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The Lightning Pixie of Green Valley Vortex

The Lightning Pixie of the Green Valley Vortex
By Paul Dale Roberts, HPI Esoteric Detective
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I must say I do go on a lot of investigations and I write a lot of paranormal articles. With each article is my contact information. I get text messages, telephone calls and emails constantly from people who have stories to tell or who want to know more information. Below is an email I recently received:

"Hello Mr. Roberts, my name is Howard. I guess from reading all about your investigations, you have become pretty legendary in the paranormal circus. Let me tell you about my circus act at the Green Valley Vortex. Sit back, because I kid you not, this is some real stuff. This really happened dude. I just want to let you know I did some camping at the Green Valley Vortex last year and plan to do some more camping this year. The area is definitely odd. What did you feel when you went up there? My buddy Todd and I felt very lightheaded when we walked into a certain areas where the trees were all bent over.

Todd and myself camped out there for two nights and on one night it rained and that is when some crazy xxxxx happened. We saw lightning hit a tree limb and after it hit, there was this little creature made up of the lightning itself standing on the tree limb. The creature couldn't have been no more than 4 or 5 inches high and it was made up of electricity. The creature seemed to be skipping on the limb and then jumped down to the ground and started walking around. This lightning pixie seemed to take notice of us and at one point of time, it pointed it's little finger at us and shot out a lightning bolt. The bolt did not hit us, but missed us. It hit the ground roughly 3 yards away from us.

We watched this little creature for about 10 minutes, when all of a sudden a large beam hit the little pixie and it was beamed up into the cloudy night skies. Has anyone else seen a pixie in the Green Valley Vortex or are we the only crazy people that seen xxxx like this. I know the two high school kids saw a UFO and a alien robot chased them through the woods. I guess their story would be as crazy as our story. Please let me know if you plan to re-investigate the Green Valley Vortex, because there is something truly unusual going on at this location. It may be another Skinwalker Ranch. I do believe there is a portal at the Green Valley Vortex. Would you agree?"


An Answer from Paul Dale Roberts - HPI Fortean Investigator:

I have only investigated the Green Valley Vortex once and even though I did not acquire any substantial proof that paranormal events occur there, I would still love to go back and conduct a more thorough investigation. With as many people that claim to have experienced paranormal events in this area, I truly believe there must be some kind of explanation on why so many people are witnessing the paranormal. Yes, the Green Valley Vortex warrants another investigation.

To learn about my previous investigation, stop by this link:

5/2/2015: Lisa Aduna-Haas HR Block 8645 Elk Grove Blvd, Elk Grove

Interview with Noel Desilets, Paranormal Experiencer and Musician for the Band Ash Black.
Interviewed by Paul Dale Roberts, HPI General Manager

Question: First off tell us something about yourself. Maybe something about your family life, schools you may have attended, work that you do, etc.

Answer: Well I grew up in Tucson, AZ. I lived in the house I grew up in for most of life. My husband and I have been married for almost 18 years and we recently relocated to California to be closer to my mother. My father died about 9 years ago. As far as a job goes I work with people who are developmentally disabled and I provide home care for the elderly.

Question: You have a very interesting story. It appears that you have been experiencing the paranormal all your life, can you please explain how it started off?

Answer: Honestly I'm not sure when it started, it's just always been an interest of mine since I was little. The thought of a ghost used to scare the crap out of me. After a few up close and personal experiences, I just chose not to be scared anymore. I can control the situation or I can be bullied by these unseen forces. Not that I believe all ghosts are bullies, I've had many wonderful experiences as well, but at one point of time I was being picked on.

Question: Please talk about some of the paranormal experiences that you have experienced throughout your life.

Answer: As I got older and started actually paying attention to what was going on around me, I realized that I could sense when there was a threatening, dark or evil (however you want to say it) presence that I may pick up on. I don't think that's a "unique" ability, I believe we all have it, we just don't always acknowledge it.

One night I was home alone, and I felt very nervous and scared, so I slept with the hall light on….I was laying in bed and felt like something was wrong, I opened my eyes to a HUGE black shadow standing over me. Very demonic in form and it was reaching for me. I could see the form so well because it was perfectly back lit by the hall light. I immediately turned on my light and of course it was gone. I began to pray (I have a very strong faith in God) and I commanded it to leave my house and leave me alone. The house was immediately calm and so was I. I have had many experiences like that but more just feeling the evil around me, messing with me and it can be nerve wracking at times. I refuse to fear it and I fight it, I won't be messed with.

For a more pleasant experience…As I mentioned before I lost my father. We were very close (as I am with my parents) and he literally died in my arms as I promised he would, (he had cancer). I kept telling him how I loved him, as he was in his last moments and everytime I did he took another breath, so my mom told me I needed to quit doing that and let him go. So that's what I did and he took his last breath. A couple days later I arrived back in AZ with some stuff of his that I kept. I was sitting alone in the living room and I heard 3 distinct knocks on the door leading to the garage. No one uses that door, but my Dad always used it to go in and out, when he lived there. I opened the door and there was no one there. A few days later I was sitting with a friend in the living room and again and heard the 3 distinct knocks. I ignored it, waiting to see if she heard it also. Sure enough she said "Noel there's someone at your door." I said there wasn't and she didn't believe me so we went to the door and opened it and there was no one there….I said hi to my Dad and asked him too be cool, because he was scaring my friend (and he always loved to scare people).

One time I was working an overnighter at a home for adults with D.D. My staff told me the house was haunted, but I took it with a grain of salt until that night. I was in the office when I heard a blood curdling scream, something out of a horror movie. I ran through the house and checked on everyone and they were all sleeping. When I got back to the office there was that wicked feeling again and I could smell sulfur. I confronted it for the better part of 2 hours off and on. I was pissed because it wasn't just me getting messed with, this entity was also messing with my clients and putting them at risk. It eventually left and no one ever had experiences in that house again.

Question: Why do you think that paranormal activities are part of your life?

Answer: I honestly don't know.

Question: Do you think that the paranormal activities that you experience have something to do with your creative energy that you exert with your band Ash Black?

Answer: Possibly, I've never really thought about it. But my music is definitely my outlet. I write all the lyrics (for the most part) and they are based on personal experiences from all kinds of things. Our song "Fear" was written about the time in my life before I chose not to be scared of the paranormal and had a lot of nightmares and such.

Question: Does the band Ash Black have a website? How can someone contact you?


Question: On a personal level, can you tell me about your recreational activities and hobbies besides playing in a band and ghosthunting on the side?

Answer: I like to work out with my mom, it's good "mommy and me" time. I LOVE cartoons and collecting them on DVD. My favorite it is to sit in bed with my hubby and 2 cats and watch some "Superfriends"!

Question: You have some unusual tattoos, can you tell me what some of the tattoos represent?

Answer: I have one for my Father with a Columbian Red Tail boa and a black panther, we are a family of animal lovers and one point we had like 50 different kinds of snakes including the boa who was our favorite. Her name was Simon. I got one of a drunk turkey, yes I said turkey, with my grandfather's name underneath "Virgil" He like to drink Wild Turkey. And course I have some of my favorite characters: Scooby Doo, Mickey Mouse, The Flintsones and The Jetsons. That's just a few.

Question: This ends the interview, any words of wisdoms to our readers?

Answer: Fear is a natural reaction to what we don't know…but we can choose not to let it control us. Face your fears, you'll be stronger for it.

Note: Noel is a HPI Paranormal Investigator-in-training, tonight on Sept 11, 2009 is her first investigation with HPI. Good luck Noel.

