talked about the work taking place where researchers can erase memories in mice using flashes of light in a bid to uncover how our memory works and can be controlled!
It was an interesting article which I will post under my article on my blog however for me it was obvious that the flashes of light were part of the memory altering that takes place when humans are taken and abused by whatever or whoever is doing the abducting.
 It is by no way a coincidence that human scientists are now using light in this way nor should we be surprised.  I doubt there is anyone out there who does not at least suspect if not clearly know that the human race has been given or stolen  a great deal of technology from the other life forms that have been visiting this planet most likely from the birth of the planet. Reading that a form of memory control and light is connected should have been obvious to me before. I laugh when I realize it was part of every Men in Black movie made. The fact they used the light flash may have been a joke on society placed in the movies by those who knew long ago that it was indeed the exact way our visitors control our memories.
I am sure there is a part of humanity, those elite few, who do know what is going on in this universe that know a great deal if not most of what happens to not only lost time abductees, but all those who are taken or have close encounters.
These elite few understand and freely approve of and go along with all types of abductions that take place to all the living creatures of earth including humans. The only ones kept in the dark are the mass of the world’s population that  remain at the will and hands of the few and those who visit and do as they please with us.
At this point in my life I have learned by both research and personal experience that we know little yet live in a world filled with unknowns and unexplained events that we continue to ignore and let happen without questioning or are  even normally curious about.
I believe in many things that seem impossible as I have lived and witnessed the impossible first hand. I also know we are being walked down a dishonest path by the powers that control this planet and realize we are simple pawns in a game none of us have any idea is being played out much less understanding.
All I can do is write what I see and share what I find and let you walk your own path of understanding what is going on around us all the time.
Enjoy each day but in doing so always pay attention to your surrounding and be careful out there as you never know when that light will flash in your direction!

♥ Copyright © 2014 Chris Holly all Rights Reserved
Chris Holly’s Endless Journey with the Unknown-

Rare Cosmic Event:

Rare Cosmic Event: Ancient Comet To Approach Mars This Weekend 

This Sunday, a comet the size of a mountain will come within 87,000 miles of Mars at a speed of 126,000 mph. This event happens approximately once every million years.
The comet has been dubbed ‘Siding Spring’ after the Australian observatory that first identified it, but the scientific name is C/2013 A1. The gas cloud surrounding the comet is 12,000 miles across and the tail of the comet is the equivalent of the distance between the Earth and the moon.
After the comet was discovered in January 2013, scientists at both NASA and the European Space Agency (ESA) worried that dust from the comet could damage spacecrafts orbiting Mars. Both NASA and the ESA decided to change the routes of their orbiters in order to avoid any potential damage.
"There's a small probability of an impact, but it's not zero," Richard Zurek, chief scientist for the Mars Program Office at NASA's Jet Propulsion Laboratory, told the Los Angeles Times. "And it only takes one to do you in.”
The comet Sliding Spring is made up of icy debris that is believed to be remnants from the formation of the solar system 4.6 million years ago. Scientists are hopeful that the comet’s journey to the inner solar system will help them collect new data on how the planets were formed. John Grunsfeld, astronaut and associate administrator for NASA's Science Mission Directorate, told ABC News that this event is a "cosmic science gift that could potentially keep on giving.”

Amateur astronomers in the U.S. should reconsider breaking out their telescopes. "From the Earth it is what we call an 11th magnitude object, which means it would take a good telescope at least 6 inches wide and a very dark sky to find the comet, Carey Lisse, principal scientists at Johns Hopkins University Applied Physics Laboratory, told the Los Angeles Times.
Even with a powerful telescope, the comet will not be visible in the Northern Hemisphere unless you’re within 10 degrees of the equator. However, if you want to watch this unique cosmic event, you can watch a live stream on the astronomy website, which starts at 11:15 a.m. PDT on Sunday.

The Human Soul and Poetry

The Human Soul and Poetry
By: Deanna Jaxine Stinson, Paranormal Researcher
Halo Paranormal Investigations - HPI International!/groups/HPIinternational/
Paranormal Hotline: (916) 203-7503 - 4 Advice & Investigations

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As you read this article, please enjoy: 'Magic Fantasy - A Witch's Tale' music for your reading pleasure.

‘Matter is energy, Energy is Light, We are all light beings.’ Albert Einstein.

The existence of the human soul is an ancient idea that has followed us into modern times. Our ancestors were convinced that we each have a soul and that it can be good or evil.