Delilah is a one year old cat. She is a medium-haired deep gray with a white heart on her chest and blue eyes. She lives in a fabric shop in Paris, France that specializes in expensive lace. At night she is free to wander the city (also during the day if she spots a rat or just gets bored she will leave.) When she smells fish she goes into a trance and wanders off she can't help herself and she has gotten into many predicaments this way. Her favorite joy is to sneak past the guards at the Eiffel Tower and go to the top where she likes to watch the birds and the people look through the goggles that take coins. She also enjoys a good picnic but only on expensive fabrics. Delilah is a dreamer and is constantly fantasizing adventures in faraway places and has adventures of her own every day in Paris, France.
One day she stopped a thief from stealing wallets and purses by tripping him in front of her favorite guard. Sometimes he sees her and lets her slip by as long as she brings him a coin or a feather. Delilah's owner is a single woman and dates a lot of men who take her on trips for weeks at a time. Delilah has sometimes followed the men home from the shop to check their activities and she lets her owner know how she feels about them. Delilah is a very polite kitty who is also very clever.

Paul Dale Roberts, HPI Esoteric Detective
aka The Demon Warrior

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The Trouble with Curses

The Trouble With Cursesby: Deanna Jaxine Stinson, Curse Researcher
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5 Most Haunted Cars Ever
Angel of War Mix^

What is a curse? You may be thinking... Is it bad luck, death, horror?

Where did it come from? Who and why would someone curse you? How can we protect ourselves? I am going to cover all that in this article.
According to the dictionary, a curse is a jinx, a hex or an ill will towards a person. This curse can be placed by a person, God or spirit.

It can be brought upon through prayer, bad thoughts, or through magic.
To break a curse it requires using more energy than was used to construct the curse in the first place. If the curse was put on through spells, than you need to use the same course such as with smudging sage, palo alto wood or holy water and pray or invoke light energy for long enough to counteract the negative energy spent on it either on the object or on yourself or both.

A curse is a serious thing and not to be taken lightly. A curse is an evil beast that will not stop until it is satisfied it's belly with bad luck, lust, hate and even blood. To satisfy such a creature who is never satisfied will take a long time and is very dangerous immediately to those exposed. People can curse objects and bring them to your home.

They can even curse you just with a look.

A good thing about the evil eye charms, whether their true meaning was misconstrued or not is that you are putting positive visualizations into the jewelry which does combat negative energy. It is the same thing as those people that are extremely happy all the time and nothing can seem to break them down. It is because they spent so long focusing on positive energy the negative energy doesn't stand a chance. It is the same thing vice-versa. The sad person who can never be happy because they spend so much time focusing on the negative energy that it is hard for the positive to break through. Jewelry is great because it is worn on you and your aura everyday so it affects your being and mood. Yet I believe that you could put this beautiful energy into any piece of jewelry, one that speaks the most to your heart.

Here is some examples I want to show you of curses that have occurred:

Curse of Tippecanoe
The curse of Tippecanoe was a curse placed on United States presidents.

It causes the presidents who are elected in years divisible by twenty -death. This curse has come true several times through; William Henry Harrison(elected in 1840) through John F. Kennedy (1960). Ronald Reagan, elected in 1980, was shot but survived; George W. Bush (2000) survived an attempt on his life unharmed (Wikipedia).

The curse was brought on in 1811 through William Harrison. The leader of the Shawnee natives, Tecumseh, went to war with William Harrison over bad business tactics.

Tecumseh lost and his brother Tenskwatawa laced the curse to him. The curse seemed to be very strong for the next 150 years.

James Dean Car Curse
James Dean, a legendary actor died as the result of driving a cursed car. The year was 1955 and the Hollywood star was driving his brand new beauty. The car was silver Spider Porsche specially customized for James Dean. At the time of the customizations, the one doing this special service, George Barris, had an overwhelming feeling of dread. Most people upon coming into contact with this car told James that they had a bad feeling about it. This is true with all people, is that true evil is easy to recognize because it does not hide for long. The car had such bad vibes around it that everyone close to James, warned him. He did not listen and in a week he was dead. There was a head on collision and James died and his car was totaled. Later, after the car was salvaged for pieces three of the pieces caused separate waves of bad luck. The question is…how this car came to be cursed and why so?

Voodoo Doll
A voodoo doll is a doll that is constructed with belongings, hair or nails from a person and then cursed. The curse enacts over time through the use of the curser sticking needles into specific body points to cause problems in that area. This magic is a combination of folk and Haitian Vodou. A voodoo doll is not something to be toyed with.

Help with Curses
The best thing that you can do if you think there is a curse on you is to take it very seriously. As with most things, ignoring the problem will not make it go away. You need to immediately do what feels best in your heart. There are many different cleansing techniques to work with from each religion. You can use sage, holy water or Palo Alto sticks or more. If you feel that you need more help contact a religious leader or paranormal group in your area. As always, best of luck to each and every one of my readers with your spiritual endeavors. Take care of your heart and soul and ask for help when you need it. Till next time…Deanna

Deanna Jaxine Stinson, HPI Supernatural Sleuth
aka Shooting Star Baby

Halo Paranormal Investigations (HPI International)!/groups/HPIinternational/
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Mother Ships or Simply the Right Size for the Occupants

I was talking with a friend of mine whom I have known since the third grade. We were talking about the changes that have taken place on Long Island New York over the last 50  years. We were discussing the days when we had only one highway to drive to the end of Long Island in order to reach Montauk Point . The Montauk Point area is  also  the location  of Plum Island and Camp Hero. During the 1940's until recently both were active extremely strange institutions of secret ominous activates with long lists of odd events happening for many years following World War II. Long Islanders considered them dangerous if not evil places.

My friend and I were talking about our life on Long Island when we were teens  in the early 60 s  around  1963  to 65. Those years were a  time when  Long Island was having numerous UFO sightings being reported. My father had been told during that  time period  that a few people in our town had seen a group of UFOs a  over a town golf course which was still being talked about by all the local people when a few sightings came along of people witnessing large UFO;s flying low over Great River which ran out in to the Great South Bay and on to the Atlantic Ocean.. All of these  sightings were still the talk of the town when this next event took place.   One Dad read  aloud after dinner as the family still was sitting at the kitchen table  from the Long Island Press (which was a favorite newspaper on Long Island at the time) an article describing how hundreds of Long Islanders traveling along the Sunrise Highway ( which was the only main highway that was used to travel to then end of Long Island in that time period) had called in to the local police reports of an enormous UFO traveling low  over  Sunrise Highway as it traveled out towards the end of Long Island towards the Atlantic Ocean. 

The people who witnessed this huge craft insisted it was at least a half a mile if not bigger in circumference. The people who saw this huge craft all reported the same details of a enormous oval craft slowly hovering over the highway at times as it made its way in silence following the highway below out to the end of the roadway frightening those who were traveling under it on the highway lanes. It followed the roadway to its end and continued on towards the end of Long Island and the Atlantic Ocean.

There were no offerings of what it could have been in the article or comments other than the description of this huge metallic shinny windowless  craft and the mention of  many other UFO sightings being reported over Long Island during that time.

I have often had that event flash through my mind over the years when I learned of other sightings of huge unexplained crafts being reported from all over the world. These huge crafts seemed to have taken on the name of  Mother Ships.

I thought about this and wondered if we have this correct in our thinking or if we simply are missing another explanation to the enormous size of these unknown crafts thinking they are something they are not. 

 It is true that the enormous size of the crafts many have witnessed over the years may well be main carriers of large populations of other life forms and their equipment and living areas or there is one other strange idea that could explain there massive size.  It may sound simplistic but why could the difference in size of UFO.s simply be an indication of the different sizes of the aliens traveling in them?

How many times have we been told of history that talks  to us about giants walking on the earth? How many times have the idea of extremely tall beings being seen over history have we come across in our search for answers to our past and understanding of our possible futures.?

I really thought about this when I came across the reported incident where our astronauts were reported to have had an encounter with a huge space man that was so large and tall that they had to open the cargo bay of the space shuttle so he could stand towering over our men in the open cargo bay in order to have a meeting with them

There is no reason at all to think that other life forms in this enormous universe are similar in size to the humans on earth. In fact there is no reason to think that they are like us at all in any way shape or form. I think we should consider that shape, size and form of those who may visit this planet may be anything from bug size to building size and all things in between.

I now wonder in pure fascination what may pilot those enormous crafts and can only keep my mind open to the endless possibilities that could exist inside those metallic walls from huge populations of aliens to simply huge aliens!

outrageous to us howver from another large planet beings may not only
grow to 20 feet but larger , all these things we are yet to understand.

The above is a shocking image but gives us the idea that aliens 
may not look in body like anything we ever imagined 

   Copyright © 2011-2015 Chris Holly's Endless Journey with the Unknown

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Morphing Transforming UFOs?

Morphing Transforming UFOs?
By Paul Dale Roberts, HPI Ufologist

Princess Hannah the Rabbit Slayer

Special Note: Before we get into talking about UFOs, let me tell you what the drawing is about. The drawing is by Richard Vasseur. Richard drew a picture of our dog (Pekinese) - Princess Hannah. Deanna had a rabbit called Blue Moon. Hannah became so obsessed with the rabbit, that she kept chasing it around the house, until it had a heart attack. This is when Princess Hannah became the Rabbit Slayer.
I have seen the ghost of Blue Moon once in the main bedroom. This article is dedicated to Blue Moon.

I have heard many strange stories, but this story has got to be the strangest yet. The story can't be verified for authenticity, but it is still a story that should be told. Take a seat and let me tell you this bizarre tale of strangeness.

I receive a call from a young man named Johnny. Johnny does not want his full name in this article, nor does he want to let you know where the incident occurred. He will let you know that the incident happened somewhere in the Midwest. Four years ago, Johnny and his friend Tyler were in a secluded area camping. The area is lush meadows and surrounding trees in the distance. On the night they were camping, there were mid-level Cumulus clouds, perhaps 6,500 feet high from the ground.
Johnny and Tyler heard a rumbling noise in the sky. Tyler's eyes started flickering and he completely passed out. Johnny tried to revive his friend, but he was out cold and then he noticed what appeared to be a large white panel truck in the sky! The large white panel truck was huge. If you were to place 2 large Hummers together, it was the size of two large Hummers in width and in length. The white panel truck seemed to have a huge panel door on the side, large windows in front and 4 wheels and it was driving on top of the mid-level Cumulus clouds! There was a large bright light that seemed to chase it.

Johnny was affixed to this object and finally to his surprise the object descended from the clouds and landed in the meadow. Right behind it came the bright light and the bright light turned into what looked like a Space Shuttle!

At this time, I was ready to hang up on Johnny, because I thought this story was absolutely bizarre and it was hard for me to fathom that this story had any credibility to it. But, I decided to hang on, because the story was fascinating to say the least.
Johnny was compelled to go towards the large white panel truck. He could not resist walking towards this strange flying machine that has a Space Shuttle parked at its rear. Johnny remembers looking into the window of the large white panel truck and he could make out the driver/pilot. The driver/pilot had a US space suit on and as he peered through the window into the driver/pilot's head gear he saw what he describes as a Grey with large black oval eyes. The driver/pilot of this vehicle started waving his arms frantically and Johnny stepped back from the large white panel truck and it ascended into the sky with the space shuttle following. As it reached the clouds both objects blinked into nothingness.

Johnny went to the campfire and discovered that the campfire was out. The wood was completely burned and now smoldering. Johnny was confused, because the fire should have kept burning, it was only perhaps 40 minutes that passed during the sighting. Tyler awakened and asked what happened. Johnny and Tyler were also shocked that the sun was now rising. Johnny claims that the area has a lot of UFO activity, black helicopters and some cattle mutilations. Johnny also claims that at the age of 10 that he may have been abducted. He has flashbacks of buzzing sounds, bright lights and being stared at by big black eyes.

The only reason why I take some credence to Johnny's story is that UFOs have been known to morph into other objects. Here are some possible cases and stories:

From 1896 to 1897, thousands of people witnessed 'airships', when there were no airships in existence. The first airship was spotted over Sacramento, California on November 17, 1896. The airship looked like a Goodyear blimp and there were no Goodyear blimps in 1896. Could UFOs have disguised their ships to look like airships, so that citizens would not be alarmed?

Some Ufologists make claim that UFOs can project images to deceive witnesses. Case example where witnesses watch a typical saucer shaped UFO morph into a black helicopter. Could UFOs use projected holograms to disguise their craft to conceal themselves from potential witnesses? A famous projected hologram by a UFO could have happened at the Miracle of Fatima where gatherers closest to the 3 children saw a projected image of a 'lady', while gatherers furthest from the children saw a dancing sun (possible UFO).

Since there are cases in which UFOs play 'Transformers' to the witnesses, I was compelled to tell Johnny's story and let you the reader be the judge.


On August 22, 2009, Saturday, the HPI team heads to Mill Pond Lane in Redding to investigate a haunted home. Activities in the home are:
Possible portal in home, the occupant feels entities are coming in and out of a portal in her home.
Entities are pushing and shoving occupants.
3 or 4 men stand over occupant's bed and stare at her, while she is trying to sleep.
Little children ghosts are seen in the house.
Some of the children wear outfits from the 1800s.
Old lady ghost is seen.
Dolls are placed underneath the bed.
Whistling heard in occupant's ear.
Entity calls her name. Entity has female voice.
House is 3 years old, but possibly the land is haunted. Research is being conducted.
After this investigation we are doing a Batsquatch/Bigfoot/UFO hunt at Mount Shasta. We will be camping all night at Mount Shasta.

Shannon McCabe and I were contacted by Anna Mikelson of History Channel's Monster Quest to do a possible investigation at Mount Shasta in search of Batsquatch/Mothman.



Information and highlights can be found at HPI is having a Haloween Vampire Ball at the very haunted nightclub called 'Vegas'! Also, when you stop at this site, also check out 'Paul's Lair' (you will find my articles at this location); 2012 The Real Truth video; Showtime's Penn & Teller The Apocalypse episode featuring Shannon and Paul; Marcy Playground documentary!

Next paranormal inquiry: Dolores Barlow.

Can be found here:

Paul Dale Roberts, HPI General Manager, Paranormal Investigator & Ghostwriter
Shannon McCabe's HPI
Haunted and Paranormal Investigations International
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If you have a possible investigation call: 1-888-709-4HPI

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Sacred Geometry Across the Universe

Sacred Geometry Across The Universe
by: Deanna Jaxine Stinson,
Halo Paranormal Investigations - HPI International!/groups/HPIinternational/
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Mandala Meditation Music:
Rosicrucian Secret Knowledge:

Sacred Geometry is the art of putting religious significance into geometric shapes and design. This stems from the beliefs that God designed the world according to a geometric blueprint. In nature we can see the various examples of patterning such as a nautilus shell spiral which has a perfect mathematical equation hidden in its matter. Examples of synthetic structures built to mimic sacred geometry are churches and cathedrals. Sacred geometry is the imprint of structure and spirit, mathematics and nature rolled into one.
Perhaps we are incredibly smart to take designs from mathematics and nature which leaves me wondering if we could find life on other planets and break it down into such a way where we could come up with other mathematical equations from the matter on other planets. Surely, the designs life takes on other planets mimics a divine pattern as well or perhaps it is all the same. In the next few paragraphs I am going to share with you ancient legends that should never be forgotten and beautiful stories that have to do with sacred geometry.