We can take a look at different mythologies around the world and compare them to our modern views on our souls. We each seem to agree that a human being is capable of housing a soul yet we still do not know how to harness it's powers.

A soul is believed to be consisted of energy that transforms forever so that it is capable of surviving an eternity on many different astral planes.

In ancient Egypt we come across something like a soul that is referred to as a Ba. The Egyptian Book of the Dead states that this Ba rises up out of the body upon death in the shape of a falcon with a human head.

Our breathe is considered by some mystics to be the actual breathe of
the soul. Pranayama is what you call the breathe in eastern meditation practices. It actually means extension of the life force. Our soul is our essence.

Buddhist also believe in reincarnations. Reincarnation is about the soul of a person being reborn to another body. When you are reincarnated you are able to regain your consciousness from your previous life with memory even though you are not in the same body.

It is believed that the spiritual world can recognize our soul. We have auras. An aura is an essence all around you that seems to resonate several different colors each meaning to symbolize the soul inside of the body. Only certain people can see these auras and understand what they mean. Only recently has this idea become very popular. Indefinitely we cannot determine the exact moment of thought of the aura but we can assume that it is a fairly new notion. The Chakras have been around since the early ancient times and they are signified with colors.

With the invention of Kirlian photography we can clearly prove that
aura's exist.

New Age concepts use the crystal skull. The crystal skull is made to
absorb the essences of life matter. They can retain human spirits and
energy of all kinds. It is shaped like a skull because the ancient
peoples believe that this is the source of all knowledge – that which is inside of the human skull.

We could argue than of where the soul is related. Many theorists
speculate that the soul could be housed within your heart or mind. Most people agree that a soul is a small size that hides easily in the body.

Yet how does a soul transplant itself from a dead person to a living and why does it cease to dwell in a body that is no longer living?

The theory of the vampire is that he is immortal. He is a soulless
demonic thing. Could the soul of somebody be trapped inside of an
immortal creature? After all the gods themselves each have souls.

Even if you believe in just one God, he has a soul that is contained, an essence, a spirit. Some cultures believe that gods and goddesses incarnate into human flesh never really changing who they are.

The devil in mythology goes around harvesting souls. In the Christian
bible, it reads that if you really want to find God that you must seek him with all of your heart and soul (Deuteronomy 4:29). This
acknowledges that we do have souls and many people have thought since
ancient times of this.

Wherever it may be hiding we may never know until our destroyer comes to take it from us. Countless legends describe it differently yet the soul is the only piece of us that seems to matter in the whole greatness of the universe. We are capable of unleashing the gifts deep rooted in our soul- broken audio memories of the past through dreams, visions, fantasies and meditation. All these things are the parts of your soul that is channeling throughout your whole body.

Shooting stars fly by,
My soul burns beneath moonlight,

I want to hide away with feathers to cover my face.
In your bed, pillows out of place,

OVERWHELMED, because I do it to myself.

Yet, we are only God's POSSESSIONS,
Love spell master, a disaster ,

Angels fall in love to quick.



My design is like love,

mixed with faith,

We are all spiders,

spinning webs.~



I am a temple made for a holy spirit,

A vase filled with many dreams,

They pour out like water,

To form the mist upon my wings.



Murky waters salty air
Shipwreck visions
Mermaid wind song
heard like premonitions

Black waves salty air
Ocean like a galaxy
Siren lead my soul astray
lost caves

Dreams at midnight
all gone today
a thief has stole them
lanterns blaze

Memories bitter salty air
hidden souls like ships cross
over there,
lost, lost everywhere


Before I was in the paranormal business, I belonged to the comic book industry. It was my job to conduct comic book reviews and interview comic book creators. I am now retired from this industry and my vice president Richard Vasseur of Jazma Online! now does all of the comic book work, so I can pursue my paranormal career. Richard does it again and gets published with his endorsement! Congrats Richard!

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My name is Brett Byrd, I'm currently a student at Sacramento City College taking a course on Writing for Publication. For a recent project we were given the task to come up with an informational article on any topic of our choosing. With it being October and Halloween coming up fast, I decided to write my article on truly Haunted Houses in the Sacramento and surrounding areas as well as just some fun information for at-home DIY ghost hunting and such. I figured with your knowledge you would be an interesting individual to interview and gather all sorts of information from pertaining to my story. If you possibly had any time I would love to get an e-mail communication interview or a telephone interview with you! My article is due on Oct. 22nd so anytime before then would be excellent, hopefully you receive this email in time. You can reach me by email at
I look forward to hopefully hearing from you!
- Brett L. Byrd

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