The Celtic Cross
The Celtic cross is a shape mimicking a cross and a halo. It is popularly used to create monuments to honor the dead in Britain, Ireland and beyond. Before the eighth century, crosses like this were found in Scotland. Today, the cross represents faith and tradition. Someone of Scottish, Welsh or Irish identity would use this cross on their family crest.

Rosy Cross
The rosy cross is a cross with a white rose at it's center. It is said to come from the Rosicrucian Order which is a secret society that started in Germany in by Christian Rosenkreuz. in the early 1600's. The texts written by people of this order encouraged change into a better people. The secret order was said to be run by alchemists, astronomers, mathematicians, Christians and sages. These are People who actually opposed Roman Catholicism but embraced ancient beliefs.

Mandalas are perhaps one of the more beautiful creations of the universe. A Mandala is a geometric shape that patterns into unusual spirals, circles into simple and complex designs all different but perfect together as one. It comes from Hinduism and Buddhism. These religions put out a powerful message of reincarnation, peace, and karma.

There are many variations of Mandalas and one can even create their own. The pattern of the Mandala is said to echo that of the holy cosmos. It is a focal point for one to meditate into the spiritual worlds. Hinduism is one of the earliest religions in the world. The Hindus believe that all living creatures have a soul. The soul is eternal.

Pythagoras of Samos instrumented mathematical ideas into music. As you know, music has a rhythm and a tempo which are serious of mathematical steps that result into patterns of fours to create the perfect harmony.

Pythagoras also wrote the sacred theorem which is used in geometry to cover the three sides of a triangle. Although many speculate that the prior ideas were already around before he coined them.

Stars and Astronomy
In Greek Mythology, the owl has become a sacred symbol of wisdom that sits by the goddess Athena's side. Owls have beautiful shapes and geometry in their feathers that inspire thought and meditation, healing and understanding. Owls are nocturnal creatures preferring the night time shapes of the universe, such as the moon and stars.
Many temples were built to be positioned underneath constellations and alignments in the night sky. Many pyramids, churches, places and more to mimic the cosmic alignment of the universe. The sacred geometry of our years. A famous example is Stonehenge.

Stonehenge is an ancient place in Wiltshire, England said to have possibly been constructed by the druids. It is in the middle of a vast amount of burial grounds, much like the Egyptians releasing the energy of their ancestors through the use of pyramidal transitory shapes. Those who go near it must honor its sacristy to the people of the living and the dead and treat it with respect. Stonehenge stands in an alignment with the solstice and equinox.

The sacred geometry of the universe is complex yet simple in its design.

A mystery so intriguing that it whispers all around us to stop and take note of the perfection with which the universe is built. We study the designs all around us for clues to an ancient world that may lead us to the ultimate truth. Who is the original creator and what can we do with this knowledge? What patterns are these that are set so precise and mathematical into the sky…or are they just our ideas of perfection? What can we do in the future with this powerful information in order to ensure that our species survives? Try to reach a better understanding in the sacred geometry of the Earth and become connected to the true nature of the universe.

Kaleidoscope by Deanna
Your heart is like a kaleidoscope
All these visions reflecting
Revealing lights of hope
Rainbows inside crystals

Mirrors like possibilities
Of your mind all of our
Memories reflected infinitely

Deanna Jaxine Stinson, HPI Supernatural Sleuth
aka The Black Rose

Halo Paranormal Investigations (HPI International)!/groups/HPIinternational/

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HPI Investigates the Poltergeist Movie Curse

HPI Investigates the Poltergeist Movie Curse
By Paul Dale Roberts, HPI Esoteric Detective
Halo Paranormal Investigations - HPI International!/groups/HPIinternational/
Paranormal Hotline: (916) 203-7503 - 4 Advice & Investigations

Poltergeist Movie Curse Video by Deanna

Poltergeist Movie Curse Part 1

Poltergeist Movie Curse Part 2

Poltergeist Movie Curse Part 3


On 4/10/2015 - the Demon Warrior aka Paul Dale Roberts received a call on the paranormal hotline. A couple in Sacramento purchased an old Cabbage Patch doll that belonged to actress Heather O'Rourke (Carol Ann Freeling) of the Poltergeist movie film. Since the purchase of this cursed doll from EBay (it came with a Certificate of Authenticity), the family has had terrible tragedies happen to them. There has been deaths in the family also. My wife Deanna Jaxine Stinson and I, will be headed over to their home soon, to assist them in banishing this curse. This investigation / cleansing will happen at 7:30pm - April 17, Friday.

The Poltergeist curse

The "Poltergeist curse" is a rumored curse attached to the Poltergeist trilogy and its crew, derived from the fact that four cast members died in the six years between the releases of the first and third films. The rumor is often fueled by the fact that real skeletons were used as props in various scenes of Poltergeist and Poltergeist II. The rumor and the surrounding deaths were explored in a 2002 episode of E! True Hollywood Story titled "Curse of Poltergeist".

Dominique Dunne, who played the eldest daughter Dana in the first film, died on November 4, 1982, at age 22 after being strangled by her abusive former boyfriend John Thomas Sweeney. He was convicted of voluntary manslaughter and sentenced to six years in prison, but was paroled after serving three and a half years.

Julian Beck, 60-year-old actor who played Henry Kane in Poltergeist II: The Other Side, died on September 14, 1985, of stomach cancer diagnosed before he had accepted the role.

Will Sampson, 53 years old, who played Taylor the medicine man in Poltergeist II, died as a result of post-operative kidney failure and pre-operative malnutrition problems on June 3, 1987.

Heather O'Rourke, who played Carol Anne in all three Poltergeist films, died on February 1, 1988 at the age of 12 during surgery to repair an acute bowel obstruction.


On 4/10/2015 - the Demon Warrior aka Paul Dale Roberts received a call on the paranormal hotline. A couple in Sacramento purchased an old Cabbage Patch doll that belonged to actress Heather O'Rourke (Carol Ann Freeling) of the Poltergeist movie film. Since the purchase of this cursed doll from EBay (it came with a Certificate of Authenticity), the family has had terrible tragedies happen to them. There has been deaths in the family also. My wife Deanna Jaxine Stinson and I, will be headed over to their home soon, to assist them in banishing this curse.

Hi Paul, I have only just come on line to see your post on the haunting of the doll purchased. I followed the story line of that beautiful little girl. It sounds like an angry spirit has attached itself to the doll believing it to be a human. The people who have the doll need to sit the doll in the sunlight and give it hugs. The noisy ghost is doing its best to get their attention, as they are in fear they are giving the doll focus and the spirit more energy.
I am sending extreme love to the little doll and also to the people who now have her. I am sending you and your wife extra white light for protection.
Love always, Denise X

From: "Dustin Neighbors" <>
Sent: Friday, April 10, 2015 7:50:26 PM
Subject: Heather O' Rourke Doll

Hello, thank you so much for taking the time to listen to our story and trying to help us. This is what has happened.

On Monday, October 27th 2014, I received a text message from my wife, Jamie-Lynn. She asked how much I would be willing to pay for a Cabbage Patch Kid that had belonged to Heather O' Rourke. As a huge fan of the Poltergeist movies (I even have a tattoo of Carol Anne sitting in front of the TV), my response was, "Anything!" My wife was able to purchase the doll on eBay for $100. I can't express how excited we were to have the ultimate horror fan collectible. The doll arrived on the 30th of October. We were in awe. Halloween day, we left for our anniversary trip to Reno. Our anniversary is Nov 1.

While in Reno, we got a call that my wife's step brother had been in a terrible accident while playing soccer. He ended up with a ruptured spleen and broken ribs. Due to internal bleeding, he was hospitalized for 5 days. 3 days later, my father-in-law became ill. Within 2 days, he was in a coma. He was diagnosed with encefalitis. He remained in a coma for 5-6 days and we almost lost him. Miraculously, he woke up and was released after a 9 day stint. He is still in rehab for brain damage. We thought we could be back to our lives after a very trying few weeks. On Dec 2nd, my wife found out her childhood friend, John had committed suicide by gunshot. Dec 8th, our good friend Dawn died of heart failure...she was 33. Shortly after, my mother was having agonizing pain in her hip. She ended up having surgery. On Jan 7th, my wife's Uncle Jeff (not a blood relative, he was her best friend's father who took my wife in on more than one occasion as a child) passed away from a heart attack. He had no known medical conditions. January 26th, my wife was hospitalized for the night with a rare intestinal infection. The end of January, I left my job for a new company. On Feb 12, I was let go. Feb 14th, we had to put our dear dog, Zeus down. Early March, our 4 year old Pomeranian lost a tooth.

Shortly after, my wife was told something was wrong with her heart and they suspended her driver's license. She has had to wear heart monitors for 24 hours twice and they still don't know what is wrong. On March 27th, due to an error, Kern County Child Support levied my account right before a bunch of debit purchases and auto drafts cleared. This left us with a negative account balance of almost $2,000. My car broke down two days prior. Last week, the doctors notified my mother that her surgery not only failed, she had a fracture in her hip. She had a hip replacement April 8th. On top of all of this, my wife and I have not gotten along. There is constant tension in the air and the topic of divorce has come up more than once.

This is how our life has been the past 5 1/2 months. We are really looking forward to meeting you and we hope we can find a resolution.

PS: Also, on March 27th, my wife's step-dad became I'll. His face was swollen, he was nauseous, and urinating blood. Most likely from a spider bite. Today, (4/11/2015) we found out our little dog has Giardia.

Since the main focus was the cleansing, I did not do a full-on investigation, I merely tried 5 quick and dirty EVP attempts around the doll just to see if there were any demonic force attached to the doll. No EVPs were recorded. The curse most likely was a projected curse from someone close to Heather. Deanna conducted her metaphysical saging cleansing and afterwards I conducted a Roman Catholic blessing of the doll using holy water. Before the cleansing, I have felt dizziness, I have also felt nauseated. Perhaps the curse of this doll has caused my symptoms. Perhaps the curse was trying to keep me away. I will be in touch with the owners of this doll to see if the blessing / cleansing worked. Deanna detected one ghost in the house. This family collect old collectibles that may have a spirit attachment. Deanna detects possibly one benevolent spirit in the home.

Paul Dale Roberts, HPI Esoteric Detective
aka The Demon Warrior

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Wednesday, April 15, 2015

The Unknown/ Unexplained Encounters of the English Gentleman Brian BIrch

I have the pleasure of sharing an ongoing correspondence with a lovely gentleman who lives in England. His name is Brian Birch.  Brian is presently 75 years old. Brian lives in England.

Brian is a man who lived and lives  his life large and full. He has always been active and alive out doing and seeing, not a man who sits about and watches life on a small screen or from his window. Brian is one of those people who lives his life fully.

Brain served his country as a Royal Marine which is a distinguished division of the United Kingdoms military. . He also was a boxer while in the Royal Marines making it clear that this man knows how to take care of himself and not the type to be fearful of things, in fact he is one of the men we all call when we are fearful of things!

His life has been exciting, he has been married, three times and has children and grandchildren as well as a large extended family around him.

I tell you these things about this man as he without question fits the pattern or profile of  people who seem to share personality traits with others who report encounters with the unexplained and unknown.

Of course it is logical that those who are out in the world in touch with their surroundings are also the people who encounter strange events and see odd things. You are far more likely to experience more in life if you out living it rather than sitting it out hidden behind a screen or some kind of device too timid to actually go live life first hand. Those who experience the unknown  seem to be people who have open curious minds that connect with the realization they are witnessing or encountering something unexplained and unusual.

 I personally believe many people have been in the middle of strange events and simply did not pay attention or notice  what was going on around them.. Sadly many in our society walk around blind to the world around or above them instead living in locked small bubbles that prevent them from really living a full life. The difference between those who do and do not experience many unknowns may be that some people are not  controlled by techie devices and live aware of life around them not locked in closed off bubbles making them the people who encounter what truly is happening that many others choose to ignore.

Brian Birch does not walk around or live his life in a protective blind bubble , Brian took life on at its level and in return life has shown him more of what exists, I think Brian was raised in a family of full living people and along with his brothers and nephews Brain has experienced many incredible encounters of the unusual yet very real kind
I truly  enjoy communicating with this man as he is one of those people who has had a interesting full life filled with adventure and events that are interesting and far from the ordinary.

Brian served his country in the Royal Marines which trained him to be a strong man fully capable of handling dangerous situations and difficult circumstances. I believe this special training maybe the reason he survived some of the odd encounters he has had during his life .

Brian has written about the odd encounters of his life. I have decided to share his encounters with my readers exactly as Brian has shared them with me. Below you will find what Brain has told me  about a few of the odd events he encountered in his life. The first event he shared with me took place in 1959. Brain wrote:

 " In 1959 while serving with the Royal Marines I was travelling back from leave. I was travelling with my brother on his motorbike. My brother suddenly steered off on to the grass on the edge of a deep bowl shaped escarpment and cut the engine. 

 I asked my brother "problems?"  He replied "no, just thought to 'spend a penny' and take a breather".  It was a relief to get off the 'bike in respite of the bitter cold winter 'slipstream' as I was dressed in my summer clothes. I only otherwise possessed my uniform.  Our stop was albeit briefly intended.  Then, as we stood there looking across that bowl-shaped, scrub populated valley there when came to our ears a weird
'musical' sound that 'rose and fell' and emanated from deep down in the lower part of the 'bowl shaped' escarpment  known as The Devil's Punchbowl. 

 Curious as to the origin of that truly weird 'musical' sound we decided to descend ,on our back-sides, down the steep descent into the Punchbowl.  What we encountered down there was an encounter of sheer terror when we came 'face to face' with two alien beings.

The strange beings towered over us so closely  that had I wished- I could have touched them.  They 'floated' about 'two feet' or so above the ground and must have stood about 'ten to twelve feet' in height.  They wore elongated helmets.  One 'green' eye (or light) where you'd expect the eyes to have  been.  Sheer terror and panic seized me and I was temporarily paralyzed with the rush of adrenalin for a few seconds before being over taken by blind fear and terror and started to run frantically from them, unaware of where I was running to. 

 My brother and I were able to make it back to his motor bike and our escape. We did  not look back nor understand what it was that we felt was hanging over our heads or what was making the musical sounds during the event. We mounted Den's bike and rode away like the devil was in pursuit of us and we didn't stop until we reached the city outskirts of  Guildford .

It was not to much later that my brother confessed that hundreds of red glowing eyes where in pursuit of me low about my legs as I retreated at a full run back towards my brother who was ahead of me and his bike that day . My brother told me at one point they seemed to over take and surround me as I made my way out of that Punchbowl and back to him and his bike. He has no idea how I ran through them without being taken down. His only concern was getting us back on that bike and making it scream with all it had out of the area of those eyes and those hovering giant beings. It was something we would never forget but not the last I would see of them.

Life continued on however along with my time in the Royal Marines so did the strange encounters continue in my life

On another  night in 1959 I was standing guard as a Royal Marine and patrolling the perimeter of the 'bivvy site' (bivouac site) along with another  fellow Marine. The Bivvy was  in a forest in Kent. . 

 On this night I did not patrol with the other Royal Marine I decided to split up  and I patrolled a different area to be on my own. 

 We carried .303 Lee Enfield' rifles with 'fixed-bayonets' as the area had known previous IRA attacks on military personnel to acquire rifles. The track we were to patrol was one-mile-long with water and petrol carriers at one end and the latrines at the other. I was 'elected' to patrol the latrine area as my 'buddy' had already set off to patrol the former in spite of our being expected to patrol in pairs in case of attack. 

The path I was patrolling was well away from the 'bivvy area' and was bordered by a long stretch of high bushes, on the other side of which were large open fields. I was wearing 'battle order' which included SV boots (commando boots) with thick, hard rubber soles and which were 'noiseless' to aid 'stealth'.  As I stood at the latrines (a six feet deep trench dug out of the ground with a plank of wood spanning it and the area was lit by a brilliant hissing pressure' lantern).  As I walked slowly along the narrow track I suddenly sensed an 'electric field' that caused my hair to literally 'stand on end' and my whole body sensed something 'spirit like' in nature but decidedly malevolent was near.

It was a haunted type of danger or warning feeling I was feeling. It was so intense in the area by the latrines that I hurriedly left that area altogether.  I could feel 'unseen eyes' riveted on me and certainly not human ones.  I headed off into the darkness to continue patrolling the track alongside the fields which I couldn't see into because of the dense, tall bushes bordering the track along which I patrolled.

As I slowly patrolled this track, perhaps half a mile or more distant from the area that my 'buddy' was patrolling, I suddenly became aware of the sound of 'something' on the unseen 'other side' of those bushes.  Slow, ponderous and unbelievably heavy footfalls as 'something' walked noisily if casually along the other side of those high bushes.  

 I was puzzled.  How could anyone be so enormously heavy as to make that sound on what was a well trodden earthen trail?  The line of scrub ran for quite some distance, obscuring whatever it was walking so ponderously on the other side.  I hesitated to investigate.  My skin crawled.  I vividly recall that my inclination was to get out of there and make for the opposite direction back towards the bivvy area but I resolutely took a grip of myself and decided to overcome my fear, 'to do my duty' and to investigate. Was I not after all a Royal Marine? 

 I began to quietly follow, pacing quietly those clearly discernible footfalls along the length of track alongside the scrub separating me from 'whatever it was' on the other side.  I knew that some hundred yards (meters) or so further along there was a break in those dense bushes and that was where I would come 'face to face' with whatever it was.  I had to make a conscious effort to steel myself for whatever I would encounter.  Whatever it was must have 'weighed a ton' to make the ground tremble like that. But on two feet?  What in Heavens name could it be?  A dinosaur?  That thought crossed my mind.

Shortly, I could just discern the 'opening' in the scrub ahead of me and gripping my rifle in an 'attack' position, my heart pounding, I quietly walked in time with those elephant like 'footfalls' and very soon I was approaching that opening in the bushes.

  As I came to that opening I leapt through it to confront whatever was the cause of those 'elephant like' footfalls and breaking the otherwise silence of that hour I barked loudly in a voice that would alert my sleeping Marine companions 'buried' in their bivvies. "Halt, who goes there?" 

 I was met with ominous silence and by nothing whatsoever 'elephant like' visible!  Bright moonlight lit-up that side of the tall scrub and revealed an immense size empty field of earth and sparsely short grass along the opposite side that track.  Perturbed now I walked alongside that 'other side', retracing my direction and searching the ground alongside those bushes . 

For about fifty yards or so I retraced my steps on that opposite side to that which I had been patrolling.  To my surprise and admittedly some relief there was nothing visible to be seen. Yet my scalp and flesh crawled with the awareness of an unseen and almost malevolent presence.  Greatly disturbed I hastily retreated, retracing my steps yet found nothing.

 Unnerved by the experience and with hair 'crawling' I made my way quietly back towards the bivvy area and waited out my remaining time beneath a tree to await my relief, the time was about 1AM and I had an hour of my two-hour stag to go.  I told no one about my experience and back in my 'hole in the ground' with the bugs and spiders for company and still in full battle order including boots as was the custom, I allowed the blissfully, long awaited 'arms of oblivion' to overcome me before the hours of daylight all too quickly brought me back to the sobering, strenuous reality of Royal Marine training.

My life outside of the marines consisted of the normal things people do. I got married and had children and enjoyed time with my family when ever possible. The odd events in my life continued with me as well.

It was in 1964 that my brother James 'Jim' together with his young son also James (Jim junior) plus my brother's daughter Christine set out one night on a 'fifty mile plus' drive from where my brother and his family lived.  I was driving that night as we set out from Sandford near Crediton for Dartmoor.  We often visited that desolate moor for it's solitude and sometimes in order to 'fire off' our 'twelve bore' shotguns.  Shooting was a passion that my brother and I shared.  On this particular night we headed for Okehampton where we planned to join a narrow service road that would take us some nine miles onto the moor. 

 Our plan was to drive as far as was possible to a point where that road ended in a small 'roundabout' or 'doughnut' that was the only place where one could reverse the car to return to Okehampton. 

 The service road was just wide enough to  permit our car to drive along it and even then, the wheels would be very near to the edge of that service road which was a good 'eighteen inches' of concrete and proud of or 'above' the surface of the moor itself. 

Dartmoor is very rugged with rocks and boulders strewn about, plus numerous deep pits spread about it's very boggy surface.  No wheeled vehicle would be able to leave that road to access that rough, wild terrain in fact.  Cattle have been known to disappear when venturing onto that moor and people too have met the same fate, swallowed by such bogs or swept away by the tumultuous river Dart following the frequent and sudden heavy rainfalls of which Dartmoor is infamous.  

This particular journey was a sudden decision to attempt to reach notorious 'Cranmere Pool' which was situated well off that service road which would entail our having to park the car somewhere on that 'loop' then to travel on foot to reach our destination.

Cranmere Pool was reported to be haunted by the ghost of a man who died there named 'Bengie'.  This was back many years hence of course and we subsequently discovered that the pool had long since dried up.  Whether we knew this as we set out I do not recall however we were determined to reach and to explore the area. 

 It was while driving across the moor from Okehampton that we noticed a circle of white light that silhouetted a tor (high rocky outcrop) like a halo. 

 The ground ahead of us and well up high above that narrow service road was quite some distant to us, in other words it was way ahead but up high on the steeply sloping terrain of the moor.  It was decidedly puzzling.  The light formed a perfect halo behind this tor and my first thought was that it might have been a helicopter but this thought was quickly dispelled as we drove nearer and there was no sound whatsoever of a helicopter which I knew from experience to be very noisy indeed in spite of the fact that we were still some distance from it. 

 As we began to shorten that distance towards that 'lit up' tor I felt a strong sense of apprehension, a creepy 'sixth sense' that we were driving somehow into a dangerous situation.  This 'sixth sense' had never failed me in the past and had in fact had undoubtedly in the past  saved my life.   

I said nothing to my brother of my inner feelings but as we drew closer to that 'halo of light' behind that tor  that 'uncomfortable' feeling intensified.  I didn't want panic to spread among us and for one very real reason being the road was impossible for me to make a reverse turn. 

  It was a good eighteen inches above the boggy moor, far too deep a drop to permit the wheels of my car to access the surface of the moor.  I was intent thus upon looking for a place where maybe there was somewhere that we could indeed make a reverse-turn

 The minutes passed and as we were drawing closer to where we would be more or less directly opposite that tor so my trepidation increased and was then reinforced by my brother voicing that he 'had a bad feeling about continuing and that perhaps we should turn back?'  I didn't answer him but was driving slowly as I was too intent on looking for a spot where we could safely make that reverse-turn without the rear wheels falling off the concrete road. I had reduced speed as I searched.  Again, my brother suggested that we 'turn back'.  Maybe three times or more he repeated his warning before I 'exploded' in anger fuelled by fear and frustration that "I can't ***** well turn around, the road's too narrow and too high to reverse turn." 

 Jim then suggested he would get out to look for somewhere and I stopped the car to let him out. Still I said nothing.  Then it happened.  The tor was still ahead of and high above that narrow road we were travelling on.  Glancing up and ahead at the tor I saw something that turned my blood ice-cold.  I saw vast, countless numbers of 'pairs of red eyes' brightly lit like rear bicycle-lamps, all distinctly paired and moving at a terrific pace down from where that (undoubted) some kind of UFO sat behind that tor.

A memory instantly surfaced as I stared at that vast hoard of 'red eyes', a memory of that horrific alien encounter, those two aliens down there in the bottom of the Devil's Punchbowl in early January Nineteen Fifty Nine.  I had not seen the 'red eyes' down in that 'Bowl' but Dennis had

.  Now, up there on Dartmoor that memory of being with Den and his description of those 'red eyed' small aliens, returned to me.  Memory of the two large entities being with them was enough to put much fear into me as I watched the vast droves of 'red eyes' pouring down the steep slope from that tor.  That they were some distance ahead of us made me feel that we could safely outpace them in the car. I had now no option but to attempt that 'reverse turn'.

 The exact procession of events I have to admit are somewhat confusing but I feel that this description in pretty well close to actuality.  Reverse turning the car 'impossibly' off that narrow service road, Jim telling me it was 'ok to drive off the road onto the surface of the moor' which I deemed unworkable but with no further choice I reversed 'off' the road and the car fell onto it's chassis, the wheels spinning helplessly above the surface of the moor.  All the time my eyes were riveted on the horde of 'red eyes' pouring like a vast river down that steep terrain from that tor.  I felt acutely sick and also that I need to 'vacate' from the 'other end' also.  The result of intense fear.  Then came that sudden 'drop' off the road with the wheels spinning helplessly.  We were now 'sitting ducks' and I was lost for an answer other than quelling that awful hopeless compulsion to jump out of the car and run.

  I felt instinctively that these 'red eyed' fast moving 'creatures' were the 'army of workers' that were the emissaries of the tall, floating aliens that Den and I had encountered back in 1959 at the Punchbowl - of that I had not the slightest doubt.  We had escaped them then and now we had to escape them again - which of course we did. 

This time my brother  Jim had lifted the rear of that heavy vehicle with a strength borne of sheer terror and he'd literally thrown the car out of that ditch back onto the road, but for which I believe we'd have never again been seen. 

 My driving at speed to the top of the very next hill, stopping the car atop the 'rise' in case of 'losing' the engine and being unable to re-start it, we could then coast 'down' that hill and thus let out the clutch at speed to re-start the engine.  I was taking no chances of losing electric power from the car-battery.  Atop that hill Jim and I got out of the car (standing behind the open doors ready to dive back in) and we watched those 'red eyes' appear in the distance as they continued their pursuit of us.  When they were at a distance still but very much closer, we'd get back inside the car and drive away to the top of  the next hill and again get out of the vehicle and again watch for those 'red eyes' to reappear and so on maybe 'three or four times' until the town of Okehampton lay before us only then our 'red eyed' pursuers gave up.  They had abandoned their pursuit of us. 

I do not know why I encountered these strange creatures twice in my life or why both times were when I was with one of my brothers. I do know I am thankful both times we all got away.

Life moved on and my family started to spread across the world. My brother Dennis moved to Australia with his family and I visited him whenever I could.

Twice while visiting  in Australia I camped in the 'bush' with my then 'fifteen year old' nephew Trevor and twice we experienced very strange UFO occurrences. These events  took place in 1973. 

The first camping trip was at the 'YouYangs' National Park and the second was at the 'Otway Ranges'.  At the 'YouYangs' National Park we experienced a UFO 'hovering' invisibly, close-by. My brother Dennis dropped his son Trevor and I off and we would hike out in to the bush to hunt together knowing Dennis would return at the arranged time in a few days to bring us back home. 

The encounter with the odd craft took place  when we were out with our .22 rifles after rabbits.  It happened after a day of hunting and cooking and eating our catch.

The UFO itself was silent and invisible, stationary and poised at no great distance above us, perhaps 'fifty to one hundred feet' above the ground and just ahead of us. 

 It was Trevor who first drew my attention to it.  It was dark and Trevor had said "hey Bri do you see that light up ahead?"  I didn't take much notice, not having seen anything myself and besides which we were in an isolated area of bushland with a profusion of scrub around us as we sought to keep to the narrow track of a former river bed in order to be able to find our way back to our tent after dark.  It had been daylight as we'd set out but then eventually darkness was upon us by 'six o'clock' in the evening. 

We had pushed on in the darkness when suddenly Trevor had drawn my attention to the 'lights'.  I hadn't taken him seriously as I stared ahead in the semi darkness.  The sky had been clear and brilliant with stars and it was possible to see to travel in that star-light.  I cannot recall whether there was a moon visible.  I  stared ahead at the lights Trevor had first noticed then suddenly, two beams of intense 'white light' just like daylight beamed down to the ground from this unseen 'object' just a hundred yards ahead of us.

 The two beams moved around independent of each other . Trevor spoke in a hushed voice "hey Bri they're searching for us!" and indeed to all intent and purpose they looked as though they were indeed searching the ground just ahead of where we were standing. 

 Then the  tumultuous sounds of bird-life began calling, fooled as they were into thinking it was daylight.  The melodious notes of the Australian magpie distinctly ringing out loudest of all.  I had my tape-recorder strapped around my neck.  This was a heavy unit even though it was portable, it was switched to 'record'.  The two beams of 'daylight' then came together on the ground, still a hundred yards or so ahead of us. 

Suddenly as if they had  located our position, both beams of light  travelled rapidly across the ground towards us.  Instinctively I knew that once caught in those two beams of light we would never escape.

We  both ran the moment the beams lifted to swing rapidly towards where we both stood.  We ran blindly into the scrub-covered bushes to our 'right', then described a wide u turn so as to bring ourselves back on the 'trail' that would essentially lead us back to our tent.  Following that dried-bed of the river we could find our way back to the tent in that semi darkness which was the best way of finding the path back to the twin peaks of the 'You Yangs' which was close to where our tent was pitched. We did not have a compass nor a map and the territory was virtually unknown to us.  

As we ran, panic-stricken and blindly, the ground beneath me suddenly 'opened up' and gave way beneath my feet as I plunged down a large sandy bottomed crater.  I was badly winded, my ribs bruised and my rifle had plunged deep into the sandy bottom of that hole, thus rendering my .22 rifle unusable due to the sand in the barrel and in the breach.

  Trevor's voice was calling for me, he sounded frightened.  Painfully I hauled myself to the top of that crater and with me limping and gasping for breath we continued our flight back in the direction from which we had come, following that dried-up river bed. 

 As we hurried along Trevor indicated that my tape-recorder was likely giving our position away and I thus switched it off.  We were a good 'three hour' walking distance from where our tent was pitched and we walked, tired, frightened and in silence making our way back to our tent.

  On finally arriving at out tent, we climbed the steep gradient above where that 'dried-up river bed' led us back to where our tent was pitched.  At long last we arrived at the incline above which was our tent and upon entering I seized some rags and oil and hastily set about removing the sand from my rifle and oiled it then with my rifle loaded with eleven rounds of .22 ammunition I sat on the 'rise' that overlooked the 'dried-up river bed' and sat there with Trevor for one hour looking back in the direction from whence we had come.  My decision to keep that one hour 'look out' being that I didn't know whether we had been followed back to our tent where we had to sleep. 

 I had nightmarish visions of being awakened from sleep by that beam of white light as we slept and I did not want to be taken by surprise hence our decision to wait and watch for 'one hour' before turning-in.  The hour passed without any further sighting of those beams and we returned to the tent and the comfort of our sleeping-bags.

Fortunately we slept undisturbed until the 'sing song' cries of the Australian magpies broke-in musically upon my slumber - momentarily startling me before I realized that dawn had broken and the birds were 'welcoming' the rising Sun.  I believe we were picked-up by my brother Dennis a few hours later that same day, thankfully we did not have to remain there another night.

Our second attempted  camping expedition in the Bush took place further away, one hundred miles out from Melbourne at the Otway Ranges where Den was kind enough to run us in his car . One again he planned on picking us up one week later.

  We camped close by a large lake or reservoir as we would require water.  Our first task as always was to build a camp fire with which to boil the 'brown' colored water from the lake as well as to cook our rations. 

The week passed without incident and seemingly all too quickly.  We trekked and hunted and undertook the many chores that were necessary to our camping out in the bush lands of beautiful Australia. 

We'd pass the time at night, chatting and/or reading.  Twelve hours was a rather long night and always somewhat eerie with the sounds of bush animals and the night birds.  The otherwise quiet and stillness was nice if at times a little creepy when one had to leave the tent to answer a 'call of nature' or to put wood on the fire. 

 With darkness at 1800hrs it always made the night seem long.  The week however passed and all too soon it was our last night under canvas.  The day had in fact been rather strange, that last day before Den was due to arrive and collect us.  For one thing, the birds all fell silent that morning of that last day. 

 A strange eerie feeling of unease made itself felt and Trevor remained 'in his sack' all of that day virtually.  He was reading a rather thick paperback - about UFO's. Definitely not the kind of reading to appeal to me in the atmosphere of that 'day before' we were to be picked up.  "Hey Bri?"  Trevor's voice broke in upon my thoughts as I lay on my sleeping-bag, casually reading something myself.  I turned to look at him and he said "listen to this"  He proceeded to relate a rather disturbing account of a UFO abduction so far as I remember.  He then added "guess where?"  He then said "one hundred miles from Melbourne!"  And how far were we from Melbourne?  Why, 'one hundred miles!'  I admonished him half jokingly for reading such a book considering where we were.  However, we took solace in that a circle of one hundred miles from Melbourne could be just about anywhere and not necessarily where we were camping.  I closed my eyes to sleep, eagerly awaiting the dawn of the following day.

My eyes flickered open as I lay in my sleeping-bag.  Something, had awoken me.  I looked across at Trevor - he too was wide awake and staring questioningly back at me.  I knew only too well that 'inbuilt' sixth-sense that always served to awaken me when 'danger' threatened.  I would awaken with all my senses alert and not as from a sleep drowsily.  .  I strained my ears as a sound reached me.  I could see that Trevor likewise had heard what I had.  Something, or 'someone' was moving through the densely covered bush where I had collected the firewood from earlier that evening. 

I could not figure out what it might be?   The noise it  made sounded enormously heavy and ponderous.  Loud snapping sounds of branches breaking beneath the feet of whatever it was that was alarmingly making its way towards our tent. 

 My heart was racing and I leapt out of my sleeping bag and seizing my rifle and my knife I crouched at the rear end of our tent at the ready.  The sheath-knife was to cut my way out of the rear of the tent if 'whatever it was' tried to enter the tent.  What the hell could it be?

  It was so heavy that the very ground shook under it's colossal weight.  That ground of compacted earth and leaves made no sound under our boots. Trevor likewise had now gotten out of his sleeping-bag and we both crouched, too scared to discover what was outside our flimsy, canvas tent. 

 Whatever had approached our tent was enormously heavy.  It walked slowly and ponderously around the tent after first approaching the zipped-up entrance in front of which, a safe distance away was our camp-fire, burning brightly stoked -up as it was in order to last throughout the night.  Thus in the morning we would simply put dead wood in the red ashes at the bottom to get the fire going to boil the water for our much needed coffee.

 Three times this huge 'thing on two legs' walked slowly and ponderously around our tent.  My feelings were an intense mixture of fear, disbelief and yet profound curiosity to know what this 'thing' could be.  It sounded like an 'elephant walking on two legs' that was my thoughts of our yet unseen 'visitor'.

  At any moment I expected the tent to be flattened or the zipped-up entrance to be rudely and violently torn open hence my knife to cut a way out of the back of that tent.  Then, those ponderous heavy footfalls slowly retreated back the way that 'it' had come.  I did not have the courage to unzip that entrance to look out even though I was so desperately curious to know just what that 'monstrous' two-legged 'thing' could possibly have been.  I was not a kangaroo for sure. 

We waited until first light and quickly got our equipment together and made our way to our pickup point where my brother awaited our arrival. As we talked about the event of the night before my brother reminded me that we were not the first in the area to report strange large creatures walking on two feet invading campsites. It was thought to be a Yeti or big foot of the bush area which made us wonder if that could have been our mysterious huge heavy footed visitor the night before.  

I had a few other experiences during my camping excursions that eventually ended my desire to be alone in the bush or anywhere as I learned that we are not alone on this planet and I had no plans on making it easy to continue brushing up with things I did not understand or want to do battle with or be taken by. I have seen things I could not explain and knew they were not after my welfare .

My family and I have encountered other strange events over the years , things of ghostly unknown origins.  One thing for sure I will never forget the hundreds if not more red glowing eyes that pursued me not once but twice in my life. I will be happy to never see them again.  I also know as I have told Chris Holly, that I also know never to say never as you never know what will happen next! "

It is hard to say what Brian encountered over his lifetime. I do think the UFO and red eyed creatures that Brian and his family came across twice in their time were not a coincidence but more something that intentionally wanted to have a close encounter with him and his family members.

The events in the wooded desolate areas that Brain ran across could have been many things from ghostly to bigfoot of unknown creatures that we still do not understand. I do know that they were alarming enough to end Brains camping days. 

I know this man has to be a brave man to have faced and survived the encounters he has had in life and sadly know there are others who were not as lucky as Brain and his family members and have simply vanished to never be seen again who may have come face to face with the same beings Brain did.  

I thank Brain Birch for taking the time to share the strange events of his life and hope by doing so others will realize it is best to stay alert to your surroundings and aware of who and want is around them at all times. I also hope the stories of Brains encounters will bring to light the fact it is always best to flee and keep your focus at all times when facing off with the unknown so one day when you are 75 you will also be able to tell how you survived things we can only call unknown and were able to live to tell your story too.

Be careful out there and again thank you Brain.

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